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I’m not against Nigerian care providers but…

I don’t like to be labeled as ‘racist’ through this entry, but as what I have noticed as I worked with them for more than two years… I must say that some or even most NIGERIAN carers are MEAN, UNFAIR and IRONIC.

I thought I wasn’t just me who notice that some of them aren’t that nice but these opinions shows they agree with me. 😀

Those who were bestowed the profession to provide care to those people in desperate need of it must possess attributes of approachable, angelic, resilient, and above all caring to all sorts of clientele.

Moreover, they should also be a team player by putting into consideration also the interest of the people he or she is working with.

I really need to vent this out so that I could release my disappointment whenever I get to work with them. I am a very patient person and I don’t want to make a scene one day if they get to abuse my kindness. So might as well to channel my vexation in the form of writing since people didn’t even read this. So here are the instances why I describe them as MEAN, UNFAIR and IRONIC. 😀

MEAN. When I first started working with one of them, instead of being pleasantly guiding me to the dos and don’ts of our work. Rose (not her real name) just nagged every time she explains everything. That’s why her face looks awful on the grounds that she’s not even have time to smile as a result of how stressed she is to her work and I might consider that she didn’t even love what she was doing. She raises her voice every time she points out something even if it is even out of the point and unreasonable. In some case like what recently happened to me with Grace (not her real name), when I told her that we bathe most of our patients in favor to her, she didn’t even thank us for doing that. She’s just so arrogant that she said with conviction that, ‘It’s your job.’ I just get offended and I thought the act would cheer her up due to the fact that it would lessen their work, but she was just so MEAN and it hurt my feelings. Sad to say every time she work, she didn’t even do her job well the mere fact that she had a lot of pending things to be done.  I think forbearance and gratefulness is not her cup of tea.

UNFAIR. I remember that when I first make my assignment. It was well balanced, properly distributed and most importantly, very fair. To my dismay to her when Liv (not her real name) approached me that why she had bad assignment and told me with conviction that I don’t know how to be in-charge. Same thing happened to me with Rose. So to make the story short, I change the assignment favored them to have lighter loads that made me carry the heavier ones which is really not fair. Eleonor Roosevelt is not proud for I just gave those two the consent to make me inferior. Tsk-tsk.

IRONIC. ‘Together we can do it.’, Rose always said. But here’s the twist, she do the opposite. In the caring business, teamwork is really essential to make the work more easier. The funny thing is when situations needs mindfulness to help colleagues in some task, most of the time, she’s missing in action. The audacity to proudly said those clichés when she’s not even doing it herself is just ridiculous.

Though it seems like that I humblebrag by saying I am the most patient person by tolerating this kind of attitude, but I had this thought that at times, I should give them a dose of their own medicine so they will ponder these MEAN, UNFAIR and IRONIC traits would change their perspective by stepping to the lighter and more amiable working environment. Let’s see if the patience meter goes to the critical level to trigger that button. 😀


Managing 101: A lenient manager yields to a work related stress.

Make believe happiness.
Behind every smiles, are the unseen impediments.

Managers are the ones who oversees over-all functions of its subordinates within its supervision. He or she directs orders to his or her team after a careful decision needs to be executed.

In my own experience, being the in-charge of the department for a particular days every month, it’s a stress-related workload from beginning to the end of the eight-hour shift. I am required to delegate some of the minor task to my support staff in able to lessen the bulk of work and to save time and effort.

If each employees knows their job description, it is unnecessary to remind them what are the things they should do. Leniency as manager has its disadvantage when you are promoting a pleasant and less autocratic means to run a department. Employees lack of initiative to perform their respective duties and are not pressured to get things done will lead to a tiresome manager who always beg for their help.

In my case, letting my staff boss me instead of the other way around puts me in an overworked situation, not to mention, I am burn out for not finishing my work on time. If I am too hard for them, it would invoke hurtful persona that eventually cause disobedience.

