Day 4 of the Corona Impeachment, witness underwent cross-examination. Looking at these photos, it felt like Day 2 for me. Not for the reason I previously took some pictures of it on the second day of the trial, it’s just that Day 2 and Day 4 were both looks like the same… goes around with the flow.

Medias from the three giant networks were in the look out in front of the Supreme Court, doing their own scoop of news to be delivered to the people who sometimes care on the happenings over at the secured gates of the High Court.

A lady with the blind fold holding a balance scale on her left hand and a sword in her right… image model of Justice. Which brings me to another term ‘Fairness’, that’s why a judge has to be blinded by its bylaws to cover the moral fiber to be firm on its decision based on the arguments that weighs among the two sides. Credibility is priceless, but who knows, a court ruling can be ruined if the price is right.

The administration has its issues, and some people had nothing to care about it. Making a living to survive in the battlefield of life is one of their many goals. These officials paid by our taxes can’t spoon fed them by the same taxes they paid. The Pinoy lifestyle of not being a government dependent that’s why our economy runs on its own. Though at some point, people can’t help but find someone to blame (first in the list, the government itslef) for on bad situations which the government should find something to do to solve it.

Being so drained by these court drama, I decided to make my own Sunday Silence (known by the followers of Rocked) for some meditation and get rid of the issues clashing inside my head, and the next thing I know that cove itself is underconstruction for the damage made by Typhoon Pedring. Instead of doing it on the block-slash-fence of the baywalk, I end up sitting on the roots of this tall tree eating the freshly fried banana cue sold on the sidewalk. The moment would’ve been perfect if the strange smell of a dried poop or something was not bugging my nose. 😀

Some says, ‘justice delayed, justice denied’. Others say, ‘ignorance of the law excuses no one’. Even though no one is above the law, remember that there’s ONE up there who is watching us down here who made those rules. 😀