Mom is The World’s Greatest Teacher

A teacher is somebody who imparts something. They could be anywhere… some are unknown… others were undistinguished… and someone who could unconditionally understands and nurture learners and had the patience, passion and love for teaching. A one instrument of God for a profound mission in life… to educate.

From the time of birth and up to present, my mom is been my longest running teacher. Not the likes of the classroom setting giving instructions about a particular subject matter (well she’s by the way a Filipino teacher in a public school), but a guru in a dealing-with-life sense, discuss matters that would make me a person the way it should be. Perhaps it looks like making me a robot for that manipulation but upon reflecting… it’s kinda make sense at some point. Maybe the mom just overreacts in a conversation, which make me think… oh well never mind. HaHa!

At this point in my life, the salutation, admiration and respect to my mom’s line of work (as a teacher) climbs higher notch by notch whenever I witness right before my eyes how her students value the selfless love she extends to her pupils. Allow me to share this anecdote from my freshman days way back in college, this was told to me by a friend of her former student which is my classmate that time. In the story, mom help a former student of her (which is under her advisory class) to graduate in high school by persuading and begging this student’s teachers to give him a passing mark. I remember my classmate said that his friend was making a living every night by selling stuffs during that time, that’s the reason why his friend didn’t attend class. It might be so unfair for the others to march with the list of graduates, but mom reasoned out that let this person finish his secondary level that making him a pain in the ass in the community if he turns out to be a criminal, he deserves a fresh start and a new shot after high school. Maybe this person becomes somebody else we couldn’t even imagine, maybe there’s a possibility? We can never tell.

It’s very touching reminisce how her students still remembers my mom. Even in a simple bump-and-greet, mom still shows her maternal instincts by encouraging her former students by saying, ‘study hard and do well’ which makes me feel proud of myself for having a great mom and a teacher. Who could ever have that kind of person who became part of somebody’s life? Lucky are those kids whose at least one of their parents are teachers, a major bonus in their lives, and I belong to that small percentage. Kudos to our teachers. 😀

Days passed after the 5th of October, but it’s never too late to pay this tribute post to my very own personal teacher, sustaining and nourishing nurturer and a tender loving and caring mom. Though she’s may not have that recognition for the teacher of the year in her school, district, division, regional or in the national category, for me she deserves more of those, (or maybe at least hand her those awards, after all it’s an achievement to her in the years of teaching profession. HaHa.) she’s maybe this year’s ‘UNSUNG HERO’, and to that note, CHEERS FOR A JOB WELL DONE MAM! 😀

Happy Teacher’s Day Ma?! May God loads you unlimited wisdom, patience and understanding for your dear students

P.S. and to all the teachers out there either by profession or just simply have that drive for teaching… HAPPY TEACHERS DAY! THANK YOU FOR THE LEARNINGS BROUGHT BY YOUR UNDYING EFFORTS TOWARDS QUALITY EDUCATION. I RAISE MY GLASS TO Y’ALL?! 😀