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Just Saying

Closed-minded people SUCKS?!

I just can’t believe that some people were so boxed that they even let themselves get stuck to an idealism that eats their minds getting lost about the true essence of learning. Maybe because they are different and bound to have their own belief it doesn’t mean to say that they stagnate themselves there on that suck fest partying so crazy. 🙂 I don’t know if they were blinded by thoughts they’ve learned from the past… life had taught them. It’s hard to understand them at first for everybody is entitled for their opinion. And besides it a free country by the way?! We’re living in a Republican soil, an olden heritage worth fighting for… democracy in other sense. But it turns to be a big dump when the things to live by for the day, correct the unright stuffs, open up topics and be educated by it or any kind that snaps a bright idea of openness. Just being open-minded. They spoiled the essence of conversation… learning. It really SUCKS.

Not denying it, I’m among of the population of tight-fisted mind. But now, I’m trying to understand all the things happening every single moment of a knowledgeable opportunity. Like accepting every scenes of each and every one of us having a different picture of LIFE. Maybe it’s kinda deep and hard to understand but it’s how I interpret it as I perceive through my senses. Hehe?! 🙂 Going beyond the road, it seems that ‘understanding’ is by far has the connection to line and merge to the dot of ‘respect’ and ‘open-minded’. Realizing the essence of this concept made me somehow low down my ego after that 8 day account banned penalty verdict upon me at Crazy Chat and the whole nagging thing from different people which includes doctors, staffs and employees but of course my mom?! Hehe. 🙂 Well, to think that the world is out of that closed door policy thing and free from any iron curtain of some sort. I guess that this planet is the best place to live in as compare to any in the universe.


For a Change…

Nothing is permanent except for change. Change is constant and can’t alter itself but it can adapt itself from the various things that happen to it. From time to time, the world is facing different transitions. And from that, people don’t know how to adjust through that sudden reaction which spurts from nowhere. Change can occur to all aspects, either living or non-living. Not a single clue where, when, what and how will it occur. Understanding of it will come across on its existence and going through with it maybe a simple but brilliant solution to deal with.

Change is indeed a stable formula of the universe. It entitles us most especially humans to get along with it. Life is so boring if things we used to see and do were the same day by day. Unlike the continuous flow of change, many things can be happen. Perhaps, being prepared and ready to its attack can be, for now, the single weapon to battle it. Being open can also be a great attitude but not all have this unique trait. A positive attitude to life can also help for it gives the empowering energy to hang up with its company and pretending nothing had happen it’s just change passed by and come across.

Looks can be deceiving…

A Photogenic pose care of Mang Joe!Bummer huh?! That single premise slaps my face after having my brain screwed up just to admit that I’m just like a nomad chillin’ around the corner right over next to an alpha one which “that” might think I’m just a loser making fun of me like an ugly duckling dump clown. The right to pass the bulk back is a rebirth to what was past written in the book of life history. Somehow it is degrading and demeaning?! 😦 Is shameless really now conquering the inner self once got a one foot step forward to the hierarchy? Seems like the fold blinded eye became permanently closed and kinda box into the four corners of emptiness. The authority get used of the powers vested, starting to give back what was due to the slaves. Let them do what was due for them, let them suffer this life?!

Safety precautionary measures are taken into consideration once getting involved with any electrical stuff. Beyond that, being careful all the time as kept observing as part of our daily routine, becomes our security check that immediately alarms itself from time to time when arrives in a situation that’s unsure of a doubt. Looks can be deceiving… yes it is! But to consider the fact that it may do something evil, does it build grounds to carefully think what action must be selected first before playing it in? Others may say it’s such a paranoid way to trust those instincts but looking at the brighter side of it, it might spare us from any catastrophic events. At least one day was again added to continue the craziness of this all shades of colourful, happy and sometimes unfair thing called “LIFE”?! 🙂

Being stupid can also be a method of learning. Taking the risk to be embarrassed and make a fool by someone is an experience that teaches how to be brave and handle the situation without losing any temper and learn to respect and understand others despite their “good moral character” they have adapted through the years. HeHeeHe?! From a famous overheard quote: “Experience is the best teacher”, taking part to that is an additional life notes to be remembered and share to anyone. Open-minded seems good in a proper moment. Through with it, acquiring knowledge is very easy and yet accepting any unfavourable and uncool momentum is only a joke to laugh on by. 🙂 Just like this… HAHAAHA?! 🙂

