Things have been tough in days passed. Stepping in a rough road is not an easy challenge. But instead of just wasting time preoccupying about the preposterous, an idea just snaps at the back of my brain. Thoughts were just pop in out of nowhere… the end product of emoness from sobriety…  behold the dark art inspiration… the Sober Vampire.

In the spirit of Halloween, were frightening creatures, the knights of darkness (the ones who practice magic whether it’s a good one or much worst the likes of BLACK stuffs) and lastly self proclaimed emos (not to mention the posers who’s trying to be emo or anybody who’s just going through a lot which makes them so emo) goes out to the streets in horror, I came up this spooky idea influenced by this Trick-or-Treating and Halloween party party. And that is to make my own version of scary pictures.

So this year’s theme of my 1st ever creepy photography is the mythical bloodsucking evil spirit – The Vampire. I play around with these photos as inspired by the character of Edward Cullen (aha, that would make me a poser. hehe), which he quote to himself, ‘the world’s most dangerous predator’.

At first I was considering to be an old wizard like Albus Dumbledore but it’s too complicated for a beginner like me. Maybe I’ll save that motif for next year.

Here it is, behold the artistic craft… the outburst of my sobering up crap.

Haunted House. The ambiance alone can give that freaking goose bumps. The colorful yet darkish illustrations of the houses were a bit pleasing compare to the real horrifying ones.

Emo-like Vampire. This here, is a picture of a vampire who turns out to be an emo when he craves for blood just look what happens in the background when he’s angry. 😀

Kelly turns Emo. Unlike the emo bands where vocalist screams high pitch at the top their lungs, Kelly Clarkson show her own version of it on her 3rd album My December in which she hits the ‘right notes’. Well, the background on her album art is very emonic and the theme is just perfect for my vampire photo. This cover album opens a chance to take a picture with her through photo manipulation. Haha.

Well there you have it, my small photo exhibit of my Halloween fantasy. Wonder if these pictures shocked the others. Hehe. It’s my own way of diverting the fear spirit out of Halloween by making the scary look entertaining… celebrating the wicked fiesta in the spirit of fun.

Let The Spooky Feast Begin… Happy Halloween. 😀