Frienships can be seen even in simple deeds with a concern touch of heroism, without that certain connection the bonds like being friends in any networking sites. Take haircut as an example, two flatmates of mine Doni and Fatima tease my hair style a work of art of my own bare hands (can’t imagine what I get through with all the self hair cutting and stuff. Haha.) Madz also join the fun aspects of my hair disaster. Then came Kevin on the scene (which surprisingly there after I got back to get my dry laundry) and a snap of a BRILLIANT IDEA lights on their heads… an AMBUSH MAKEOVER?! Few moments during the cutting session, Angelique came and the FUN went up to another level. THE ACT: time happened, around 10:45pm to 11:30pm of January 18, 2013… Kevin and Madz as the BARBERS while Doni, Fatima and Angelique are the HUMAN MIRRORS, hair dressing consultans (I suppossed? Haha.) GUYS?! FOR THE NTH TIME… THANKS VERY MUCH FROM THE INNER OF MY UNDYING GRATITUDE for my NEW LOOK. šŸ˜€