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Sending a Happy Christmas greeting to all… from underneath the tree. 😀


A fun food trippin’ send off is a happy moment. 😀

Happy Birthday, Mam Beth?!

A sundae for a fun bond building with teammates Ate Vic and Mam Jo. 😀

Have a wonderful and cheerful year ahead of you, Bogs. More birthdays to celebrate and blessings to come for you and your love ones. God bless. 😀

Thanks for the plateful treat that got me so FULL! 😀

Extending some love for tukayo’s babe, the girl housemate next door. Belated Happy Birthday. 😀

Happy Birthday Ghi. Thanks for this one, tol. You’ve brought light despite of what’s happening to the world. Hehe. One good thought though. Crazy Dreams. 😀

A 2014 Family Fiesta… Thank God not only for this plenteous medya noche but also for all the blessings in the past and the years to come not just for me but also for my family.

A Bountiful Happy New Year to all. 😀

A blue ambiance underneath the tree. Happy Holidays?!

Throwback Thursday… PlanetMD on Tumblr Turns Three.


Photo: Taken at McD’s Ever Gotesco, Commonwealth Branch. Six days before the conception of this blog. 😀

Why did I create a Tumblr account? What was in my mind that put me to its making? When the urge starts all the way to its birth? And how did it happen that I decided to continue this work of what kind of art it is? 😀

These queries… they just ask me. The memories of my 137 post came to me with these kinds of questions. To my reply, all of it is for the llooovvee of writing (and I mean the long L-O-V-E sound. Haha. :D) Whether its full of crappy thoughts that doesn’t worth the time to hanging out with while listening to the pile of trash, besides the tragic victimizing of rape to the English language? Well, what people can ask for? An avalanche from the mountain of garbage is such a ‘disaster’. (Hmmmm, is that too much for a metaphor? :D)

MEMORIES… a pleasing to the eyes of a sentimental freak, bullets from the past are reminders of my craft junked in the world wide web waiting to be stepped down by someone and mistakenly (God forbid) slipped by accident (how bad it can be? Haha. :D). The smile it draws on the face… a stolen shot for a picturesque portrait taken from a short time travel in an ambiance of 3 years nostalgia is priceless. 😀

Three years and counting… I think I may answer those inquires starting to; Why did I create a Tumblr account? The answer to that is its simplicity and uncomplicated interface not to mention the viewing of posts which includes the recent and the previous ones in a three column style. What was in my mind that put me to its making? An idea persuades me to put post/s that introduces thoughts uniquely as possible the things I’ve seen in normal lives in a context of simplicity yet scenic appreciation of life around us. When the urge starts all the way to its birth? It began back in the days where the hype of its sensation is contagious that gives me a dilemma of having or not having such for having one adds up in the growing internet pollution aside from the pressure of curiosity. 😀 And finally, how did it happen that I decided to continue this work of what kind of art it is? If people have seen Wilson from the movie Castaway and had connected on the character of Tom Hanks, they’ll understand why I still continue this journey. Probably its not just for the sake of art and showing to the world about my sights of life. It also about having a point of view on things that are hardly express in all forms of talk. Whether a rant in some way, feelings of dismay or anything mixed emotions of some sort, throwing waste in the waters of web is somehow a comfort. For whatever its worth, writers at heart find their new fond of underground propaganda publication, the modern day La Solidaridad or some kind.

I may be behind bars of these crazy dream writer-slash-director wannabe, but I know for sure that writing is a part of me and it has always been. I just have to learn to deal with it and make a well-balanced time for this to be inserted in my routine schedule. So Help Me God for that.