How rude of me?! :)

For one split second, some things, especially the good stuff that must be done in dealing with others, happened to be forgotten to observe in a right time, right place and right person. This brings to unfavourable reactions that later on tends to create a certain conflict in a one common relationship. It puts a particular mark (or maybe a list of stigmas) that lets others know what personality is having watch right in front of a reality show of one’s life television. Being the talk of the town for that matter ruins the reputation, letting to be put down by suspicious thinking creates a low self-esteem which then later on at risk for lack of self-confidence. And the sad part, blaming self for misconduct tends to put back the shame and guilt for only a single reason brought about by an attitude. 😦

Can’t find a way to release the tension in my head for only just a single blink of an eye! It keeps on coming back in a middle of nowhere?! What do I mean by this? Well, I’m sort of like struggling to overcome the bad stuffs which causes me pain inside. Psychological ache resulted by shocking revelation of tantrums forwarded by the superior authorities and for sometimes by lazy and tardy colleagues both not putting into consideration the feelings that they pertaining to degrade pieces by pieces. How morbid they are! 😦 Insensible and ruthless?! They’re just one heck of a lucky damn people I know for I still respect them despite of what they are doing to me, treating like a useless machine without a heart and soul?! Hey!! Please be reminded that we all equal in the eyes of our Creator so don’t just act on me on that way?! I am only human! I can do anything just for me to learn but PLEASE?! Take it easy?! Don’t let the emotions drown you on its deepest and darkest ground?! Be happy guys?! Life is so short?! Don’t let your time get wasted just for these bad stuffs?! Be cool and just sway on the waves. I hope and I pray that “NO ONE” will be ever get offended but first, they must be do their part also to hold on their emotions so we can all have this thing called “PEACE OF MIND?!”. Hmmmmm?! I bet! 🙂

Just a thought: “Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” A text message from a friend that really makes sense and a lesson to ponder. Perhaps, growing up is really difficult most especially for those not ready to enter a new chapter in life and facing it with fears. Well I guess I’m kinda bit adjusting now for what I’m going through. Yah its difficult, but with the right blend of attitude, there will be no problems or even conflicts made in dealing with this playful world called life. I know it is part of the test, and I will pass it?! I don’t want my love ones get disappointed most especially THE ONE Who put me where I am right now. He believes that I can do it, so I must trust myself and also believe too… that I can be the BEST AMONG THE REST?! 🙂 but with a good attitude to act on by. Hahaaha?! 🙂

Is it too early to tell the world?

About your true you? Showing what’s inside without saving a pinch, or even a bunch, of yourself just only to keep in and be put there in one place waiting to be let go in God’s proper time. It’s like wanting to have privacy and hide what is really meant for me. And now I’m here, asking myself… what the heck am I doing? Why did I do it again? Did I learn from my past experience? Do I really get rid of those experiences? How stupid of me I realize… 😦

Sharing a part of myself is a bit off for me. I’d rather talk other stuff but not making a kiss and tell of experiences personally coming from me. Just looking at myself after that very wrong move is like making a shame impression building to other people’s mind (I think so?). Self-centered stories that brings me down just for a reason of whispering secrets to the public waxy ears?! Puts me in a risk of staring buzz that might later on get me involve to stardom of talk in the forum, I mean of the round table break time talkfest. Hahaaha?!,”) It seems like I’m having this trauma now, trauma of opening a chat line that spreads the putrid breath and later on might pulls me down to slimy, disgusting and rotten egg garbage?! YUCK?! Not knowing what strategy to do to act for an escape plan to get out of those judgemental look. Maybe, from that gross place, I will swim back to the shore of paradise which is free from the foul smell and polluted water of dump discrimination. Hmmmmmmp?! 🙂

Secrets may remain secrets but for a limited time only. Funny may it seems but, there’s no secrets will remain secrets once a key to open it was find and then happen to spill the beans on its own. Yes, it is really difficult to regret that it was now free in the air breathing in by others at risk for infecting the vulnerable to be suspectable on acquiring the demeaning disease against its original source. The best way to react from that… is having an immunity from it. At first it may affect the system, but through the strong body defences, counteract to the sickness is 100% effective and sure from protection. Carry yourself well and He will take care of your mental health. 🙂 Just a piece of psychiatric advise. Hehehee?! 🙂

B.F.F. for Burger Friends Forever. :)

