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Remember, Wen?



I hate that you pertain yourself as “the victim” but on the contrary it was the opposite?! So don’t you ever consider yourself some people are against you because it’s their opinion and its none of your business. Remember the days that you used me to be your confidant so that you have someone on your side to boost your ego and to appear yourself sturdy in spite of them trying to put you down? How pathetic I am to succumb to your hypnotism.

Now it come to my realization of a concerned once told me that I have to be careful to you and indeed the concerned was right. The irony of judging someone of their deeds but your opinion of accepting or considering the other as more appropriate but both were just insanely uncomparable infidelity, right? YOU ARE A PARTISAN… what a bias bitch!!!

Let me remind you how control freak you are when you ask me for help to set up your place to ‘impress the people you’re having an issue of’ as that day was your birthday. The funny thing was you feed me with your dishes as a foolish payment for enslaving from your make believe kindness. What deeply disappoints me was that, when I ask a favor for you and you turn it down and it come to my mind that you help your so called friends in such a way that it awed them by surprises or in other way lend a hand to aid.

I was once a confidant… a helper… a listener of your worthless whines…

I rest my case.

It ends today… don’t bother me again.

P.S. You are in contrast to Ella… let’s wait if you find your prince.


cheat day

Cheat Day everywhere…

Eavesdropping has been a human nature as the unstoppable mouth tells stories for the sake of making the ambiance get rid of boredom. I have my share of pry for I become someone who has the stamina and spare time to listen on trivial matters whom they vent or convey out of their system. Though the trust these people put to me as they’re shock absorber or just a friend to talk to formulate thinking that every single one of us are damn CHEAT in some way in our lives.7

So gather reasons why people cheat.

1. loss interest to something. I met married men, or simply acquaintances in their own significant others, committed infidelity when temptation awaits somewhere in the corner. I haven’t been in a romantic relationship before, but upon hearing their thoughts about their affair gave an impression that the long distance hindered physical contact hence sprouted the longing, so to combat the psyche of missing someone; they socialize with other people and the rest is a byproduct of the unfaithful temptation. Eventually the love of the other half fades and if push comes to shove, the faithful one let goes. It reminded me of the pair of lovebirds. If one of them dies, the other comes next.

Likewise, it happen to friendships too. When the core of care fades, they eventually didn’t matter to you. As a result, they spill the beans to the same set of friends you both have and the next thing you know the topic of conversation is you.

2. stress. The anger that caused by stress to numerous factors form an irrational behavior that might do harm to others. Or even to yourself. The famous term ‘cheat day’ comparing to stress eating for instance could establish a coping mechanism for a bad day, but if too much guilty pleasures were consume as a satiety to fight stress, then it a lifestyle needed to address as unhealthy.

3. fear to fail. A lot of students may relate to copying during exams as their desperate move to prevent the aftermath of failure. As a result, they do whatever it takes to halt the possibility of losing points through the famous and pungent way of getting ahead in a form of cheating. In the end, cheaters put a lot of stress to themselves and the rest goes on and on.

The solutions to these basis of why we cheat had been told to us before. The likes of having constant communication with your partner; healthy diversions like exercise, yoga and even deep breathing; and plan, prepare and get ready for the future. These same advice come out from our consciousness but if the foundation of discipline is not enough, I think it necessitates to build that first to bolster any kind of advice.

A Sailor-ish Life for some...
A Sailor-ish Life for some…

A sailor’s life for me, scarcely in this first day of the 2018. It was my second time up aboard in a ship, it may not be in a passenger or luxurious ferry, but it was beyond disparate in comparison to the hospitality of the Filipino crews on board.

In contrast to what some of us previously encountered and visited, they agreed that this ship we dropped over was nothing but less enormous. However, the dishes served were much greater than the one I formerly encountered. Perhaps in consideration, given the fact that it was a New Year celebration that day, a feast must be commence to commend the grace of God for all the bountiful and prosperous blessings received by everyone on board that day.

I happened to had the privilege to have a tour to both ships, but the recent disembark expound my knowing and exposure of its structure and function, indeed a very informative trip.

This new pack of seafarers were quite timid, I am able to empathize their personal thoughts especially the hardships of their profession. Apart from the homesickness and inevitable seasick in some occasions in their journey, the risk of being a possible victims of colossal waves and belligerent pirates might threaten their safety. I only just offer a silent prayer of security and protection for all the members this humble 6-month-in-contract abode to God while having some serious conversation to one of these courageous and strong men.

Overall, it was a New Year bash moment to remember. I am happy to see fellow Filipinos meet their countrymen amidst the mundane infinity of the waters and miles apart from their motherland. WE SALUTE YOU, GENTLEMEN. 😀

Managing 101: A lenient manager yields to a work related stress.

Make believe happiness.
Behind every smiles, are the unseen impediments.

Managers are the ones who oversees over-all functions of its subordinates within its supervision. He or she directs orders to his or her team after a careful decision needs to be executed.

In my own experience, being the in-charge of the department for a particular days every month, it’s a stress-related workload from beginning to the end of the eight-hour shift. I am required to delegate some of the minor task to my support staff in able to lessen the bulk of work and to save time and effort.

If each employees knows their job description, it is unnecessary to remind them what are the things they should do. Leniency as manager has its disadvantage when you are promoting a pleasant and less autocratic means to run a department. Employees lack of initiative to perform their respective duties and are not pressured to get things done will lead to a tiresome manager who always beg for their help.

In my case, letting my staff boss me instead of the other way around puts me in an overworked situation, not to mention, I am burn out for not finishing my work on time. If I am too hard for them, it would invoke hurtful persona that eventually cause disobedience.

Therefore, a manager must communicate properly for the sake of harmony and instill in their minds that each individual must work hand-in-hand as a team to attain work-related goals. If it didn’t produce the required results, perhaps it’s necessary to address the concern to the upper level management. 😀

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Green Mind.

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New Year Wish.

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