Finally become a pilgrim again to the martyrdom site of my GREATEST IDOL OF ALL TIME (well, he’s next to my parents! Haha! KISSASS?! :D)

JOSE P. RIZAL… AT LAST?! I’ve seen your monument again, mark the day January 6, 2012, much more different, but very much appreciated as compare from my so young young years?! It’s quite a long 15 minute walk from Taft Avenue huh?!  11 – 11:15 am or maybe I just walk fast, WOW?! 😀

Really felt the heroism ambiance. Now, I more realized his GREATNESS on the teachings of my Rizal subject before. No wonder why my professor (Sir Mabazza) on that was like having a man crush on him. Hehe. 😀

Pepe, together with the soldier who catatonically stand on your shrine I salute you SIR?! 😀

P.S. Thanks for the inspiration by the way, it gives me the feeling which defined as weird! 😀