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A fun food trippin’ send off is a happy moment. 😀


A sundae for a fun bond building with teammates Ate Vic and Mam Jo. 😀

Its just a play of Black Jack and In Between Dad, no money involved. 😀 We’re just putting face powder on our faces when we lose the game. 😀

A late night hangout (in celebration of the birthday soiree) for those people who stayed up late. Had loads of fun enough to fight stress in the fields of our own toxicity…

Hope Dad knows what I mean about the word FUN. Hehe. 😀

An explanation memo in defense of the deck of cards involment. 😀

Happy Birthday Will (10), and Advance to Fatima (14) and Madz (14). 😀

Little tired and eyes were quite shutting, but it was fun being part of the making of the trio’s birthday shindig this April Fool’s Month. Expecting for a lot of action at 4:30pm as people come on down and up when we get the party started.

Hope they wear their best superb outfit and dancing shoes. In addition to that, don’t forget the sound of their singing voice. Bring with them the good trip and leave behind the bad trip. Just unleash the party animal with in, instead. Enjoy, have fun and live life to the fullest. What? 😀

Advance Happy Birthday Wil (10), Fatima (14) and Madz (14). 😀

P.S. Thanks Maine for this shot. 😀

From yesterday’s soiree comes another Happy Birthday treat coicoincidentally falls under the celebration of Chinese New Year.

So as we welcome the year of the Fire Snake comes a table of mouthwatering goodness from the celebrant’s culinary blessing. Thanks for the food, girl. I’m fully charged with satisfaction. 😀

Happy na! Birthday pa! Rizza. 😀

Stuffs a wacko do when making fun of the picturesque on the background… like this edited photo of strange handling of Olympic-Torch-slash-Chalice-size infastructure. 😀

That happy day at Suktalat… PRICELESS. 😀

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