I have to LOVE and EMBRACE the passion for READING, and I hope I could finish reading Twilight Book 1… when will I ever done reading my first English novel?! For the record… the road to the saga starts back in 2009 when somebody gave me e-books out of curiosity why people are so hook to it. Then I made a deal for myself that I will read the four books first before watching the movies, but promises are made to be broken sometimes. Just this Sunday, (also) out of curiousity, I did break again my promise (the first was when I watch the first Twilight film. haha!).

So when will I conclude my own saga of closing the Twilight fever? I don’t know. Wish me luck. 😀

I’m still in the restaurant scene somewhere in Port d’ Angeles where Bella and Edward go after Edward saves Bella from the bad guys. We’re talking Book 1 here. hahaaha! 😀

Happy Reading to me…