Firsts… there are so many of them in this so called life as we know it. It could be good or bad, momentous, or simply a memorable thing. Still remember the first that was happened in the past? Maybe those sentimental and unforgettable ones remain which at some point, cherished moment by moment. An event, a visit, relationship or commitment, break, failure, lesson learned name it, it could be anything. Like the first anniversary of my Tumblr. 😀

Oh, how time flies… it’s been a year of sharing views in the name art through captured thoughts flavored with words. Though I still wonder if there are people who read me (my friend MG doesn’t count, as I only encourage or sort of forcing her to drop by on my Tumblr. HaHa.) and I hope the others mistakenly notice my post and bother leave a comment, that alone is a great feeling of fulfillment in my blogging career next to soaring high hit counts. HaHa, the day dreaming sentiments. 😀

For the record, I’ve been into blogging since 2002 and that reawakened my writing instincts. Some of my previous post weren’t retrieve, a regret that paved the way to realized what I have supposedly done. So why Tumblr? My idea to create a Tumblr account was to make life as light as possible. In a sense that there are more other stuffs to feature than writing about unpleasant and gloomy post (which by the way therapeutic sometimes. HeHe.). And for the purpose of imparting to these ‘netizens’ (internet users) the outlook of some things they aren’t aware about – one of the common propagandas of blogging.

Aside from that, I kinda practice writing in English (didn’t even know if I am grammatically correct or thinking if there is someone reading me, or if any, comprehends what I’ve published. HaHa.)

To end this post, I want to share a picture of my first year celebration of my existence to this world. And this photo reminds me of that moment of my life, as I celebrate the birth of my Tumblr. Even though I have no means to give my Tumblr a birthday party or perhaps just can’t do so, this tribute post is maybe enough to honor the founding anniversary of my Tumblr blog. If I could have a souvenir shot of this day I describe it like this scenario on this old photograph of me and mom (Oh here’s the sentimental side of me again) or, maybe this one, a screen shot of the theme I used when I started blogging on Tumblr and change it every year. Not a bad idea if I make it a habit in the succeeding anniversaries to come. Brilliant! 😀

I wish that this be the beginning of a long-term relationship as a publish provider and an aspiring writer. Cheers to more anniversaries to come. 😀

Happy Birthday to my Tumblr page. 😀