Making use of the art of mind speaking through writing and photography… the MD (just a name, not a profession) way.



A famous restaurant has this special offer of ‘chicken all you can’. And it was ‘the happiest place to be gluttonous…’. So are you in to this? If you’re weak enough to not finish a quarter size from a whole piece fowl meat, better think twice or a waste of 199 box is the price that will be paid. Bet that price satisfy your chicken cravings.

Are you brave enough to pick that order? Oh come on! Don’t be a CHICKEN?! 😀


Picture taken on the 22nd of April 2009 at SM Fairview, somewhere in ACE Hardware. Medium: The author’s old Nokia 3230.

Me and my mom’s version of ’Madonna and the Child’ in a context of photography with a theme of mirror and bonding. In observance of Mother’s Day, I made this tumblr post. For without whom… I am not. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day Mom?! 😀

P.S. and for all the Mommies out there, I extend this post greeting for your unconditional love, kindness and support for your offspring. May God bless you with more strength and patience for this lifetime job. WE LOVE YOU?! 🙂

Dad is Home…

This month marked the coming of my dad to our home sweet home and mom is so excited about it. 2 years of miles away separation is longer which makes it too much sacrificing for the both of my parents. But it ends this month… dad is going home.

Dad is Home on the 26032010

I’ve been thinking of placing myself to the position of my father… as a bread winner for his own family. Not becoming in a place of my dad doing a lot of carrying and electrical stuff, but instead work as an OFW. Dad spend so many years back and forth in abroad for greener pasteur so I planning to follow his footsteps for a more greener pasteur for my family and relatives. But still, I’m working out this plan. I have to earn my guts (like what my dad did) to be in the running as a competent nurse, with a soothing and flexible pace… SO HELP ME GOD?! 😀

I feel that it’s kinda hard away from home, but since I find it easy for me to be alone or rather live or adapt in a different environment, maybe somehow I can deal with some situations abroad and also take care of myself. But being away from home is a battle of psyche. Standing the pressure away from home is way too tough in my nerves so I am preparing myself. I have to earn more skills to stand out against my competitions abroad. Since I have the Pinoy blood, I may certainly have the edge against the other races and that the ‘TLC’ we have in the caring profession. 😀

Oh well I have some more things to do and to consider before going abroad. I pray that God help me on my plans. The fact that I know deep inside my mind and heart… He has His own reasons why I am here for. I leave it up to Him and just go with His flow. Amen.

P.S. To God be the Glory. 😀

And I Love You So… In My Life…

The people ask me how? O_o

A view from the upper box (mellO_ow DRAMATIC!!!)

And I Love You So and In My Life… two movies with wonderful remake of songs as soundtracks of each of the later mentioned films. Sam Milby for his own cover of And I Love You So, and the title of the movie which also one of the cast along with his fellow stars Derek Ramsey and Bea Alonzo. While in the movie In My Life, starring John Lloyd Cruz, Luis Manzano and the Philippines very own ‘Star for All Season’, Vilma Santos, Sarah Geronimo made her own rendition of the song Something New In My Life as the film’s OST.

Star Cinema Production is indeed creating the finest motion picture. The way their movies attack the audience and the curiosity they form in every attracting trailers shown to advertise their upcoming blockbuster hit… a very good strategy. 🙂

A great opportunity to watch a Star Cinema movie whenever there is a chance to make it into a reality. There so many lessons that can be learned when I get to sit on the upper box of the movie theater. 🙂 Whether it’s in the form of love, friendship or just simply how to deal in this cycle that we called LIFE. (OOPS! Excuse me, Next in Line! :D)

Marketing Escapades... Caught in the Act. 😀
Totally Spies that spies up your life... 🙂

And aside from getting to watch a film, my Mom as my companion is a plus for me, the food that we eat inside the cinema is a bonus to the bunch of happiness. 😀 Hope and Pray to God that He grant my petition for me to have a ‘work’ so I can help my family in our daily expenses and a level up goodies the next time we watch a movie. 😀

