I proclaim myself as a Star Wars geek after the two trilogies: the prequel modern edition (Episodes I, II and III) and ancient one (Episodes IV, V and VI), gave me the big picture of what might happen thousand years from now. The way I look it, its some sort of colonization of the eastern and other western countries by these bureaucratic nations Spain, Portugal and Britain technology advance style. 😀 Ridiculous the imagination may sound, but maybe that’s what the astonishment of an action-adventure-slash-sci-fi offer to its audience. 😀

Just recently, I read on the official Facebook page of Star Wars that the brain behind the wondrous epic saga is passing the legendary torch to Disney making the film outfit gain exclusive opportunity to write stories the Disney way for a more diverse audience. But long before this glorious day happens, George Lucas, creator of Star Wars expressed no plans for another Star Wars trilogy hence he said Episode VI: Return of the Jedi was the end for the phenomenal movie series. Perhaps the rage of the hardcore fans with regards to the small change on the Episode VI discouraged George Lucas and it come to a point that the rumored sequels Episodes VII, VIII and IX were shelved. For me, I think it’s a playful but wise decision to have that minor replacement in the end. It’s actually a GREAT idea to put it since that change creates an appreciation to its younger viewers. In all honesty, I doubt the new generation of spectators bother to watch an old film unless if its appealing or drives the movie aficionado crazy about it (no hard feelings! :D). Today, after the buzz about the Lucas and Disney deal, fans around the world cry their heart out for a possible new trilogy. In my opinion, if a new trilogy of the saga is in the works, I suggest that Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman return to the Star Wars big screen in a different but exciting role as Luke Skywalker and Leia Skywalker respectively.

Anyway, since in this spirit of this adapted pagan feast Halloween, a brilliant idea just snapped in my head. Inspired by the saga I feel, and for the sake of artistry running through my veins (haha), I decided to make a fool of myself by dressing up like a “Jedi” (so that’s where people laugh sarcastically… Ha. Ha. Ha. :D) and so I did it, in aid of some creative tools. Haha?! 😀

Though I’ve heard the viral statement: “May the Force be with you.” and “Yes, Master.” when I was a teenage youngling and just didn’t care what’s behind those expressions or where the fever starts, maybe in some way, an inner instinct drives me towards the Force (thanks to curiosity, by the way) to unleash the mystery hidden in it. As a result, it drives me to be a geek for Star Wars and I’m fine with it! I SO LOVE THE FILM?! It’s the one movie series that has a continuity. It lives on generation to generation. 😀

Happy Star Wars Halloween, to y’all?! 😀