Therefore, a manager must communicate properly for the sake of harmony and instill in their minds that each individual must work hand-in-hand as a team to attain work-related goals. If it didn’t produce the required results, perhaps it’s necessary to address the concern to the upper level management. 😀

Volunteerism is Philanthropy.

Be Hands On!
Back Cover

For the nth time, I make a visit in this famous bookstore in a mall to kill time while waiting for mom. At the same bookshelf I used to drop by, I saw this book about volunteerism… I get hooked upon that ‘volunteerism’ word and find myself picking and reading the back cover of it. To my surprise, I saw the name of one of the people I look up to. Well, I am not surprise since that person had been engage on many advocacies and outreach programs.

Reading upon that person’s part on the book, it began to awe me

Chris Tiu's thoughts about Volunteerism.

about the learnings caught upon the experiences this person shared. We have the same thoughts that through volunteerism, we tend to give and share our God given talents to the needing, and in the end of the day, we realize that we are so blessed and reminded that we have to be more grateful for what we have and where we are right now.

But we’re different in some ways though, this person gives beyond best. How I wish I’m like this person named Chris Tiu. 😀

I admire what he said about on the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola, that ‘to give one’s life for another is the greatest gift one could give’. That explains the offering of myself for 9 months (well 10 months actually, the 10th month was not counted. Drat!) and 3 months, that’s technically more than a year, right?

"to give one's life for another is the greatest gift one could give"

The idea of volunteerism had become the ‘holy grail’ of my RN career. I learn to patiently do my work beyond those paid staffs, a shock absorber of the ones I handled and keep in mind the teachings of the new knowledge acquired.

To be honest, I must be accepting a minimum wage for that noble work?! Maybe it’s still not the time for that. So I always end-up consider volunteering as an act of charity work, but in a professional and respectful term, a philanthropist. HaHa! That keeps me from doing the job close to perfection… an ego booster if you ask me. 😀

Well, that’s for now… hope and pray that a big break comes in my way.

I saw this former status of mine just now, and so I mind to Tumblr this as a memoir to someone I know.

On this day, back in 2009, news about the youngest kid I’ve ever encountered to had acquired Hansen’s disease joined our Creator.

I will never forget the charming and humbling personality each time our path crosses. The concerned this kid showed to the strangers met during a short period of stay in a certain ward… which, in turn, did the same by those people met this kid which eventually became their so-called friend.

This moment I reminisce an unforgettable thing this kid did that amazed me… even though this kid was completely under the weather that time still managed to visit a former patient in the ward I was assigned. I was awed on that sweetness. I adviced this kid to go back in bed and rest but insist to stay… well according to Patient’s Bill of Rights, this kid has entitled to ‘Right to Refuse’. As a temporary remedy, just gave this kid a paracetamol for fever. =/

My thoughts to this kid who once became part of my life… Remembering Moreland.

Rest in Peace kiddo.

P.S. Censored the people on my Fb status for their privacy.

Effective today it expires. At least in some occasions I felt like I am a full pledge dot… dot… dot… 😀

Others say that I may take it as my advantage as one of my eligibilities. And yes they were right so far. 🙂

And for a moment (while typing this Tumblr post…), I NEVER FELT MY PARENTS WERE DISAPPOINTED and even made them inspired after all. 🙂

I wonder if they sense that euphoria when they first heard the news? Oh never mind. 🙂

‘I had a BLAST?!’, words to describe in conclusion of (quite long) philanthropic semester. I’d learned so much to them especially the universal and ‘overused’ clichés ‘patience is a virtue’. Well I must say I had lots of those, and I used it well as an inspiration to embrace this kind of experience.

On the lighter note… I’ve lost at least 2 or 3 kilograms. Thanks to these staircase which will always reminds me that ‘it’s not an easy step to climb the stairways of success, be prepared as one of the price paid is losing weight, don’t stop dreaming and believing.’ At least a lesson learned for this know-how chapter. 🙂

Thank You and May God Bless San Lorenzo.

