Gluttony moment in an Italian-American fast-service restaurant

It’s really a bad idea to be alone in a restaurant with an unlimited promo. Realizing that majority of the menu were all from the carbs food group, definitely it creates a bulk of heaviness in the tummy that limits the intake of some other dishes served. =/

Got so full on my second plate, so I decided to walk away to meet mom and thank her for the wonderful unlimited bouquet of pastas, pizzas, fillet and soup I ate. 😀 Though I haven’t tried the salads and the two other kinds of sauce (red in color), it’s still okay and not bad at all. I don’t wanna risk paying the leftovers if I didn’t eat them all. Haha. 😀 I hope I can forget the bad experience I also did when eating my second plate… WAAAAAH?! HAHA! 😀

P.S. I still go for the unlimited chicken promo of a certain poultry serving restaurant. For me that Chicken All You Can Experience was the best ever food trip happen for me.

Don’t you just L<3VE being gluttonous sometimes? 😀