Its common nowadays selling “buy one take one” stuffs especially when it comes to food. Number one in the list is the best-selling, affordable and easy to prepare mouth-watering HAMBURGER. 🙂 For people like me who preferred to eat cheap but quality food, its best recommended for those wanting to save money yet satisfies the craving hungry tummy. Hahaaha?! People on the go who can’t get rid of the busy and tense work, it’s a good option for a fast track food were multitasking job can be done without making an empty stomach hunger strike. Heheehe?! Boost of energy will definitely overflow in the system for it brings a lot of glucose which the body needs for functioning, ready for the upcoming action. 🙂

Aside from the aforementioned, a simple get together of friends in a new burger-snack hangout which makes close ties of friendship binds together leading to a strong foundation of a long-lasting mutual relationship as friends forever. And now its spreading trend starts to outgrow and sooner the new replacement for the socialite coffee break. 🙂 So coffee fanatics, whether it’s Starbucks or a simple hot water plus 3 in 1 instant, beware for possible extinction?! Haha?! Kidding aside, eating burger can also be a grounds for a serious conversation just like me and my best friend did this day (the reason why this post was published. 🙂). We talked about different topics like her family problems and her infatuation (but of course?! 🙂) while eating burgers we bought “buy one take one”. 🙂 Letting out her feelings by telling the story and feeding herself with a delicious hasty repast after all lessens her burden. It’s some sort of like having a therapy to relieve the hurty feeling and realize that there is someone who’s there ready to listen and show some support. 🙂

I just realize, college days are finally over… and I regret why I didn’t make the most out of it?! Hahaha?! Regretting in a sense that I don’t had seen myself with my friends in a ban-burger patty party. Haha?! Though they don’t even forget me to taste the goodness of their blessing, so there’s this no such feeling of an out-of-place. Hehehe?! Anyway, I hope the promise of a better friendship may still lives on even though we all have different lives. We may parted ways for a while but the dream of being together in same world (I mean in a same workplace and community as well. DISCLAIMER?! 🙂) is looking forward to come true so far. 🙂 Just hoping for the best… and He will take care of the rest?! Let’s do it! 😀

One of a kind E.R. Experience. :)

The fact that when “E.R.” is heard, the first thing that comes to each nurse’s minds is the word “toxic”. Hahaaha?! Yes it is?! And not only that, it is the place where staff nurses there are getting the heat of exhaustion when patients arrived in full blast?! Hahaaha?! Don’t know how to put some pieces of the nurse on duty in various complaints is such a mind freaking for nurses assign to that area. Not to mention the MDs burst of “good manners” (hehe?!) which totally somehow degrades a nurse most especially when if the “award” (hehe?! It’s a term applied if you’re humiliated by someone superior to you. :D) is given in public appearance. (what?! :D) At the end of the day, a nurse looking in front of a mirror… down, numb and sober. Wanting to be free from getting trap on a crush and burn traumatic accident encounter… 😦

Well, it is an honor for me to be part of the FUN happenings inside the E.R. booth. Heheehe?! Unforgettable memories of terrible horror worth to be learn to cherish. Hahaaha?! The action of welcoming the clients to save their very own life is the highlight in that plot were the overflowing of drama is kept inside, bleeding of tears happens when alone all by myself. 😥 How strange that I’m still alive from that internal hemorrhage?! What’s up with that? 🙂 I still remember the days were I get a chance to fight for someone’s life by doing, what the common people know, the “CPR”. There were actually three of them but the sad part is that I haven’t got a chance to revive them. 😥 After that worst scene scenario, there’s this feeling were the bulk was like passed to you just for a reason that you’re not really the best. 😦 But then again, life must still go on… still; there will be a chance to make someone saved from that near death rage. I want to thank God for helping me understand and get through with any “unwanted” situations which I do really appreciate the most. Being at my side is already enough for me while doing my life’s mission in this wonderful journey I started to walk on by since day one of my career. 🙂

Though I’m still get hurt every time the bad times strikes in my brain all of a sudden, it’s already part of my past. For sometime, it’s really hard to move on when you’re in pain. But looking at the brighter side, it teaches me life’s lesson and earning it is the way to be the “BEST”. Anyway, just come to think that they are old and I’m still young (hehe?!) has a lot of difference for they keep on nagging all the time of the lives?! Hahaaha?! Despite of that, it’s my pleasure to work with them for they let me write this blog post (hehe?!) and marking a chapter in my story that somehow… there is one of a kind E.R. experience. 🙂