Team TongKe-lite’s journey up to the Top Rank Position (The Regional Edition). :)

Weeks had passed after that euphoric drive runs in the system of each and every one who participated in this HATAW ’09 thing. It maybe a ‘big deal’ for some hataweros and hataweras to win that glory after what the numbers had showed with regards to the expenses they had invested plus the required attendance for that killer moves to get their feet on beyond the expectations. With the full loaded meals the Kitchen Section had to piled up every weekdays for the past 6 weeks, the support of Mam Connie and the other Superiors as well and how can they haven’t forget to mention, but of course, the NTs who give that ‘helping hand’ for them from the very beginning to the props crafted by Propsman hiding in the instincts of some, as Pep Squads with the Cheerleaders of course, and even PAs to assist the crap out of their costume. With all that production?! Who could ever thought if they’ll gonna win this? HeHe! Having realize that there’s such a thing going on in this institution, I got so left alone to think that I’m someone to left by (well not all the time?! HaHa! Kidding! :D) being under the high of floating toxicity but can manage to handle it with the help of my co-NTs and the competent staffs. 🙂 Anyway, the people involved there was able to finish their hours of duty before hitting there under the roofs of Training Office. 😀

From 8 am to 5 pm of constant practice making it close to perfection on the strict instructions and graceful but bouncing moves of Sir Tots, the Team was definitely put into rigid training physically and maybe some emotional grips of control (is there a such? HeHe!) to put their mind set to winning. So why the heck I, in the latter, was involved here? To make the story short, they are gathering some manpower to accomplish the 25 PAs each was given an assignment to serve their masters. 😀 HaHaHa! What an incredible but fun task. 🙂 It was I think on the 23rd of the Love Month, 3 days away to the competition, when Claudette and her gang pulled me out in the OPD to be part of the crews plus other OPD NTs as well. As assigned to be the assist of Sir Budz as helping him put in his stuffs on and of course to Sir Andy who was one of the first to perform on their separate numbers, I have to do it fast but relax, and not to put under pressure to the whole team. At first, our nerves were out of our conscious authority (what the? HeHe!) yeah, I mean come to think of it? We’re having a short time to practice (for the NTs only), to think that it’s only a dress rehearsal? But things were very possible in God’s time when Sir Tots had to cut the movers on a certain part of the song to have themselves enough time to dress them up. 😀 Problem solved! To polish things on its finest, we have to work out our actions more quickly in serving our ‘Masters’ while ‘they’ have to do their thing in putting some bounce and that ‘sardonic’ I mean ‘social smile’ on their apathetic face! HaHa! Joking! Peace Out! 😀 So not just cheering, but we, the NTs, have to encourage them to smile even if it’s already tiring on their behalf. 🙂

All was set on Friday, February 27, 2009. For the PAs we have to wear black, T-shirt and Pants, or anything darker like what the marshals wearing in the UAAP Cheer Dance Competition. We assemble at Training Office at 5am. While waiting for the others to arrive, Migs and I have decided to drop by to Nursing Office if the others were there but it wasn’t happen when Mam Connie had to do some favour. HaHa! Volunteerism at its finest. 🙂 We leave the place at around 6pm with Claudette, Gwen, Edmar, JL, Mam Jenn, Gladys, Roxanne, and others with Sir Ron and his wife. On our way to San Lazaro, the host for this year, laughing gas was escaped which is why the trip was not bored. Caught the attention of the people in the road as the ambulance’s alarm had to make some noise and take advantage of it making our engines in the fast and the furious status. HaHaHa! It was so cool that the first ambulance (were Mam Connie and some of the staffs and the one we are following) had to made its way to the other opposite part of the highway to get rid of the traffic at NCBA with the WANG-WANG of course, with the maximum volume. HeHe! A very eye catchy disruption made, we have to send them with a wave putting some bits of good times. HeHe. Racing on the road before hitting Litex was an on the spot pictorial session care of Migs! HaHa! It is when our diesel and their ambulance came across so close enough to take some pics while both vehicles were in motion. 😀 A problem arise when we got stuck on Riverside, Brgy. Commonwealth after passing the Marikina Terminal! WASAK! We thought that it was just a common problem which can be easily resolved but when it keeps on and on, so we have to wait there hoping that it will be fix. I go down just for a sec to lighten up my stiffing feet and to breathe some fresh polluted air in the vicinity. Sir Ron on the other hand had to be a traffic enforcer for the day to manage the flow in the road. The attempts to start the four wheel drive were not successful that’s why the 3rd placer slow ambulance on standby rescue the 9 of us (the PAs only) leaving Sir Ron and his wife together with the driver. The journey continues in the ambulance packed with people unease in their uncomfort zone. HaHa!