I deserve this treat for this worth my tiredness from ‘all in a days work’. WHEW?! But I think it’s kinda digest faster than I thought after that on the spot Q and A (which I’m grateful as that fed me up with a bit of knowledge) at least I am not a ‘CHICKEN’ for that instant. HaHa.

– All in a days work, July 3, 2011

Labor Day’s Unsung Heroes.

Not all angels have wings… RNs are one of them.

Charity work… as defined by me as a Volunteer RN means ‘The Labor of Love’. Given the acts of working for free is much of like a professional martyr, or perhaps nearing to sainthood. All the sacrifices, hunger, multi-tasking, exhaustion and self-pity from all in a day’s work can be ease when somebody says ‘Thank You’. That alone is very rewarding on my part when these people appreciate the efforts done for them. The satisfaction on that feeling of fulfillment is an enough price for somebody who’s worthy… ME?! One of the world’s ‘Unsung Heroes’. 🙂

Working without pay for a productive learning experience is the price I have to suffer. The supply of RNs in the country is overwhelming compared to the public’s needing demand. Sadly, the government has an under nourish and ailing reforms and programs in the Philippine’s caring field. And much worst, parents are still insisting their children to take up BSN instead of asking them what course they want. I must say, it’s a waste of money when it comes to education investment. The future for nurses is still under construction, problem is… when will it be finished?

That’s the reality of an unemployed nurse’s life. After finishing studies, I don’t know where to start. I don’t have any game plan to succeed and until now, that’s my problem. I don’t know how to trust myself in this long journey as an RN crusader… what will happen to my career in this battlefield of caring? On this moment, I don’t know what I am doing here, same goes to I don’t know myself. =/

A sad commemoration of Labor by myself, I am an unsung hero of my generation. I am a benefactor of ‘The Labor of Love’ to others, and in return, I can’t even love myself. I’ve been immune to the tiredness of my philanthropy work. When will God repay my goodness in the name of His glory? Upon writing this… I am still asking to God the same old prayer… that He gave me a stable job that would last a lifetime. Amen.

The job description of this year’s Labor Day’s Unsung Heroes… better not to be hospitalized!

An April Fools Treat

March 31, 2011 an SMS was sent to me to report tomorrow for an afternoon orientation and mind you it just gives me the chills of trick. I can’t believe that I was scheduled for an orientation after I failed my exam and didn’t do well on my interview. It’s the will of faith if you ask me… surprising?!

April Fools, the day of the orientation. 5 of us arrived, 7 where texted for the orientation. What just happen? Then here comes the one conducting the orientation. She seems strict and a bit outgoing. And so the orientation begins in a simple get to know each other ambiance. Afterwards, she told us if we were  dead serious about this volunteer thing and willing to go all through out for the next 3 months, but somebody back out after knowing that he has to report in other healthcare commitments in the field of PDN. The rest of the remaining four was asked again if we are decided to continue and the 4 says yes?! and that marks the first half of the orientation… the initial psyche for the new comers. =/

The Background taken May of 2009

Q&As become the structure of orientation, we kept asking questions and she fearlessly answer them all with some convictions I should say. But I get too disappointed when I read the scope of the program I was in. It was too far from the other institution I was previously trained in. and to sum it up… it SUCKS?! A WASTE OF EFFORT?! MUCH MORE A TIME RUBBISH?! Well, I still don’t have to underestimate it… let’s see what this institution can do to improve my skills and grow as a professional.

We take a tour on the building and I realized it was too small compare to the one in Sta. Maria, Bulacan but it was more organize far from Sta. Maria, and I realized, it’s not bad at all. 🙂

So the orientation adjourned reminding the date and time to report to start in our program and we’re done. Having a bit adjusted and culture shocked but I can get through this. After all what matters is the experience I can attain from this charity work. May God give me strength and wisdom for this to carry on and may I be His instrument for this mission… SO HELP ME GOD?! 😀

P.S. Happy April Fools Month?! 😀

May God Bless Saint Mary

Supermanhood MD survives Saint Mary

The thought of a new beginning for my RN career would make my dreams come into reality, turns out to be a disaster of some kind. Being professional on the boundaries of this former exploiting and nearing-to-be employer was like a living nightmare. The promise of two weeks volunteer is an initiation, 14 days of work interruption all bound to confession room discussing flaws notice by Big Granny who is watching you (the institution’s Big Brother homologous). Lucky enough to survive in 2 weeks, but the real struggle is just about to start. Good Luck.

