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Keep moving with these cool footwear in the different walks of life. Put a check on that. 😀


This memorable screenshot of LIFE is PRICELESS that by just a quick glimpse, a reminisce of that AWESOME past is worth remembering.

A Flashback Friday Time Travel of the fun moments happen just recently. A not so jump start for the year 2014, but nearly to that extent even it happened late the way it was expected. 😀

Credits to the owner.

My simple token of appreciation to my first teacher, my Mom. Words are not enough to tell the whole wide world how “GREAT” you are not only to me but also to those people whom you taught in the academe not to mention some people whom you preach and others who care and bother to listen about the teachings on how to deal the realities of life, as we know it. I thank God that He calls you for this job, hmmm, let me replace that job word, I think mission is the perfect description; for you give the totality of yourself just to make your profession worthy of heroism. 😀

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MOM for everything. How many times I said and write this word to you, but still allow me to add this to your uncountable thanks. YOU’RE THE BEST. Okay fine, ONE OF THE BEST! hehe. 😀


Learnings at 20 something…


There’s this point in my life where I caught myself thinking of what makes me who I am right now. Then I looked back and reflect what happened moments… days… and years past that gone by… I come to realize, I get to remind myself of ‘things’ beyond the course of my journey to this life. The ‘things’ that I may say to myself called LEARNINGS… teachings which may represent as a guiding light to the path of who I want to become and perhaps the response to the statement “what makes me who I am".

Below are the list of my 20 something so-called ‘LEARNINGS’ explained to me by life hoping to be instill inside my over thinking mind:

1. make the most out of something.

2. mind your own business.

3. count your blessings.

4. life is a game, play it right.

5. live life to the fullest.

6. life is a battlefield.

7. there’s more to life than love.

8. patience is a virtue.

9. sapere aude (dare to know) – Latin phrase by Horace.

10. carpe diem (seize the day) – Latin phrase by Horace.

11. everything happens for a reason.

12. keep feet on the ground.

13. if you can’t say anything nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

14. don’t worry, be happy.

15. the only person you can please is yourself.

16. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. From now on you’ll be traveling the road between who you think you are and who you can be. The key is to allow yourself to make the journey.” – Princess Diaries

17. take the risk, take the chance, make a change and breakaway.

18. try and try until you succeed.

19. less talk, less mistakes.

20 something… LEARNINGS with humor: Be kind to animals. The best revenge is to be happy. LEARNINGS that are moving: Aim high. Maximize your potentials. Think positive. Push yourself to the limits. LEARNINGS read from other people’s thoughts: Work hard and be nice to people (Kim). Less complains and be thankful (Dyan).

There they are… some widely known lessons learned… the LEARNINGS (wrote that word for the nth time. :D) I earned as of now. Too basic to understand, literally, though screwed up sometimes as part of the metamorphosis of change to grow ideally as a unique individual of my own. So help me God for this. 😀

Anyway… there’s more to come that might add the list let me see to it myself that if an improvement has been observe as I step into the light. Hope and pray no throwing of stuffs on my stage and stole my limelight if people can’t resist some violent reactions. 😀

P.S. Thanks very much guys for that fun, wacko and wonderful night. One moment that can’t be forgotten. Unplanned and coincidental may it seems, but there is a reason to celebrate and that is LIFE. I’LL RAISE MY GLASS TO YOU?! 😀

Little tired and eyes were quite shutting, but it was fun being part of the making of the trio’s birthday shindig this April Fool’s Month. Expecting for a lot of action at 4:30pm as people come on down and up when we get the party started.

Hope they wear their best superb outfit and dancing shoes. In addition to that, don’t forget the sound of their singing voice. Bring with them the good trip and leave behind the bad trip. Just unleash the party animal with in, instead. Enjoy, have fun and live life to the fullest. What? 😀

Advance Happy Birthday Wil (10), Fatima (14) and Madz (14). 😀

P.S. Thanks Maine for this shot. 😀

I lost track of time when Dad said that ‘its been 4 months’. Blame it to the home-work-home cycle routine that circles my daily living. It might be the reason why I haven’t notice how time flies that even Dad said that ‘the remaining is 20’. 😀

Actually today at around 1pm, adds the 4th month count of my stay here and I’ll make the most out of it by living my LIFE the way it should be as what was planned by God… through working REALLY REALLY HARD for the MISSION entrusted to me but at the same time, enjoying not only the job/s in action but the moment/s spend with all shades of people from different walks of LIFE. 😀

Happy 4th Month to Me. 😀

Dreamland for the People of Pangarap.