Arriving at the venue at 9am, where all other contestants chillaxing and loitering on the vicinity of San Lazaro Hospital. I was amazed by the ambiance of the architectural coined in the Spanish era. For me, nothing has changed on the whole buildings to think that it’s my first time to step on that place. HeHe. It was so nice, classy and the preserve by the past and present administration. I think San Lazaro is a good example what the was the life of our ancestors during the 1500s. 🙂 Cam Moments has been a part of the daily routine of the NTs as we are all inborn ‘photogenic’! HaHa! We do capture some of the selected sites in San Lazaro, like the Unisex CR, which is a unique way to exercise equality for both sexes. 😀 The glass wall of the office of the Secretary of Health which has a mirror effect we definitely once get a glimpse of our whole body picture, 😀 and of course the home where real stars our born. 🙂

Mr. Megaphone man suddenly call the attention of the different parties to park on their respective groups for we’ll going to have a parade only half of the circumference! HaHa! The walk begins the opening of the HATAW ’09. With the groupies of KSPs, HAHA, we throw a cheer to boom them with nervousness! HaHa! Just to make the opposing troops little scared. 😀 The parade ended on the stage where each of the Top 11 will showcase what they had in stored to us.What a surprise when Mark Logan was there whose gonna cover the event. Waiting for the others to finish their turn were the Team Tongke-lites waiting to unveil their grand prize winning number. HaHa. Looking at them, they were all confident on their seats that they will bring home the title. While the 5th group were doing their presentation, we, The PAs, were setting the materials on both sides of the Hataw Stage. I quite nervous that time, maybe I’m just overwhelmed by what the audience had to expect but I don’t really care! HaHa! Why should I bother! I’m not part of that contest! Come on! HaHa! Kidding. And the time has come to judge what was the Team had cooked on that day. The music was played and I felt a slight trembling in my system, maybe it’s the effect of Milo’s caffeine but I really didn’t care the heck at all. Thank God that He puts me into focus that day. 😀 The intro was started then after that Sir Andy was went inside our cubicle so as his PA, I had to dress him so quick to reach on the mark of the allotted time. Sir Andy goes out and here’s Sir Budz come in, and so here I am putting his stuff in. Now it’s Sir Budz turn and for the second time Sir Andy came in to remove his coconut thing on his knee. Sir Budz gets in finally after his part and wait for the girls to finish their belly dancing part. Me and Gladys had to light the candle in a toxic way to meet the time for their ‘cool down’ which we did without a fail and so it was done. Remove all the things used and just put them temporarily on both sides again to put no hassle on their last performance, when the time they were crowned as “CHAMPION”?! 😀

