I saw this former status of mine just now, and so I mind to Tumblr this as a memoir to someone I know.

On this day, back in 2009, news about the youngest kid I’ve ever encountered to had acquired Hansen’s disease joined our Creator.

I will never forget the charming and humbling personality each time our path crosses. The concerned this kid showed to the strangers met during a short period of stay in a certain ward… which, in turn, did the same by those people met this kid which eventually became their so-called friend.

This moment I reminisce an unforgettable thing this kid did that amazed me… even though this kid was completely under the weather that time still managed to visit a former patient in the ward I was assigned. I was awed on that sweetness. I adviced this kid to go back in bed and rest but insist to stay… well according to Patient’s Bill of Rights, this kid has entitled to ‘Right to Refuse’. As a temporary remedy, just gave this kid a paracetamol for fever. =/

My thoughts to this kid who once became part of my life… Remembering Moreland.

Rest in Peace kiddo.

P.S. Censored the people on my Fb status for their privacy.