For the nth time… just recently, 18th of August, I heard the word ‘ALERT’, can’t get enough of this term so I decided to tumblr it out.

Writing about ‘ALERT’ or the beings of becoming one… take a look of this pic and read on about a story behind it with a theme of the featured word for this post.

One Sunday morning, after all in days work as philanthropist, I decided to go online for just half an hour while waiting for the next mass. Then I heard mass that day and went to my cousin’s place for some prior commitments. When I was inside the jeepney, I look up my phone inside my bag and it come to my realization that I might be forgotten it inside the computer shop (after the conclusion that I put it on the PC rack). So I went back to the shop, cut to the chase. I got my phone back.

What happened that day is a reminder for me on this moment. First is that there are still some honest Filipinos… I strongly embrace that fact. And finally is that, being ALERT is next to RESPONSIBILITY.

Well being alert all the time is like having caffeine circulating inside your body instead of blood, guaranteed that the organs, as well as the systems, is in a stress state thanks to that pumping caffeine- influence heart, right? HaHa.

Imagine coming from a graveyard shift, having the usual activities of daily living? AWW! I can’t blame my body for that torture… at least I retrieve my phone back, considered it as delayed reaction of being ALERT. HAHA! 😀

Going back to that understatement being ALERT is next to RESPONSIBILITY… it’s an attitude challenge to combat absent minded. As what Meredith Grey once said, “RESPONSIBILITY SUCK!”, I kinda agree to that but reality wise, it’s a one way ticket towards maturity.

Who to react? I still don’t know. But at this point, I need a daily dose of that ALERT pill or perhaps have my body produce it. That would make me always on the GO and ALERT. 😀