PAs had to left just for awhile to eat our launch. 😀 HaHa! That was a long wait before we had to satisfy our craving tummies. HeHe. With a Steak, Chapsuy and the very generic Rice as the meal for that day wrap on the styro, the kids had definitely love the taste the Dietary Department has to give. 😀 with Zesto as a plus. We go back inside to finish the whole program. It’s funny how the organizers had to incorporate the exercise which makes the crowd dance follow the video and the dancers as well on the stage. 😀 I can’t see myself dancing on those cheesy novelty songs but believe it or not, I just did. 😀 HAHA! What a persuading charisma Gwen had cast. 🙂 Having some fun that day, Roxanne and Claudette made a duet of the three songs which was very old fashion but doing their own versions the songs sounds lovelier compare to the original artists. But the hilarious part when somebody caught our attention when the groovy beyond the hataws was shaking that booty on the dance floor. It is indeed a highlight of that day! Thinking it alone makes me giggle. 🙂

The long wait was over! Atleast for the impatient young ones, HeHe! The verdict was going to announce anytime soon! So we’re all keeping our fingers cross for our beloved DJNRMH, but were expecting to go home with the title though we have to be down to earth despite of the obvious results. 😀 Yes it is! We went home taking that trophy and the honour of being the # 1! HAHAHA! Victory is definitely for us. Big Thanks to God who the main reason why it was happened. 😀 I wonder why the enemies didn’t make a protest after we had won. Maybe they were shocked and blown away by the ‘production number’ we made. HeHe. 🙂

So we head towards home with a very uncomfortable position again. 😀 Poor Roxanne as she tried to survive on her seat after Sir James had to go down on HIWAY and transferred in front to let her butt breathe enough on the right space. 😀 We’re all wasted that afternoon as we all slept while on the road. We head down on the intersection of Malaria Road and Quirino Highway and left us there. To wrap this up, I was just screwed on the way home when I forgot that it was our last day at OPD and the OPD gang were throwing a party that moment! WASAK! What a crazy day to end this post.


The Batangas XP, An out of town escape.

I’ve never thought that I’ll indulge myself tripping to a group and get off from ‘soberness’ even just for a day. 🙂 I didn’t imagine that my 400 box was slipped over the hands of the organizing team to add it in the budget. 🙂 Some may think it’s a small amount but for me, that’s an overflowing grand coming from a self proclaimed ‘kuripot’. HeHe! 🙂 Looking at the brighter side, it may cost a lot of penny but for the sake of enjoyment and a relaxing vibe free from any torture the world has to give in exchange of a chillaxing breath-taking moment, I shouldn’t fail to grab the opportunity like these. But of course (as what Gee has to say. 😀 ). For a couple of times, this topic has been the objective of most of the forums and the prime skit in the overflowing drama, definitely it is final, were off to Batangas. 🙂 WHHIIH?! 😀 Nothing really hinders Claudette that through the spirit of will power, she can make things fall beyond her control. HeHe! I wonder if she’s using witchcraft or some sort of magic on this? 😀

It was really set?! It’s not only a joke like we use to throw back and forth when we’re gathering in a conference. But indeed a reality! Yes it is?! All was set to action as what was started from scratch was played into a reality. I open my YM and here comes in the IM of Claudette. I’m quite wasted from what we had on our way back from San Lazaro but when I read what was her message, I just realized that she’s freakin excited for it?! 😀 I smiled from her message not realizing that I didn’t turn off the computer and get napped for about 30 minutes. Anyway, it’s a short time to wait the machine to run for a quite long. 🙂 I’m off to bed after the computer shuts down not being prepared my stuff to bring on the next day. Without further reason of coming late and to fix my things, I set my alarm clock timed at 3:30am. Sleepy head was into deep slumber when he got realized that it’s 4:30am. So I have to move fast like the speed of the wind to be there close enough on the said scheduled but it’s not what I was expecting. HeHe! I get there at the waiting place and saw Kuya Ian, Bonn and Armando chatting. Waiting about a little, Mam Ana arrive with her promised of snacks (two plastic bags of junkfoods) which she didn’t break. We left ‘The One Stop Shop’ store at 6:30am (on Jen’s time). Definitely the blame was not put on my back but to Jet who arrived just on time for the sunrise. 😀

