Pangarap … the land of dreams (for most at least) belongs to the people, by the people and for the people, especially to those residing there. That’s what I believe and think as far as I know. That factual hearsay was proved to be 100 percent true after recently educated about an article and ‘for the record’ the law clearly states that it is part of the ‘Leper Colony’ as mandated on the Commonwealth Act 161 and if you don’t mind check out this link for you to be informed.

On the 28th of April of the 2011, three people were killed by a group of men who was claiming to be under the service of well known family of aristocrats… and the worries started to came out. I remember I think it was in the era of my elementary years, I used to stare Pangrap (the main entrance part, sort of like a gateway of barangay) from the window of my school service and realized, it’s going to be like on the warzone if demolition will push through. I didn’t get why people are protesting in the main gate of Pangarap, I’m so naive that time.

As I become more aware of the things around me, I was wowed on the fact that aristocrat claimants not just argued that Pangarap was their property but also it extends to at least a part of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. JUST IMAGINE THAT? WHOOOH?! WAY TOO MUCH!!!

Since then, as time goes by, peace was restored but it just ends on that recent unexpected tragic moment.

The Pangarap people get furious about what happen to those civilians that leads to some of the youth to fight back in a non-violent way and I’m for it and going to be one of them, at least in my own little way… at my own means, I tweeted a person I used to listened way back Rocked Radio days by the name of Gang Badoy-Capati. She was tagged as an activist but I don’t think she’s like that. I look up to her as one of the people I admire the most. She was one of those who influences me to be more conscious about Pilipinas Kong Mahal as what she once told, from tagline of her co-founded NGO Rocked Philippines, NO MORE EXCUSES PHILIPPINES!

Tweet to abandoned shet

I want to end this post in a positive view…

that some of my unconscious compatriot (including me, at least a bit seeing the light. Haha.) be enlighten and selfless for the welfare of the Philippines and that our country become a beautiful place to live in.

That just it for now, it’s a long term process of maturity since Tita Gang once told that ‘we are a young nation’. May God bless the Philippines.