Based on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences… the nominees for Best Actress are as follows:

Glenn Close as Albert Nobbs for Albert Nobbs

Viola Davis as Aibileen Clark for The Help

Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher for The Iron Lady

and Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe for My Week with Marilyn

… and the Oscar goes to… *drum roll*

But WAIT?! May I interrupt the-jaw-dropping-announcement-of-the-winner moment. The prestigious ceremony is scheduled to witness on Monday morning (Philippine telecast on Studio 23 at 10:30am. Primetime telecast at 9:30pm.). Now, close that mouth. Hehe. 😀 But before the awards night, let me share my reviews about the two actresses’ performance on their respective movies I’ve already watched. Presenting the subjects on my critique… Viola Davis and my favorite, Meryl Streep (I am such a fan. Haha. :D).

Let me first be an amateur critic on Viola Davis acting on the movie The Help. The character Viola Davis portrayed was a nigra woman, named Aibileen Clark, who serves as a help to a white family. The mood of the movie is hope and courage despite of powerlessness. I was able to establish a connection to the story of the colored (black) people particularly the nannies, in particular to Aibileen, one of the helps. Viola’s internalization of the role Aibileen, being a nigra living in a community of color discrimination, was done naturally. Aibileen, through Davis portrayal, did show captivating strength on how a weak servant change the course of the game by making a stand against racism. Since the film was giving an impression of life in the 60s, my idea of that era is irrational thinking based on differences, and open-mindedness was being introduced to some white people in a form of acceptance. Davis acted, based on that era, as typical old fashioned sluggish woman. I saw the gloominess on her face (who’ve seem went through tough times). I find the nurturing gestures (as being presented by Viola on the film) comforting for a baby girl. I sense Viola’s character as Aibileen (when it comes to happy moments) the happiness on her laugh. An overflowing heartfelt of joy was also stress in some postions in the movie, particularly on the jumping-while-hugging scene with her best friend Minny (played by Octavia Spences, nominated for this year’s Oscar Best Supporting Actress). In the near end of the film, Viola (by way as Aibileen’s character) had an obtburst of anger she had kept against the mean white people which denotes her being even stronger than before. The sadness was also present on the separation anxiety between her and the little girl she took care. All in all, Viola had really a chance to bag the Oscar against her co-nominees, and that leads to another amateur acting criticism to an actress vying for the prestige trophy none other than Merly Streep.

Speaking of Merly Streep with Viola Davis on the picture, the two have been worked together on the motion picture Doubt wherein Viola was nominated for Best Supporting Actress while Meryl for Best Actress category in the Oscar. I watched the film Doubt. Viola only appeared twice on the movie. Her quite long (first) scene was with a mild walking conversation (with Meryl) and then turns out to be arguing with each other. (The last scene was just a short seconds appearance on the last part of the movie.) Both actresses did really well on their characters, but in the end of that scene, Viola outshines Meryl.

On Meryl Streep’s appraisal on her role as Margaret Thatcher, the first female prime minister of Great Britain. What can I say, MERYL STREEP CAN PLAY ANY ROLE IN DIFFERENT KINDS OF FILM GENRES?! Honestly for me, The Iron Lady is quite a boring story. Watching about the life of a British prime minister is like going back to Junior high school studying British politics as part of World History in a more advance stage. But through Meryl, I was able to pay attention on the film. She emphasized on her acting how strict, firm and authoritative her character was as Margaret Thatcher. I am amazed on how the way she played as the old Margaret. As an old lady (in character role) being haunt by the past memories is just PERFECT?! I’ve seen her transition from being a commoner soft spoken housewife to an empowering with complete conviction leader. The only rose ruling over thorns of men in the parliament may describe her aura, but Margaret (on Meryl) makes her the one being followed based on her action as a woman in power and influence. The movie maybe dull and not good for Meryl, but the role alone is way way too challenging for her to deliver. To credit her for that impressive and amazing performance is to be recognized and nominated on the 17th time. (or on the better aspect, won this year’s BEST ACTRESS.)

Meryl’s biggest break was the movie The Devil Wears Prada where she played Miranda Priestly, the unpredictable fashion magazine editor-in-chief. It is her standout performance ever that earned her 14th Best Actress nomination on the 79th Academy Awards. (Credits to Anne Hathaway, through her (being her fan) I will never meet and learn about Meryl Streep. Haha.)

Excerpt from the movie where Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly doing the villain giggle after being successful on her cunning move. 

If someone read this blog, people like you! Yes you! If you wanna see more of Meryl Streep to review her performance, here are some of the movies I recommend:

Mama Mia! Aside from drama, this movie is more wholesomely mature with a twist of comedy and broadway.

Julie and Julia. Excellent disguise as a Julia Child. She’s just so wonderful and adorable here.

Doubt. I watched this movie for some time in my life, I have doubts. It’s a heavy drama that’s all, with a harsh conservative persona on the part of Meryl character.

It’s Complicated. A romantic comedy for young at heart. In here, she can be a woman capable to love and being loved.

Whoever wins Best Actress, I hope it’s either one of them. Both had done great on their respective films and there is no question that they were included on the set of nominees. But I have this feeling that maybe Viola Davis might win over Meryl Streep. I still don’t know if I’m right, but it’s a gut feeling. We’ll never know? 😀

P.S. To view the complete list of the nominees in each category click 84th Academy Awards.