Off we go to Batangas?! Some of us were down a little bit but for the girls (You Know Who You Are?! 🙂 ) still becomes unstoppable in flapping out their insanity which makes the jeepney filled with laughing gases . 🙂 We got to swing momentarily to Tandang Sora to hooked up Sir James as the last one to join in escapade. Then we’re finally speed up to get there fast. But the trouble of might getting lost buzzed our worry free feeling. We have no idea where we going except for the map that Claudette googled and of course Claudette herself who have been there for about a year. So we’re all have to be attentive and alert as we search for our destination. A wrong turn were an example for us first timer people who divert our focus from other things, I guess this was the reason why we haven’t recognized that were not in the right path. Instead of going to Calamba Exit, Manong Driver get straight ahead after turning left from the expressway. But still with the help of the map and Dora, the Explorer, we’re still through on the race :). While in the road, and having that camera as included in the list of must haves for an outing like this, picture takings of every captive moments has been always a hobby of the friendster uploaders. 🙂 It was a great opportunity to meet other personalities as Gwen bring two of her girlfriends, Claudette also bring one and Jet whose always had to backed up by her wife. 🙂

It was a long hours of driving, so we had decided to stop by on a gasoline station to grant the call of nature’s request for some of our ‘biyaheros at biyaheras’ for we’ll go straight ahead on our expedition. The private diesel continuously drives its way to the endpoint. Drive… Drive… and Drive… while on its 10 vs. 10 passenger seats were travellers doing their own thing like what their used to do in a long voyage. On the other hand, Sir James and Dex were having some of their party groove when they heard the beat of Tam’s mp3 playing on the speakers below their seats. Head bangingsounds for rockers like Me and Gwen were also part of the playlist as we all sang on the songs of Parokya ni Edgar. Then Claudette proclaimed that we’re now close there which means that the thoughts of infinity lining on the road were going to end by a dot and few seconds away, were nearly going to get off our seats! Then we all saw the blue sea waving its surf curves as a welcome greeting. Party mouth Francis shows his feedback responses on that warm teaser the coast had given to him. 🙂

The long wait was over?! WUUU-WHOOOOOOH?! At 11:30am we landed to the shores of San Juan. Claudette, Migs and Sir James have to leave us for awhile as they’ll going to search the base of the castaways. Tourists chill for a sec after ‘checking in’ to the ‘bahay kubo’. 😀 All the hungry people were got snapped realizing what Tam has to complain about something, and it’s the ‘super kalan’ (unsure about if it’s the right term for that cooking equipment? 😀 ) Many attempts were made just to start up the fire but no examinees succeeded. 😀 HaHa! Good thing that rice cooker was there to save the day. 🙂 But we can’t ease the hunger of our starving tummy so we had to grab the food on the table quickly to satisfy our stomach with the very Filipino breakfast Scrambled egg, The Tomato version, Longganisa and the very generic rice. Claudette had to announced that the styro-plates and plastic cups should be saved for it will be the same utensils that we’re going to use when we eat again! HaHaHa?! 😀 So the maid had to wash the dishes to make it clean. 😀 After fixing ourselves, we start to cook the Sinigang.

Some of our companies were captivate by the wonderful and amazing paradise made by God, the fact that their camera lens have to picture the place they perceived as impressive. 🙂 I love the brownish white sand and the clear blue waters that pushes some forceful wave big enough to play with its surfs. There was a high tide that time so the water was beyond its shore line level. Overflowing of excitement! Some of us had to go all the way and feel the nature’s splash of saltwater. In the kubo, Tam was slicing some sweet ripe mango for us to have some plunge of mango shake. The mango cravers have some seed parts as their pre-taste before the session begun. 🙂 A Toss to the goodness of friendship, the blessing showered down and the dream which turns to a reality. Majority left the nipa hut to swim… swim… swim… and swim… The light dims little by little as the sea calms and the waters low down, rocks were seen on the shallow part of the sea floor. I manage to picked some coral-like stones which I brought home as a remembrance from our stay and for the purpose of giving my Dad’s mini pond pets a Batangas sea memorabilia. 🙂 The sunset marks the time for a pictorial session under the ‘director of photography’ Migs. We supposed to have a silhouette photo but the light of the setting sun didn’t suite the required amount for the camera to do such. And so we’re just click the camera button to make the most out of it to make that memorable day documented digitally. 😀 The night sky leads us back towards our home base, it’s time to cook our food (roasting Tulingan which Edmar puts something on it, maybe the fault must be put to Quickfire for that 10 minute kitchen wonder. 😀 ) for dinner and afterwards have some simple night-out.

