The views beyond the art of amateur photography.

Camera Medium: MyPhone TV81 Duo

Been busy recently to achieve the uncertain, I still got to do the things I fond of
like taking pictures. When got caught by a no return moment, where opportunity strikes to shot an undo scene from a usual but unique day by day timeline, that’s the perfect timing to press the shutter.

Here are some of my best snapshots last August of 24, 2011:

I’ve been visiting my Alma Mater for quite some time, and on that day, an ongoing dance-slash-declamation number grabbed my attention. I hooked up for a bit on the performance and thought that the group was practicing for a Showtime audition, but an idea struck my mind that it might have something to do with the Buwan ng Wika for the subject Filipino.

Back from another trip on that same day, I went to this bookstore to make some sort of meditation. Surrounding with books (for me) is like having a retreat, runaway from the hassles of the world by browsing into the pages of wiser people’s thoughts. Kind a bit stress reliever although sometimes didn’t get their point. HaHa!

This here is a photo I took from a fortune magazine I read about the famous Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquio. And the writings were that Pacman will win every fight comes to his way, the Pacmom’s (Mommy Dionisia) unconditional faith to the Divine is a big help for the winnings, Manny’s very own lucky charm. HeHe! It sort of funny for while reading the article (giggling at the same time), in the back of my head, I see Pokwang doing her impersonation of the famous Mommy Dionisia. 😀

And lastly before heading towards home, I stopped by on this Kwek-Kwek sidewalk stall. Even having that weird apprehension if it’s safe or clean to eat, I bought two sticks of Kwek-Kwek for a fair enough price of 20 pesos for my dinner that night. Didn’t dip it in the sauce, just for the sake of precaution.