I had an epiphany yesterday morning after hearing about the recorded version of the September 23, 2007 episode of @rockedradio hosted by Tita @gangbadoy and Sir @lourddv the other night. Maybe I had too much caffeine that it made me wide awake hours before the break of dawn. The moment of realization struck by instance after a casual chitchat with a colleague with regards to these two words… Martial Law. 😀

It made me think that its been a month and four days and still counting that I proclaimed myself in the verge of my own Proclamation No. 1081 placing my entire self under Martial Law. Haha. 😀 Within this period, I think I sense some concerns were built (a pinch of it, perhaps? Haha. :D) when my efforts of circulating to the diplomatic community might went well enough to start to make a silent alliance in a friendly manner if I send into exile, just in case. 😀

I don’t know if this is going to end… but I hope and pray that God gives me more strength to be tougher enough to deal with propagandas. And it just reminded me of what Anna Coleman said when she places herself on Dr. Tess Coleman’s shoes, “That’s character building, kids needs to toughen up. He’s kind of a wimp.” 😀

P.S. Thanks to April for this shot. 😀