Can’t get enough of the issues?! Each of us having a different personality, we’re all might subject to some compromised things that might occur. Like what the ‘bikini girls’, I think not all of them where got pissed for some reasons which I don’t want to put in here, after all the essence of this blog is to share thoughts that may give further knowledgeable anecdotes, which in particular how a certain trainee deal life when it comes to the professional field of caring, which I guess learned while reading this. So guys, just leave it there. I remember a saying which goes a little something like this, “Whatever happens in Batanags, stays in Batangas” (maybe all of you were familiar about this famous quote? But the topic of this post is about Batangas right? HeHe. 😀 ). Maybe this quote will put a borderline for the people whose part of the escapades to remain silent and put themselves to right to privacy to avoid sparks of understanding. We’ll it’s up to you guys (all of the participants of the San Juan out-of-town) if you want to divulge it. You might risk yourself in danger, I mean in a confrontation then having misunderstanding which eventually create enemies later on. HeHe?! Are you threatened? I’m just reminding you. 😀 Don’t take risk if you want to open the ‘pandora’s box’ when you’re in doubt.

We packed-up our things at about 4am on the morning of the 1st day of March. We decided not to extend our stay for some personal reasons and besides, we don’t have enough budget anymore. HeHeHe?! 😀 We ride on the Jeepney not having peed or brush our teeth for there’s no water since midnight! No choice but to leave the place and went home! 🙂 On our way back home, all were get slumber again. Twilight is passing by as I woke up. Upon realizing we’re not moving, I found out that Manong Driver had to repair the extra wheel just in case if we accidentally had a flat tire a back up can be a restore. I have to go down to stretch my legs for a while before Indian sit again on my sit. HaHa?! I had a hard time there huh! 😀 While the others had to eat puto bought to Manang Street Vendor. And our travel continues… Hours of driving… Sleeping… Looking at nowhere… Stopover… Picture-pictures… Driving again… Driving… and Driving… Edmar have to go down at Heart Center for some reasons I do not know. The first castaway to go home. HeHe?! Then others say their goodbyes and left one by one. And Me the author of this post is the last sole survivor, the winner, who had to step out. 🙂

It was an unforgettable experience; I had fun living just for a day in the seaside. Looking at the faces of the adventurers they’re all have a great time. Lesson of the story, “nothing has to stopped somebody who wants to have fun…” kill joy sucks all the way on their own suck-fest. 😀 (Sorry for those who were hit by this phrase. HaHa!) To wrap this up, on behalf of the Volunteers and friends who join the San Juan treat. TWO-BIG-TANGO to the organizers! It was definitely a BLAST! And to Claudette, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU from your NSN and Circle of Friends Family. 😀 (this post is subject to proof reading. HeHe! It’s too long kasi 😀 Just leave a comment for the desired editing, we want to hear it from you. 😀 )

New Year with my Family. :)

