Making use of the art of mind speaking through writing and photography… the MD (just a name, not a profession) way.



An overdue project… for crying out loud FINISH IT?! I WANT MY REWARD NOW?!


My simple token of appreciation to my first teacher, my Mom. Words are not enough to tell the whole wide world how “GREAT” you are not only to me but also to those people whom you taught in the academe not to mention some people whom you preach and others who care and bother to listen about the teachings on how to deal the realities of life, as we know it. I thank God that He calls you for this job, hmmm, let me replace that job word, I think mission is the perfect description; for you give the totality of yourself just to make your profession worthy of heroism. 😀

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MOM for everything. How many times I said and write this word to you, but still allow me to add this to your uncountable thanks. YOU’RE THE BEST. Okay fine, ONE OF THE BEST! hehe. 😀


Happy Father’s Day to the ‘GREATEST MAN’ of my life… my Dad. A lot of thanks for everything especially for being the role model I’ve ever had. I pray that God bless you with long life to teach and guide us on the things in life that we don’t know and to continue to sustain the love for us, your family. 😀

We LOVE you so much. 😀

Peace be with you and also with me in this Philippine Freedom Month… a post Independence Day tribute coming from a citizen of a free nation tag as the Pearl of the Orient seas who’s pretending to be an ambassador of Goodwill to a certain place where the liberty is in the hands of its people, I supposed? 😀

Maligayang Araw ng Kasarinlan, Pilipinas Kong Mahal. 😀 (Happy Independence Day, My Dear Philippines. :D)

I happen to wonder about this thought and I realize… when somebody reads it, will there be LESSONS LEARNED that might make someone WISE to keep from being bullied as a FOOL… the one who’s not thinking? Its a question of probability and I hope and pray I’m one of those who could turn this to a possibility.

But before using RESPECT as a noun and a verb for conduct, it MUST BE GIVEN FIRST ‘to one’s self’, ‘to yourself’ and above all to ‘MYSELF’ before others have it for themselves…

… its the leftists way that separates them from the norms of standards. Being with them opens a lot of doors of changes. 😀

Things to ponder in this year’s Easter Monday on a HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY?! 😀

A true love’s kiss the spell ‘might’ break. 😀

Who wants to give it a shot? Anybody dare to do that? Haha.

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day to the all kinds of hearts who breathes and spreads love everywhere. 😀

Indeed, LOVE is in the air. 😀

A Writer’s Reminder

Imagine how brilliant the mind is. In just a quick firing of brain cells, a number of thoughts are vision. Human are capable of evolving simple ideas into out of the ordinary ones in aid of creative mentality. For some, they channel these out-of-the-blue vision and snap ideas through ‘writing’.

It is a one tough work and one must not only adapt to the evolving trends but also deal being the unnoticed nobody print ad being passed by. A writer (from time to time) is always loaded with inspiration, it can be in any form but sometimes but not most of time, an inspired writer is get fueled by the hormones. Haha. 😀

 The thing that a writer at heart keeps on doing it is its capable and instinct to gain motivation of Passion. Just take me as an example, I’ve been writing by blogging since 2002 and still, doing this. I come to a point that I realize, that no matter what leave or neglect I do for writing, the urge to do so is always coming back. Maybe the reason why I sign up for a Tumblr in the first place. 😀

Perhaps it’s been a part of me doing this crappy stuff (with all the not that good or not worth of the time post hoping a little attention to stop by and look), as long as I have thoughts running inside my head… writing never stop bugging me as I continue to walk on the road of life, just going with the flow.

Happy 2nd Foundation Day to my Tumblr. Two year in a row of sharing thoughts of my existence, more foundation days to come. Cheers! 😀

A simple but thoughtful way to acknowledge gratitude to my first teacher… my Mom. 😀

Happy World Teacher’s Day, Mom! 😀

In English:

Shit has a countenace, so are you.

4th of July liberty. Happy Fil-American Friendship Day to all Filipinos and American and also to those mixed by the two races… the half-half ones. 😀

Taken by myPhone TV81 Duo, June 9, 2011… its been.

Pater and the Child circa 1988. First via phone call, second through a tweet then another call, and now my fourth time to greet Dad a Happy Father’s Day this year. A way to wrap the special day for the Alpha Male of the House. 😀

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