Look who time flies… reminiscing the days when I was a student with my mom and brother buying school supplies in our upcoming return to school. It’s been years when I graduated from my bachelor’s degree! And now here I am, missing those days inside the classroom having my thinking caps on to stress my brains. HaHa! Overjoyed by the people grabbing school stuffs to purchase, I took a photo of this wonderful scenery.

The mob’s demand for school supplies… it’s officially Back-to-School Season.

“The Youth is the hope of the Fatherland”, as what The Great Jose Rizal once said, same goes to my belief that I still have high hopes for the Philippines to progress. As long as many people are pursuing their dream for the sake of success and fulfillment through education… all things will follow through proper manipulation of that will power.

May the kids understand the true value of education, and realize that not all are being granted of the opportunity. But still, it’s still up to us and a challenge as well, especially to those unprivileged ones to find a way to finish their studies. “If there’s a will there’s a way” as what others says. One living example of that cliché is my mom. Even if her family, that time, have no means to put her to school, she strived harder to attain the success through hard work, determination and right attitude. Now she’s a high school teacher… a living inspiration to me and to you (reading this post.) as well.

My parents always told to us siblings that the only inheritance that we can have from them is our education. Since I heard this to them until now that I recall it, I strongly agree 100 percent that it is true and accurate. And besides, me and my brother became their living legacy the day we receive our college diplomas. 😀

Just a thought to wrap this up, aside from our past and experience… our education makes us who we are. It’s one of those things that make us more complete. The whole country is the benefactor of our degree in moving towards the advance, as what Edgardo Angara said, “Education is the most effective instrument not only for personal transformation but also for national development.” And for the country’s self pride, to make the Philippines have its own identity, like what our own National Hero Jose P. Rizal said, “I place as a prior condition, the education of the people, so that by means of instruction and industry our country may have a personality of her own and is worthy of her liberties.”

P.S. And oh, by the way… Happy 150th Birthday to the Philippines’ National Hero, JOSE P. RIZAL. 😀