From the staffs employed (exclude the owners and its cronies) some of them were really nice, some were user-friendly type with a bit of kindness and some were just rude and ego-centric (the Alpha wannabe species).

This experience makes me realize on what scale will I be able to adjust and adapt in some cultures. When will I get that ‘stability’ (I mean for a permanent job) as a lifelong RN career. And how long do I patiently wait and find for that?

P.S. So help me GOD on this. =/

The Nightingale Soldier

This week, in celebration of ‘The Nurses’ Week’ – under the Proclamation No. 539 dated October 17, 1958  the President of the Philippines designated the last week of October every year, beginning in 1958, as Nurses’ Week (credits to page 141 of Professional Nursing in the Philippines, Tenth Edition by Lydia M. Venson, RN, MAN, FPCHA and Ronald M. Venzon, RN, MAN). And to that note, I created this blog post as my very own tribute to the Nurses here in the Philippines, who dedicate their lives in providing a quality tender loving care for the Filipinos. (I ‘MEAN’ to all ‘NURSES’ who knows the word compassion and care beyond self.) 

October 22, 2010, I saw this message circulating in one of the famous networking sites…

 “Somewhere right now a nurse is getting yelled at for being late with pain meds, while holding her bladder because she doesn’t have time to pee, starving because she missed her break, being pooped/peed/bled on, and is missing her family while taking care of yours. In the minute you took to read this, nurses all over the world are saving lives.”

… and after reading this, I PAUSE. REFLECT. THINK. then I notice myself smiling, and just said to myself, “Does this nurses exist in the real world?”

The Philippines is having a surplus of RNs, twice a year PRC is producing thousands and thousands of nurses, but only few were able to practice the profession, as what the saying goes, “Many are called but only few are chosen”. I have nothing to do about it but instead put a deep sigh… =/

Though there are some who really wants to pursue their calling (but in the first place it’s their parents calling for them to become a nurse. HaHa?!) – For they don’t want to waste their 4-year hardship way back their BSN days, the newbie RNs decided to enter the real ‘public service’. And it’s by way of lending themselves to make use of their knowledge and skills through the hospitals’ ‘volunteer program’.

And yes, they gain the experience and might as well improve their skills, but can this be a ground for exploitation? Perhaps these ‘volunteers’ also know how to sly to exploiting acts. I think so? HeHe. 😀

At to some extent, RNs can be in grave danger. The news about an RN in Mindanao became a victim of rape, and the sad news is that she is a ‘volunteer’. Florence (not real name) gained a national sympathy to the nursing community in the Philippines after revived from a previous traumatic incident that probably will change her life. Florence do saves lives and promote health, know look at her, she suffers the pain done by unidentified inhumane monster who in just one snap of the fingers hinder her plans in life. May this be the first and the last tragedy that could happen in an innocent life saver. RNs saves lives not the ones being saved.

The Nightingale Pledge, an oath sworn by a successful examinee before the members of the BON. An excerpt of this traditional vow says…

‘… will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling…’

… a statement that shows that at any cause, ‘the priority is the patient’. And this is a sacrifice for every RNs in this country. They are providers of care for others and at the time of their duty they have to be present both physically and emotionally with mental aspects as well. It is their compassionate instinct that drives them for the efficiency of their works despite all odds that may arrived.

I hope that there are Nurses posses the virtues of Florence Nightingale. Looking back on the history of her life, she leave what she all has to pave her way in a path where people who suffer and dying for illness, a woman who offer herself most especially in The Crimean War. She’s more of a saint, as she do heroic deeds day by day during her time. A woman called by God to be His faithful servant to uplift the broken spirit of His weak people.

