I owe A LOT to these ‘love birds’ whom I care the most beyond the extent of my life (as I know it). Its really worth the sacrifice. 😀

Words can’t express the gratitude I have for their unconditional love to our family. Giving and offering thanks isn’t enough, but still going to do it for the nth time on their special day with a simple greeting which can be a token of admiration as a reward for the GREATEST LOVE they give and share to each other and to their family as well… a means of honoring the bond of their marriage.

So Mom and Dad… HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY and THANK YOU for the love well spend. 😀

I pray that you both are in the pink of health through God’s grace so that you both cherish the love you have for each other… forever (reminds me of a song. Haha. :D).


Its-the-thought-that-counts shoutout from me, who’s here somewhere sending you guys some LOVE and AFFECTION. 😀