Wet Summer. More fun in the Philippines

Pool Immersion. More Fun in the Philippines. For me, it’s not literally swimming at all, but instead soaking. 😀 Going into the pool was like being in a giant bath tub.

Cold-wide-waving Jacuzzi. We spent more time in the corner of the of the swimming pool with less exposure from the summer heat of the Sun (thanks to the trees for putting a shade on that pool side. :D).

Slips towards down then splashes. I got to experience the slides after not doing it for so long… I feel the suspense the moment while waiting and become more intense as I started to sit on the top of the slide. The thrill as I go all the way down and get numb shortly when the water clashes to me after the fall was way better that a carnival ride?! 😀

Epic Fail Jump shot. Having second thoughts in every attempt for a free fall down to the pool gives mea bit of anxiousness. It’s worse than sliding down but it’s a better, exciting and crazy dive. 😀

Breaking the rules of Dieting. In summer outing, among the major highlights of that day is eating… eating… and eating… being sober from the mouthwatering foods is a no-no. At least for this day, let’s give ourselves a break. Haha! Right JM? 😀 How can you resist to the delicious dishes like Menudo, Pineappled Chicken and Grilled Pork (in addition to that, rice and banana for dessert) all spends paid by our Dear Mam Ana. She’s really an angel sent from heaven. I’m so lucky to know her and be part of her circle of company. 😀 Thanks Very Much Mam Ana for making this get together happen. 😀

Ambush and Impromptu photo shoot. I understand that I’m in a group of people who loves to take pictures, so I have to get ready for my picture perfect pose. I might consider attending their next photo session. Maybe they can give me some workshops on how to project in a front of the lens, or perhaps tips to help me relax for a nice photogenic portrait. 😀

Summer season (to some) may be a burden as the heat waves takes over the cold breeze and warms everything by daylight. On a lighter side, it’s a way of the weather to reunite the establish bond with the people who never forgets you as time flies. So guys, thanks for the one day chill on this year’s warm season. Let’s do this next time, till we meet again?! 😀

P.S. Wow?! It’s been nearly decade (December of 2002 was I think my former visit) since my last swimming on this resort. But March 2009, when we got to crash an 18th birthday (happened on the same resort), we just attend the party that night, we never get ourselves wet. :D. Yeah, years had passed and it’s seems nothing has change, still the same. It’s truly the pride of City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. 😀

Photos courtesy of Migs, the official photographer-slash-director of G-notek (also the shutterbug of our mini outing. :D).