To end this post I live this qoute…

A therapeutic nurse masked its true feelings inside but shows a sense of ‘it’s going to be alright’ or ‘you’ll be okay’, and throws a big but calming smile for you. – anonymous

Malling with a purpose (A Reminisce of the August 1 2009 Job Scouting)

Day 1 of August 2009 when I join my first ever overseas job fair, my very first job fair in my history book. Too bad that it was sort of like a waste of my time and money, but this opportunity is knocking twice in my head so why not grab it, gamble for a chance and in conclusion, it doesn’t turn out the way we expected. So we, again, back to a normal life of dreaming (day dreaming as for me. :D) that one day, we are able to fulfill what we really want to achieve… in God’s perfect time.

Since opportunity is way mention, we decide to roam in that mall in Ortigas. It’s kinda like we’re in park looking at so many catchy insights. We able to passed by in a free exhibit with cool and artistic arts. We are able to came across with some transformers mascots that are crowd magnet and able to take pictures with them. Visit a ‘public reading’ bookstore where book aficionados mostly drop by.

Job Scouting went to Malling
with duggie 😀

I’ve always wanted to have a pet dog, so it’s not surprising that I managed to take a picture of this pet spa-ish tenancy on that mall where pets are groomed by an animal stylist. Having a pet may help ease stress, a real life stuff toy manage to give you a playful and relaxing touch and in turn, making yourself stroking their fur. 🙂

I NEVER EVER STOP TRYING, I still have my ‘FAITH’. And I think, the Big Guy in the Heaven has plans for me, I have no idea what those are… and I know I must wait patiently on His right timing, which leaves to me that ‘DON’T EVER STOP BELEIVING.’ 😀

Liberty from the Russel agony.

This post is dedicated to a boy who keeps reminding me how he endures the gentle saint out of me.  A boy whom despite of his lackness I offer a playful hand of friendship but show some foul in his own cunning game.  A boy whom despite of my approachable aura takes the advantage of abusing it and for that impoliteness he portrayed… awakens the ‘OUTRAGING BEAST’ inside me.

The Art of Russel

Whew! How terrible is that? HaHa! Well to set things straight, yes people can easily get along with me if it’s started in a right timing and a good conversation. Well I mean let’s face it, ‘first impression lasts’, but on my part, it became a disaster.  I thought kids are the most innocent people I’ve ever met in my entire life; they got to cheer you up and losses all the tensions and gives a temporary relief from tiredness, like what I’ve thought to Russel, the son of a gratuity in the hospital.  But when an incident where he calls me something that makes me uncomfortable and upset.  It totally drives me crazy?!  Good thing I had controlled myself and get through with it, but the friendship was totally wreck.

That experience now gives me a bit of anxiety every time I had to deal with these youngsters.  I am afraid that that Russel thing might happen again.  Really sucks?!  Well I hope not.  I’m still keeping my faith that majority of the kids that I’ll be met in the future will grant me the respect I really deserve or just being polite, as simple as that. 😀

OPD Kiddies in Action

Though he became rude to me, I can’t get mad at him the fact that he is a kid and more things to learn on this world.  When the time is right, he will be able to weigh the good and the bad and whether what is his own perspective of the opposing two that will reflect what kind of nourishment he get from his father.  HaHa. 😀

I’m come up thinking at times that it might be Russel’s father that teaches him something about me that makes the kid a little bit wilder.  Well, that’s what parenting is all about, nurturing the gift out of your own flesh to lead them the way into a particular path. HeHe. 😀 I’m wishing him the best and I hope he’s fine. (with his father. HaHa! Kidding. :D)

WHOOOH?! Now I feel so relieved from this irritation. 😀

See You Soon… Tala.