P.S. Why the heck our seminar about triage came so late when we got finish our E.R. rotation? We’ve missed the opportunity to apply it in the field while playing with the patients. Hehe?! WHOOOOH?! 🙂

Speaking of the Devil?!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah?!As much as the bad stuff burst on the system of balanced scale of the good and the bad, the world will still longing for “PEACE”. Nerve shaking sensation which afterwards brought into a big-bang of tantrums once get hit by an evilish fork-like weapon. Hurting mode combined with conscience after a throwback scenario, wanting to escape and free from thinking clashing inside but then there’s still a pinch of it spurts little by little. Struck for a moment… sigh… got to go all the way. Meanwhile, realizing such a waste of time, felt like immature for giving trash attention so unworthy to pay.

Felt so bad for this guy?! Despite of the effort of his family to feed him with a silver spoon on his mouth, he’s still acting LIKE a brat (though his mother is not considering him to call such, but he’s showing that he’s among those…). Putting myself on her mother’s shoe, I now understand why she surrender herself from the bitterness of her son’s party mouth experience just for a reason of getting rid of the hype of pounding pressure from the nagging vibe and then breakaway from it for a moment in time. Taste like cigarretesHaaaaay?! What a great woman… she’s one of a kind… I gave my full respect to her as a daily survivor from that day by day all out war. Someday the suffering heroism act be paid off after what she have done to uplift the lives of her children. And to that young teenie bastard (OOOOPSSS?! 😀 SORRY?! :D), YOU MUST REPENT YOUR SINS NOW?! HELLBOY (not the real HELLBOY huh, but rather the literary “ANTI-SOCIAL” HELLBOY?!).Cooking oil sleeping Look at yourself on your “picture perfect shoots?!” At any angle seen, the DEMONIC soul still lives in you despite of so sound slumber?! Sort of like lost in a cursed worst nightmare of your entire life or what, wanting to be free and be able to rest in peace?! 🙂 I hope and I pray that you’ll BEHAVE WELL… and come to think that you’re VERY VERY WRONG?! There still room for change anyway and improvement as well sir?! 🙂

How will a person outstand the wrong world will depends on the careful answers. Just as long as being at the side of the GOOD SQUAD, the feeling of safety and security with love lives inside each and everyone’s system. And from there, WORLD PEACE may seem to become a reality not for a longing wish upon a star?! Heheehe. 🙂

How To Save A Life?

Everytime this question strucks my mind, I’m thinking in absence… stuck in nowhere in place precisely I’m aware of. 🙂 For the past, lots of things happen which indeed, needing to have adjustments and furthermore make myself adapt to those things changing in a particular scenario. HAAAAY?! Maybe as of this moment, keep bugging myself on “to save a life” is the best effort that I can do to work on but on a sense if “how” is added, it’s a different story already?! 🙂 The fact that how it will be explain and done in a live setting combine with team strategy… no idea what to expect…

Just to think someone fighting to live as a justifiable reason is enough to take a risk and do whatever it takes to revive a 50:50. I remember the characters in a hit T.V. show Grey’s Anatomy. Different identities but only one unites and aspires them, “how to save a life?” Stories with drama and learning that life is something that is priceless. Competency is very much important when inclined in a field dealing with helping preserve lives. Speed and agility also helps for a lot of seconds counts. A right attitude has also a bigger criteria as it brings good harmony and lights up everything despite of the bad times. 🙂

Though I can’t even think for a right answer to reply “how to save a life?” 🙂 I know someday the query will remind me that I had a worth to someone else. 🙂 Yah?! Many gross things will WOW me in the near firmament, I am welcoming them (with arms wide open) in my life. 🙂 As long as they are useful for upbringing me as a strong, nice and good person, bring it on baby?! 🙂 As the saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher…” 🙂 novice like me will definitely not lost in a world of circles. 🙂

“20 years from now, it won’t matter how you did on an evaluation exam or how good you are in school. No one will care how many pairs of white shoes you had. It won’t matter if you miss a day of duty or what you got on your capping day. Your highest score on a return demo won’t be traced. It won’t matter if your uniform was messy of if all your nurse’s notes wasn’t the best. But, if you made life a little better for other person, that’s what will be remembered and that’s what will matter?!” 🙂

How To Save A Life – The Fray

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