My simple token of appreciation to my first teacher, my Mom. Words are not enough to tell the whole wide world how “GREAT” you are not only to me but also to those people whom you taught in the academe not to mention some people whom you preach and others who care and bother to listen about the teachings on how to deal the realities of life, as we know it. I thank God that He calls you for this job, hmmm, let me replace that job word, I think mission is the perfect description; for you give the totality of yourself just to make your profession worthy of heroism. 😀

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MOM for everything. How many times I said and write this word to you, but still allow me to add this to your uncountable thanks. YOU’RE THE BEST. Okay fine, ONE OF THE BEST! hehe. 😀


Learnings at 20 something…


There’s this point in my life where I caught myself thinking of what makes me who I am right now. Then I looked back and reflect what happened moments… days… and years past that gone by… I come to realize, I get to remind myself of ‘things’ beyond the course of my journey to this life. The ‘things’ that I may say to myself called LEARNINGS… teachings which may represent as a guiding light to the path of who I want to become and perhaps the response to the statement “what makes me who I am".

Below are the list of my 20 something so-called ‘LEARNINGS’ explained to me by life hoping to be instill inside my over thinking mind:

1. make the most out of something.

2. mind your own business.

3. count your blessings.

4. life is a game, play it right.

5. live life to the fullest.

6. life is a battlefield.

7. there’s more to life than love.

8. patience is a virtue.

9. sapere aude (dare to know) – Latin phrase by Horace.

10. carpe diem (seize the day) – Latin phrase by Horace.

11. everything happens for a reason.

12. keep feet on the ground.

13. if you can’t say anything nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

14. don’t worry, be happy.

15. the only person you can please is yourself.

16. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. From now on you’ll be traveling the road between who you think you are and who you can be. The key is to allow yourself to make the journey.” – Princess Diaries

17. take the risk, take the chance, make a change and breakaway.

18. try and try until you succeed.

19. less talk, less mistakes.

20 something… LEARNINGS with humor: Be kind to animals. The best revenge is to be happy. LEARNINGS that are moving: Aim high. Maximize your potentials. Think positive. Push yourself to the limits. LEARNINGS read from other people’s thoughts: Work hard and be nice to people (Kim). Less complains and be thankful (Dyan).

There they are… some widely known lessons learned… the LEARNINGS (wrote that word for the nth time. :D) I earned as of now. Too basic to understand, literally, though screwed up sometimes as part of the metamorphosis of change to grow ideally as a unique individual of my own. So help me God for this. 😀

Anyway… there’s more to come that might add the list let me see to it myself that if an improvement has been observe as I step into the light. Hope and pray no throwing of stuffs on my stage and stole my limelight if people can’t resist some violent reactions. 😀

P.S. Thanks very much guys for that fun, wacko and wonderful night. One moment that can’t be forgotten. Unplanned and coincidental may it seems, but there is a reason to celebrate and that is LIFE. I’LL RAISE MY GLASS TO YOU?! 😀

The thing about ice cream… in spite of the awful things happened days past, a spoonful of this cold delightful dessert that goes beyond in every bite soothes out the bad vibes; giving the chillin’ mood and refreshes the soul even for that freezing moment alone, such a comfort. A temporary way to ease whatever it is that has to be ease. Haha. How bizarre of me. 😀

Thanks for the treat Ai. Belated Happy Birthday. 😀

A man of combined wisdom, dignity, courage and patriotism once said… “The youth is the hope of the fatherland.”

Been thinking of this famous quote of his this moment in time and convincing myself… there is still chance for Pilipinas Kong Mahal (My Dear Philippines) to have its own glory. I still hold on the thought he said about HOPE despite the generation gap differences snapping inside my head, then I end up in a deep sigh of faith. 😀

Anyways, Happy Birthday Dr. Jose P. Rizal, you’re greatness and legacy is truly remembered, not to mention the Rizal subject back in college. Indeed a good example for the youngsters out there. 😀

P.S. This photo was taken back in 2012. Jan 6 of that year at 11:35am using my Nokia C3 to be exact.

Happy Father’s Day to the ‘GREATEST MAN’ of my life… my Dad. A lot of thanks for everything especially for being the role model I’ve ever had. I pray that God bless you with long life to teach and guide us on the things in life that we don’t know and to continue to sustain the love for us, your family. 😀

We LOVE you so much. 😀

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