And so, I arrived in my last remaining days of my internship in a public hospital which is close to my heart (I mean literally, ‘close to my heart’.). How am I supposed to move on if time is keeping you from having the opportunity to be with someone else? Meaning doing the things you are in it, since it was marked on the day you were born, destined to become someone more reasonable? The opportunity of becoming one of the best… and to fulfill the things I really want? My passion…

A Letter of Love, Cuddos to the author of this Index Card Masterpiece.

Yes it is really hard to move on if you’re being so attached to it. Being the lifesaver I am today, which changes the entire definition of life on my own perspective. LIFE, kinda sucks, but it is a gift. Live with it. Deal with it. Grow with it.

Perhaps I am a vulnerable person, easily get affected, needing to be loved. People around me don’t even bother to know that, but I do really need someone for me to be cared of (which is what I hate about myself, but it’s just being me. So that’s why people mistaken me that I’m gay because I’m SO SOFT. F@%#K). This is might be the reason why I am so attached to my patients… doing in all my power to restore their health, save their lives and move on with their own lives. Though at the end of the day, I go home and realized I am not God.

N.O. bystander


As what others say, ‘maybe God has His own reasons.’ Me, I considered it as a blessing. I know he saves a chapter in my life to learn about the things I don’t really understand, helping me to realized what’s ‘LIFE’ is really about. And for that He’s given me a post for me to write about it. Weird but it’s His ways anyways. 🙂

So maybe it’s time to patch things up on my life with Tala, though I am still hoping for the welcoming hallways and doors of advantageous chance of becoming a member of their team… to be a STAFF NURSE. 🙂


OTTO Shoes on the racks…

There’s a size that fits for you. O_o

EmO_o Sobers Up... (//_O)

I remember that moment when a weird instinct strikes my mind, out of nowhere, that the word ‘OTTO’ has a bad impression for me. To get straight to the point, it is something to do with a certain respiratory disease called tuberculosis, freaky right? O_O And so that weird instinct of mine was right regarding that word ‘OTTO’, a term that needs to be watch out for, being careful and alert of the defenses needed before going there, at that place… that separates from the others, and face the toughest thing to encounter so far. That is, entering the territory that brought the strange intuition… The ‘OTTO’ Ward.

During my DJNRMH days, it is a requirement to bring sputum samples of the suspected

There's a story behind this storyline... mind to check it out. Komiks! 🙂

TB patients there at OTTO Ward. Once detected of having such diagnosis, patient immediately transfers out there to avoid further transmission of the disease. I had to admit that stepping around the perimeters of OTTO Ward is an obstacle needing to jump over to pass that sophisticated boundary, fighting for fear, I guess? 🙂 Covering my nose every time I walk in front of that building or put my mask made of small fabric, clean gloves when handling sputum caps and my stored immunity as my barriers of protection whenever I deliver samples.

And the time came in as I was assigned to render my free-of-charge caring service to the

O (^_^) vs X (T_T)

humble and welcoming quarters of OTTO Ward, unlike other wards, not a single electric fan has placed in and aside from that, fluorescent lamps are on at night, (I’m in the graveyard shift by the way. :D) maybe to kill the bacteria is the reason, I think. 🙂 On my first night, I felt a bit anxious as I struggle on a piece of five sterile compressed into one every time I interact with the patients. It was about on the 2nd week of May after I got to used my N92 mask. It was very useful in this kind of case scenario. 🙂

SOON!!! I'm gonna be a STAFF to_O!!!

We used to have long hours of rest during our night shift, but there are times where we’re awake to monitor the status of the more compromised patients. It was very hard for me to witness those times when we can’t do the impossible things to alleviate their suffering, the only way that I can offer to them is my prayers to give them more

i-plus the toilet! 😀

strength to fight for their lives and for the benefit. Though sometimes I meet trials to test my management of dealing in difficult situation that became my ups and downs, which eventually the lessons I’ve learn in the end of the day. 🙂 Oh its what life has to tell me over and over again, understand so much things happening day by day in circles, one way how the Big Guy sends out his message. 🙂

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