Table full of Goodies!December 31, 2008 was only a usual day for the three of us. I arrived from the hospital recovering from the toxicity me and my NOD had passed through and another tiring work again at home to prepare the meals on our Medya Noche. Some of the dishes were done and was placed in our “Round Bountiful Dining Table”. The hungry me secretly manage to taste some of it and not being bias, it’s so delicious! 🙂 I am proud to say that my mother really improved her cooking moment by moment?! 🙂 I was with my tired mom sitting on the dining table having some simple talk about her A bountiful harvest from the whole year's And me as an ass-kisser :), I said to her that the lumpia she made was very mouth-watering! Then she got that “on the nagging mode” setting when she accused me again of not washing my hands. 🙂 But I replied her back with a smile, which may seems like an affirmation of not doing so. HeHeeHe! 🙂 After I finished eating my lunch (which I didn’t manage to do so on our lunch break for some call of duty reasons), I started to help my mom on her cooking. I had just realized that the philanthropic work she always doing day by day in the family is so wonderful. Being a career woman (so far the best teacher I’ve ever encountered after what she has done to her students) and a housewife at the same time is an awesome job. 🙂 Looking by far some of the greatest things that she made for the past is such an incredible journey for her and for me and all I can say is, “I am proud of her! :)”. A Wonder Mom?! 🙂

My mom, the Executive Chef of the family. HaHa!My younger brother on the other hand had do to some toasting stuff for the Hungry tummies on the round table.marinade liempo to roast it on top. In all fairness to him, he has a talent in grilling! Not only on that, but has a potential for cooking as well. I think among the two of us, he got those genes from my parents. 🙂 But it seems he must have to possess that initiative trait before becoming so… 😀 I admit that I am not that good when it comes to cuisine but eating wise, just count me in. 🙂 Over all, I am just right behind them watching and trying to put some effort to help them with some basics, not to mention the opening of can goodies, stirring, washing the dishes, things like an assistant chef do at least for an amateur like me. HaHaaHa?! All has been set and done around 6pm, everything was ready for the midnight fiesta. For a while, we need to take a break from exhaustion we had Looks like a comet.came across, earn some strength and preparation, mind and soul, for the New Year’s Mass. 🙂 The three of us screwed up when the mass was almost running half an hour ago, meaning we’re there with the jam-packed crowd waiting the remaining rituals to end in the making. Actually we’re not on each other’s company that time for my mom really need to go to search and save an exclusive seat to get that scenic view (at least on her perception :D) the slow me had to left to fix myself up and got to move fast to be able to reach my mother, while my brother had to be with his friends and the responsible to make sure that before leaving, our home is secured and free from malicious intent. For that single reason, I was a victim of “wait-boredom syndrome” for my brother brings the key?! 🙂 So I’m there patiently sitting on our corner. Anyways, as usual, we were on our living room watching TV and waiting for the clock to strike 12.

Shades of different colors...The long wait was over and few minutes to go… it’s New Year’s Day?! 🙂 It only suggest that it is time to prepare some New Year “thing” to earn luck and prosperity this 2009. I admit I jump up higher this time to get some inch of height. HeHe?! At least the hope was there! 🙂 Rounded shaped fruits were on the basket-like container and placed in our table. 🙂 A very classy superstitious ritual adapt from the Chinese culture. Wearing red as a symbol of Good Luck which is again a Chinese thing was my motif to let the Good Luck get into my system. 🙂 And some other beliefs that were set and Lights in the sky, Chandeliers of Space.done before the coming year starts its first minutes. 🙂 Very Filipino! 🙂 Anyways, the faith of our luck still depends on our hands though?! We still create our destiny and it’s a choice. And in the end of the day, it falls back to us after we decide what path we’ll go. It is just what other people say! Yet I find it so true?! But then, the guidance of God should be there to give some support and protection. HaHaaHa?! Out of the topic!

So Gloomy...Tyndall effect of the fog.The celebration of New Year was not so bright as compared to last year. The sky was so fair for it was a bit gloomy and I think there’s a storm coming. The good thing about it was there were less firework accidents happen and family members stays together at their home to gather themselves and at least for somehow they become so unified to be called and termed as a “family.” Then the celebration ended with a full meal of various dishes served and beaten up by the hungry stomach. Like the usual holiday, especially in New Year, we slept late to watch the Grey’s Anatomy marathon.

The End! 🙂

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