Who’s that Christmas character the kids always anticipates when presents were seen under the Christmas tree or notice some sort of bulge inside a Christmas socks? Well, there’s no one to blame for that at first in a youngster sentiments except for that fat, old man on an overgrown white mustache and a long beard on the jaw area dress up in a red coat-like pajamas, with a fur weave on the edges of the wrist, waist, neck and center lines, and don’t forget the red cone shape hat with a white ball on top sewed also with white fur on the base for the head… the physical attributes of the worldwide Yuletide sensation, Santa Claus.

Santa, as we know it, is famously known by his many fans around the globe as the gift giver of the Christmas season. And stories has been told about the association of the elves helping him in the making of these gifts, the creatures behind the smiles of the children when they started to unwrapped the elf helpers labor of love in the spirit of Christmas. Santa receives the credit but the elves get none. Well if someone here believes in Santa Claus, bear in mind, ‘HEY, THE ELVES MADE THOSE?! DON’T FORGET TO THANK THEM FOR THAT?!’ with their petite physique wearing those green and red uniforms plus the Santa-like hat and the weird foot wear with a curly thingy on top. If Venus has Cupids, Santa has his elves. And they only speak in one tongue, the language of LOVE.

This whole Santa-elf tradition in Christmas… in which the whole world was talking about in the Holidays is just some sort of myth. Well technically in Christianity, he’s a saint from Turkey who, was said in some stories, threw food up high across the high fence as a form of giving for the hungry poor people years back in the A.D. In Buddhism, he is associated with Buddha who enjoys the company of children giving some sweets of some sort. And in long run of celebrating this season year by year, you’ll realize, HE DOESN’T EXIST?! He’s just merely a device of the bureaucratic toy sellers to hypnotize their young market. Well thanks to the fairy tale writer behind the creation of an established institution putting kids stay up late just to caught him in Christmas eve, but the sad part is, when they were screwed on the fact that Santa Claus (for all those years) was just their parents. That’s the embracing reality check that a kid has to overcome one single step for maturity as they age.

The whole Christmas-related shebang was a HOAX. I think it’s about time for these bureaucratic goons to take responsibility for their customers especially these kids who still believe in the existence of Santa Claus. Instead, come up with an Icon who was really the Sole reason why we celebrate this season in the first place… it’s the birth of God’s only Son to save us from the sins of the world.

P.S. Credits to the owners of featured photos. HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL?! 😀