Thank you @eliquequid for making my hair done. A simple act of charity from someone who’s perky outgoing, and strong in the outside but soft and gentle in the inside. Hope this isn’t the first and the last session of showcasing how talented you are in the art and craft of hair dressing… indeed, the gift has been nurtured and more opportunity to do it again if you still don’t mind practing the newly acquired skill to me. 😀

Kudos for the heartfelt concern from the not so ordinary citizen of the world. 😀

Of coarse, how come I forget Madz, Mai, Doni and Fatima (which by the way, offer her newly bought scissor. :D) who care to bother ‘the looks’ on me in their own perspective. Haha. You guys are the BEST critiques. 😀 And to the owner of the second scissor we borrowed… Thanks very much Faye. 😀

May Godbless these people whom share the care for others not just for themselves. Oh, God love yah?! 😀