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The Talk Project S1E2: Facebook

Facebook become a source of envy that fuels the drive to be inspired to work for the progress of one’s self.


The Talk Project S1E1: Eureka

That same feeling (or not quite) the moment Archimedes discovered Density transpires me to come up with this insanity. 😀

Hope you all had a fun time watching this.

Rockstar in blue.

Labor Day’s Unsung Heroes.

Not all angels have wings… RNs are one of them.

Charity work… as defined by me as a Volunteer RN means ‘The Labor of Love’. Given the acts of working for free is much of like a professional martyr, or perhaps nearing to sainthood. All the sacrifices, hunger, multi-tasking, exhaustion and self-pity from all in a day’s work can be ease when somebody says ‘Thank You’. That alone is very rewarding on my part when these people appreciate the efforts done for them. The satisfaction on that feeling of fulfillment is an enough price for somebody who’s worthy… ME?! One of the world’s ‘Unsung Heroes’. 🙂

Working without pay for a productive learning experience is the price I have to suffer. The supply of RNs in the country is overwhelming compared to the public’s needing demand. Sadly, the government has an under nourish and ailing reforms and programs in the Philippine’s caring field. And much worst, parents are still insisting their children to take up BSN instead of asking them what course they want. I must say, it’s a waste of money when it comes to education investment. The future for nurses is still under construction, problem is… when will it be finished?

That’s the reality of an unemployed nurse’s life. After finishing studies, I don’t know where to start. I don’t have any game plan to succeed and until now, that’s my problem. I don’t know how to trust myself in this long journey as an RN crusader… what will happen to my career in this battlefield of caring? On this moment, I don’t know what I am doing here, same goes to I don’t know myself. =/

A sad commemoration of Labor by myself, I am an unsung hero of my generation. I am a benefactor of ‘The Labor of Love’ to others, and in return, I can’t even love myself. I’ve been immune to the tiredness of my philanthropy work. When will God repay my goodness in the name of His glory? Upon writing this… I am still asking to God the same old prayer… that He gave me a stable job that would last a lifetime. Amen.

The job description of this year’s Labor Day’s Unsung Heroes… better not to be hospitalized!

April 1 Prank Day

What, where and when exactly will somebody throw others a prank for just one day only? Well it’s on the first day of the month of April every year… and it’s known for as April Fool’s Day, The day for the ‘fools’. It’s the day where the ‘bullies’ make fun on their so-called feast day. Bummer?!

To set the record straight, it’s not always April Fool’s the teasers spreads their love for fooling. They are free to do the fooling for anybody they saw as weak and vulnerable enough to not make the fight.

From the day I recall (at a young age, elementary particularly) till now, I was a victim of these bullies. And they are lucky enough to make fun of me every single moment they want to. I must say, I was brave enough to face their annoying, disturbing and degrading attacks. I have that sufficient courage to hold back my temper even if it’s almost bursting like a volcano. But I confess that I have a trouble with my anger sometimes, I get to involved in a fight with my family when I can’t stop the overflowing of my emotions. And so in the end, I end up having guilt and felt sorry for myself and for my family. Maybe my family became my shock absorber for what I let out from my kept weakness for the tormentor.

Making a fool of myself. 😀

The other kind of jester (fooling) that can be dump to one’s self is that believing yourself that you’re handsome or beautiful even if in reality you’re not. That’s definitely a matter of fact that you’re making a fool out of yourself. HeHe?! Kidding. 😀 Well there’s nothing wrong about it right?

Trying to believe that a person is a pretty boy or pretty girl doesn’t make you less a person. It’s just a way of boosting one’s ego despite the surrounding negativity. It only shows that a person love him/her self and has a good attitude and breeding to deal with something not cool, embarrassing or simply just playing foolish games towards him/her. A right attitude stands out above all in the end. 😀

P.S. Don’t even mind what I’ve just posted. After all, it’s a day for the fools?! HaHa?! Happy April Fool’s Everyone?! 😀

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