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Dreamland for the People of Pangarap.

Pangarap … the land of dreams (for most at least) belongs to the people, by the people and for the people, especially to those residing there. That’s what I believe and think as far as I know. That factual hearsay was proved to be 100 percent true after recently educated about an article and ‘for the record’ the law clearly states that it is part of the ‘Leper Colony’ as mandated on the Commonwealth Act 161 and if you don’t mind check out this link for you to be informed.

On the 28th of April of the 2011, three people were killed by a group of men who was claiming to be under the service of well known family of aristocrats… and the worries started to came out. I remember I think it was in the era of my elementary years, I used to stare Pangrap (the main entrance part, sort of like a gateway of barangay) from the window of my school service and realized, it’s going to be like on the warzone if demolition will push through. I didn’t get why people are protesting in the main gate of Pangarap, I’m so naive that time.

As I become more aware of the things around me, I was wowed on the fact that aristocrat claimants not just argued that Pangarap was their property but also it extends to at least a part of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. JUST IMAGINE THAT? WHOOOH?! WAY TOO MUCH!!!

Since then, as time goes by, peace was restored but it just ends on that recent unexpected tragic moment.

The Pangarap people get furious about what happen to those civilians that leads to some of the youth to fight back in a non-violent way and I’m for it and going to be one of them, at least in my own little way… at my own means, I tweeted a person I used to listened way back Rocked Radio days by the name of Gang Badoy-Capati. She was tagged as an activist but I don’t think she’s like that. I look up to her as one of the people I admire the most. She was one of those who influences me to be more conscious about Pilipinas Kong Mahal as what she once told, from tagline of her co-founded NGO Rocked Philippines, NO MORE EXCUSES PHILIPPINES!

Tweet to abandoned shet

I want to end this post in a positive view…

that some of my unconscious compatriot (including me, at least a bit seeing the light. Haha.) be enlighten and selfless for the welfare of the Philippines and that our country become a beautiful place to live in.

That just it for now, it’s a long term process of maturity since Tita Gang once told that ‘we are a young nation’. May God bless the Philippines.


I saw this former status of mine just now, and so I mind to Tumblr this as a memoir to someone I know.

On this day, back in 2009, news about the youngest kid I’ve ever encountered to had acquired Hansen’s disease joined our Creator.

I will never forget the charming and humbling personality each time our path crosses. The concerned this kid showed to the strangers met during a short period of stay in a certain ward… which, in turn, did the same by those people met this kid which eventually became their so-called friend.

This moment I reminisce an unforgettable thing this kid did that amazed me… even though this kid was completely under the weather that time still managed to visit a former patient in the ward I was assigned. I was awed on that sweetness. I adviced this kid to go back in bed and rest but insist to stay… well according to Patient’s Bill of Rights, this kid has entitled to ‘Right to Refuse’. As a temporary remedy, just gave this kid a paracetamol for fever. =/

My thoughts to this kid who once became part of my life… Remembering Moreland.

Rest in Peace kiddo.

P.S. Censored the people on my Fb status for their privacy.

Exhibit A. Main reason why I shouldn’t avail a USB Broadband connection… such a FAIL! =/

Scenario: Web browsing using phone as modem (Mom’s Nokia 6120c). Inconsistent and delayed loading of pages using the network of… well ‘it’s the center of the Solar System’. That’ it.

I think using modem as phone and USB Broadband has similarity in some ways… and it’s SLOW INTERNET CONNECTION.

Net Surfing, February 24, 2011.

A father-and-son conversation about family and reality of life on our first broadcast using Skype. The new video chat technology we’re using. As compared to others… no delays and hangs.

Just realized that I need to trace my dad’s family tree. I’m a bit naive on his side… only to familiarize them and know the background of his bloodline.

P.S. And the good thing is that my webcam is not in upside down mode not like the ‘one’ I know. HaHa, but quality wise the color is not very pleasing to the eyes. =/

Effective today it expires. At least in some occasions I felt like I am a full pledge dot… dot… dot… 😀

Others say that I may take it as my advantage as one of my eligibilities. And yes they were right so far. 🙂

And for a moment (while typing this Tumblr post…), I NEVER FELT MY PARENTS WERE DISAPPOINTED and even made them inspired after all. 🙂

I wonder if they sense that euphoria when they first heard the news? Oh never mind. 🙂

The sidewalks of Ayala Avenue, one of The Philippines ‘bread and butter’. This walkways reminds me of the streets of New York which was shown in the film The Devil Wears Prada. And the famous MRT… I never thought that it was one of the funniest and enjoyable thing to do, ride on this train at the peak of rush hour. 😀

At least some places showed progress. Hope it’s also the same in other parts of the country.

P.S. I’m still waiting and expecting for a developed Philippines… when will that start to happen?

A famous restaurant has this special offer of ‘chicken all you can’. And it was ‘the happiest place to be gluttonous…’. So are you in to this? If you’re weak enough to not finish a quarter size from a whole piece fowl meat, better think twice or a waste of 199 box is the price that will be paid. Bet that price satisfy your chicken cravings.