Pangarap … the land of dreams (for most at least) belongs to the people, by the people and for the people, especially to those residing there. That’s what I believe and think as far as I know. That factual hearsay was proved to be 100 percent true after recently educated about an article and ‘for the record’ the law clearly states that it is part of the ‘Leper Colony’ as mandated on the Commonwealth Act 161 and if you don’t mind check out this link for you to be informed.

On the 28th of April of the 2011, three people were killed by a group of men who was claiming to be under the service of well known family of aristocrats… and the worries started to came out. I remember I think it was in the era of my elementary years, I used to stare Pangrap (the main entrance part, sort of like a gateway of barangay) from the window of my school service and realized, it’s going to be like on the warzone if demolition will push through. I didn’t get why people are protesting in the main gate of Pangarap, I’m so naive that time.

As I become more aware of the things around me, I was wowed on the fact that aristocrat claimants not just argued that Pangarap was their property but also it extends to at least a part of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. JUST IMAGINE THAT? WHOOOH?! WAY TOO MUCH!!!

Since then, as time goes by, peace was restored but it just ends on that recent unexpected tragic moment.

The Pangarap people get furious about what happen to those civilians that leads to some of the youth to fight back in a non-violent way and I’m for it and going to be one of them, at least in my own little way… at my own means, I tweeted a person I used to listened way back Rocked Radio days by the name of Gang Badoy-Capati. She was tagged as an activist but I don’t think she’s like that. I look up to her as one of the people I admire the most. She was one of those who influences me to be more conscious about Pilipinas Kong Mahal as what she once told, from tagline of her co-founded NGO Rocked Philippines, NO MORE EXCUSES PHILIPPINES!

Tweet to abandoned shet

I want to end this post in a positive view…

that some of my unconscious compatriot (including me, at least a bit seeing the light. Haha.) be enlighten and selfless for the welfare of the Philippines and that our country become a beautiful place to live in.

That just it for now, it’s a long term process of maturity since Tita Gang once told that ‘we are a young nation’. May God bless the Philippines.

The sidewalks of Ayala Avenue, one of The Philippines ‘bread and butter’. This walkways reminds me of the streets of New York which was shown in the film The Devil Wears Prada. And the famous MRT… I never thought that it was one of the funniest and enjoyable thing to do, ride on this train at the peak of rush hour. 😀

At least some places showed progress. Hope it’s also the same in other parts of the country.

P.S. I’m still waiting and expecting for a developed Philippines… when will that start to happen?

Life and Dream

I dream of having my ideal house. Built from the building blocks of my aspirations with a strong foundation from goals and desires then furnished and painted with hopes… and I wake up in a realization, when will it happen?

Dream House in a Dream Life, Dream Life in a Dream House

Ever since from my childhood, I vision myself as being a good provider for my family. Give a better life for my parents by means of granting a comfortable lifestyle they’ve always wanted. But now after I’ve finished my studies, I’m still not having that one-step-closer edge to the success and achievement.

Life is a matter of choice. And if that choice turns out to be right or wrong with a good or bad result, it’s part of it. Having the freedom to pick a card from a deck in a game of losing and winning is part of life’s chances.

Maybe God has its own plans for each and every one of us. Leaving your ambition up to the Divine Providence is the one thing I have to do for now. I think He’s planning for the perfect break of my life. FAITH, it’s the one thing I ever have in this time of crisis. So help me God.

Hello world! (Edited Version)

“Welcome to G-Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!” First post that freaks me out?! hehe. G-Blogs reformatting is so shocking. Worry about this new outbreak is such a blast on my part. For many years, this world opens alot of doors. One of those were the friendships made here. 🙂 Actually I am the “original” dee88. The fun never stops and I’m looking forward for new things to this new venture I seated in again. I’m kinda adjusting for awhile and still wanting to retrieve the post I made in G-blogs hehe.  To end this up, I welcome myself and the other homegrowns and newbies here in the new G-BLOGS, the unveiling… MABUHAY ANG MGA G-BLOGGERO?! Cheers sa ating lahat. 🙂

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