A stare at the Sunset to wrap the day.

After a long walk from different monkey business pit stop, a spectacular view along the coastline of Mall of Asia captured my drained senses. Its the indigo clouds covering beautiful sunset above the sky.

Looking at the Sun making its bow as it goes down below the horizon made my day. I’ll never forget that date how worn out I was searching for chances in fulfilling the success. Its always not an easy way to climb to the top. It takes a lot sacrifice and determination to take those long steps before reaching that level of accomplishment, but its worth playing. In the end of every endeavor, take a deep breath then go for another round. 😀

‘The best things in life are free’ as they always say, like the picturesque of a resting Sun putting its blanket of clouds as the twilight begins whispering to wrap it up and go back in the comforts of home and meet my bed for a ride to dreamland. Aspiring for an ambition to happen while at the moment of slumber, then hours later, greeting another morning, recharge of hope for dreams to finally come true… circle of life. 😀

That explains the delicious fancy taste of a Sunset wrap… until the next treat, see you soon. 😀