Today, in the history of a Gregorian calendar, November 11, 2011 happened. So what? As some people may say, but it just matters to me… it’s a once in a lifetime a person may witness it, and today I live the it should… this an ordinary day to spent yet cherish the moment that this date happen in my years of existence.

This day also marks my 555th tweet on my twitter @PlanetMD and its:


… which I hopefully believe  happen.

Cool right? I just made my own record in the timeline of my netizen life. Gureat?! 😀

As for the month of November and the Philippines is adapting the western’s Halloween tradition, Trick or Treating and costume parties. I got hooked on this idea of dressing up scary or weird characters. So, I came up on the idea of Photoshopping my pictures just to follow the spooky trend. Ending up so inspired by the vampire roles on Twilight, I decided make fun and play around my pictures as I turned myself into a ‘world’s most dangerous predator’ the photo manipulation way. 🙂

Sobriety Vampire

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Happy November?! 😀