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Happy RN week, Masked Man.

The Nightingale Soldier

This week, in celebration of ‘The Nurses’ Week’ – under the Proclamation No. 539 dated October 17, 1958  the President of the Philippines designated the last week of October every year, beginning in 1958, as Nurses’ Week (credits to page 141 of Professional Nursing in the Philippines, Tenth Edition by Lydia M. Venson, RN, MAN, FPCHA and Ronald M. Venzon, RN, MAN). And to that note, I created this blog post as my very own tribute to the Nurses here in the Philippines, who dedicate their lives in providing a quality tender loving care for the Filipinos. (I ‘MEAN’ to all ‘NURSES’ who knows the word compassion and care beyond self.) 

October 22, 2010, I saw this message circulating in one of the famous networking sites…

 “Somewhere right now a nurse is getting yelled at for being late with pain meds, while holding her bladder because she doesn’t have time to pee, starving because she missed her break, being pooped/peed/bled on, and is missing her family while taking care of yours. In the minute you took to read this, nurses all over the world are saving lives.”

… and after reading this, I PAUSE. REFLECT. THINK. then I notice myself smiling, and just said to myself, “Does this nurses exist in the real world?”

The Philippines is having a surplus of RNs, twice a year PRC is producing thousands and thousands of nurses, but only few were able to practice the profession, as what the saying goes, “Many are called but only few are chosen”. I have nothing to do about it but instead put a deep sigh… =/

Though there are some who really wants to pursue their calling (but in the first place it’s their parents calling for them to become a nurse. HaHa?!) – For they don’t want to waste their 4-year hardship way back their BSN days, the newbie RNs decided to enter the real ