Imagine how brilliant the mind is. In just a quick firing of brain cells, a number of thoughts are vision. Human are capable of evolving simple ideas into out of the ordinary ones in aid of creative mentality. For some, they channel these out-of-the-blue vision and snap ideas through ‘writing’.

It is a one tough work and one must not only adapt to the evolving trends but also deal being the unnoticed nobody print ad being passed by. A writer (from time to time) is always loaded with inspiration, it can be in any form but sometimes but not most of time, an inspired writer is get fueled by the hormones. Haha. 😀

 The thing that a writer at heart keeps on doing it is its capable and instinct to gain motivation of Passion. Just take me as an example, I’ve been writing by blogging since 2002 and still, doing this. I come to a point that I realize, that no matter what leave or neglect I do for writing, the urge to do so is always coming back. Maybe the reason why I sign up for a Tumblr in the first place. 😀

Perhaps it’s been a part of me doing this crappy stuff (with all the not that good or not worth of the time post hoping a little attention to stop by and look), as long as I have thoughts running inside my head… writing never stop bugging me as I continue to walk on the road of life, just going with the flow.

Happy 2nd Foundation Day to my Tumblr. Two year in a row of sharing thoughts of my existence, more foundation days to come. Cheers! 😀