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For the nth time, I make a visit in this famous bookstore in a mall to kill time while waiting for mom. At the same bookshelf I used to drop by, I saw this book about volunteerism… I get hooked upon that ‘volunteerism’ word and find myself picking and reading the back cover of it. To my surprise, I saw the name of one of the people I look up to. Well, I am not surprise since that person had been engage on many advocacies and outreach programs.

Reading upon that person’s part on the book, it began to awe me

Chris Tiu's thoughts about Volunteerism.

about the learnings caught upon the experiences this person shared. We have the same thoughts that through volunteerism, we tend to give and share our God given talents to the needing, and in the end of the day, we realize that we are so blessed and reminded that we have to be more grateful for what we have and where we are right now.

But we’re different in some ways though, this person gives beyond best. How I wish I’m like this person named Chris Tiu. 😀

I admire what he said about on the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola, that ‘to give one’s life for another is the greatest gift one could give’. That explains the offering of myself for 9 months (well 10 months actually, the 10th month was not counted. Drat!) and 3 months, that’s technically more than a year, right?

"to give one's life for another is the greatest gift one could give"

The idea of volunteerism had become the ‘holy grail’ of my RN career. I learn to patiently do my work beyond those paid staffs, a shock absorber of the ones I handled and keep in mind the teachings of the new knowledge acquired.

To be honest, I must be accepting a minimum wage for that noble work?! Maybe it’s still not the time for that. So I always end-up consider volunteering as an act of charity work, but in a professional and respectful term, a philanthropist. HaHa! That keeps me from doing the job close to perfection… an ego booster if you ask me. 😀

Well, that’s for now… hope and pray that a big break comes in my way.