Making use of the art of mind speaking through writing and photography… the MD (just a name, not a profession) way.



A Majestic Golden Valentine honors to the Queen.


Food trip from the generosity of the 15 percent… more to come through God blessings. 😀

Just realized… eating together as a family is worth it and priceless. No dull moments, just sharing the fun. 😀

The two sides of a Super Mom… a heroine to her family and her pupils.

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING MA?! For me, you’re the BEST Mom EVER?! I LOVE YOU!!! ❤ 😀

A famous restaurant has this special offer of ‘chicken all you can’. And it was ‘the happiest place to be gluttonous…’. So are you in to this? If you’re weak enough to not finish a quarter size from a whole piece fowl meat, better think twice or a waste of 199 box is the price that will be paid. Bet that price satisfy your chicken cravings.

Are you brave enough to pick that order? Oh come on! Don’t be a CHICKEN?! 😀

Picture taken on the 22nd of April 2009 at SM Fairview, somewhere in ACE Hardware. Medium: The author’s old Nokia 3230.

Me and my mom’s version of ’Madonna and the Child’ in a context of photography with a theme of mirror and bonding. In observance of Mother’s Day, I made this tumblr post. For without whom… I am not. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day Mom?! 😀

P.S. and for all the Mommies out there, I extend this post greeting for your unconditional love, kindness and support for your offspring. May God bless you with more strength and patience for this lifetime job. WE LOVE YOU?! 🙂

Dad is Home…

This month marked the coming of my dad to our home sweet home and mom is so excited about it. 2 years of miles away separation is longer which makes it too much sacrificing for the both of my parents. But it ends this month… dad is going home.

Dad is Home on the 26032010

I’ve been thinking of placing myself to the position of my father… as a bread winner for his own family. Not becoming in a place of my dad doing a lot of carrying and electrical stuff, but instead work as an OFW. Dad spend so many years back and forth in abroad for greener pasteur so I planning to follow his footsteps for a more greener pasteur for my family and relatives. But still, I’m working out this plan. I have to earn my guts (like what my dad did) to be in the running as a competent nurse, with a soothing and flexible pace… SO HELP ME GOD?! 😀

I feel that it’s kinda hard away from home, but since I find it easy for me to be alone or rather live or adapt in a different environment, maybe somehow I can deal with some situations abroad and also take care of myself. But being away from home is a battle of psyche. Standing the pressure away from home is way too tough in my nerves so I am preparing myself. I have to earn more skills to stand out against my competitions abroad. Since I have the Pinoy blood, I may certainly have the edge against the other races and that the ‘TLC’ we have in the caring profession. 😀

Oh well I have some more things to do and to consider before going abroad. I pray that God help me on my plans. The fact that I know deep inside my mind and heart… He has His own reasons why I am here for. I leave it up to Him and just go with His flow. Amen.

P.S. To God be the Glory. 😀

And I Love You So… In My Life…

The people ask me how? O_o

A view from the upper box (mellO_ow DRAMATIC!!!)

And I Love You So and In My Life… two movies with wonderful remake of songs as soundtracks of each of the later mentioned films. Sam Milby for his own cover of And I Love You So, and the title of the movie which also one of the cast along with his fellow stars Derek Ramsey and Bea Alonzo. While in the movie In My Life, starring John Lloyd Cruz, Luis Manzano and the Philippines very own ‘Star for All Season’, Vilma Santos, Sarah Geronimo made her own rendition of the song Something New In My Life as the film’s OST.

Star Cinema Production is indeed creating the finest motion picture. The way their movies attack the audience and the curiosity they form in every attracting trailers shown to advertise their upcoming blockbuster hit… a very good strategy. 🙂

A great opportunity to watch a Star Cinema movie whenever there is a chance to make it into a reality. There so many lessons that can be learned when I get to sit on the upper box of the movie theater. 🙂 Whether it’s in the form of love, friendship or just simply how to deal in this cycle that we called LIFE. (OOPS! Excuse me, Next in Line! :D)

Marketing Escapades... Caught in the Act. 😀
Totally Spies that spies up your life... 🙂

And aside from getting to watch a film, my Mom as my companion is a plus for me, the food that we eat inside the cinema is a bonus to the bunch of happiness. 😀 Hope and Pray to God that He grant my petition for me to have a ‘work’ so I can help my family in our daily expenses and a level up goodies the next time we watch a movie. 😀

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