Are you brave enough to pick that order? Oh come on! Don’t be a CHICKEN?! 😀

Food as a comfort ease temporarily meanness of the world. But in my case I used it as a protest for society’s bitterness… so in this tumblr post scenario, pudding and pasta with a sour taste leads condemnation to mouthwatering dishes represented by the bullying norms of this generation.

Picture taken on the 22nd of April 2009 at SM Fairview, somewhere in ACE Hardware. Medium: The author’s old Nokia 3230.

Me and my mom’s version of ’Madonna and the Child’ in a context of photography with a theme of mirror and bonding. In observance of Mother’s Day, I made this tumblr post. For without whom… I am not. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day Mom?! 😀

P.S. and for all the Mommies out there, I extend this post greeting for your unconditional love, kindness and support for your offspring. May God bless you with more strength and patience for this lifetime job. WE LOVE YOU?! 🙂

Labor Day’s Unsung Heroes.

Not all angels have wings… RNs are one of them.

Charity work… as defined by me as a Volunteer RN means ‘The Labor of Love’. Given the acts of working for free is much of like a professional martyr, or perhaps nearing to sainthood. All the sacrifices, hunger, multi-tasking, exhaustion and self-pity from all in a day’s work can be ease when somebody says ‘Thank You’. That alone is very rewarding on my part when these people appreciate the efforts done for them. The satisfaction on that feeling of fulfillment is an enough price for somebody who’s worthy… ME?! One of the world’s ‘Unsung Heroes’. 🙂

Working without pay for a productive learning experience is the price I have to suffer. The supply of RNs in the country is overwhelming compared to the public’s needing demand. Sadly, the government has an under nourish and ailing reforms and programs in the Philippine’s caring field. And much worst, parents are still insisting their children to take up BSN instead of asking them what course they want. I must say, it’s a waste of money when it comes to education investment. The future for nurses is still under construction, problem is… when will it be finished?

That’s the reality of an unemployed nurse’s life. After finishing studies, I don’t know where to start. I don’t have any game plan to succeed and until now, that’s my problem. I don’t know how to trust myself in this long journey as an RN crusader… what will happen to my career in this battlefield of caring? On this moment, I don’t know what I am doing here, same goes to I don’t know myself. =/

A sad commemoration of Labor by myself, I am an unsung hero of my generation. I am a benefactor of ‘The Labor of Love’ to others, and in return, I can’t even love myself. I’ve been immune to the tiredness of my philanthropy work. When will God repay my goodness in the name of His glory? Upon writing this… I am still asking to God the same old prayer… that He gave me a stable job that would last a lifetime. Amen.

The job description of this year’s Labor Day’s Unsung Heroes… better not to be hospitalized!

May God Bless Saint Mary

Supermanhood MD survives Saint Mary

The thought of a new beginning for my RN career would make my dreams come into reality, turns out to be a disaster of some kind. Being professional on the boundaries of this former exploiting and nearing-to-be employer was like a living nightmare. The promise of two weeks volunteer is an initiation, 14 days of work interruption all bound to confession room discussing flaws notice by Big Granny who is watching you (the institution’s Big Brother homologous). Lucky enough to survive in 2 weeks, but the real struggle is just about to start. Good Luck.

From the staffs employed (exclude the owners and its cronies) some of them were really nice, some were user-friendly type with a bit of kindness and some were just rude and ego-centric (the Alpha wannabe species).

This experience makes me realize on what scale will I be able to adjust and adapt in some cultures. When will I get that ‘stability’ (I mean for a permanent job) as a lifelong RN career. And how long do I patiently wait and find for that?

P.S. So help me GOD on this. =/

Pudding for Beautiful People

I am trying to understand the premise, ‘good looking people are well-loved.’ But the worst part is people who adore those people don’t know the real score what’s underneath their skin… more beyond their deceiving looks. I pity those who are involved in a situation blinded with truth and honesty. I hope they see the light at the end of their lost journey and trap in a dark tunnel.

Bread is reuse as flour in making pudding.

They (The Beautiful People) deserve the trashy taste of pudding out of variety of bakery goods, old but recycled. Offer them the flavor of ‘indifference’ from a bunch of unsold breads unnoticed, put together to create a by-product of ‘apathy’. Simply showing don’t do games, play it safe and right. 🙂

nice match.
nice match too.

A spaghetti can be a sour grapping treat… it can be serve cold, with a taste of the right blend of tart sauce, perfect combination for the pudding. 🙂

Pasta Bitter


What’s your order?

Maybe I am soft… but the thing that matters the most is that I am beyond what they perceived and above the gossips’. That’s a FACT?! 😀

A split moment, a year’s finale and another one begins…

One important lesson that must learn before a year closes is ‘to count our blessings…’ it’s the most special thing we have to thank for from ‘The Great Provider’. One perfect example is a bountiful harvest achieved from every hard work happened in the ending year. Happy 2011. 🙂


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