Here’s some of the girls I met whom I’ll be dealing with most of the time in one of the other corners of my expanding bounderies. They’ll going to be part of the stories I’ll be filling in on the pages of this new chapter of my so-called LIFE.

As the end of the Women’s Month approaches, I would like to say THANK YOU, for unexpectedly becoming diplomats of your own personality. You all have unique differences as a person which makes you a woman of color that creates a substance to the people surrounding your circle… count me in as one of those eyewitnesses on how these women paint a picture perfect picturesque of uplifting each and everyone of them (or maybe… learnings from them). I hope you will be backbones for growth and maturity to one another… or perhaps to your company of people. 😀

Once again, Happy Women’s Month to all you. 😀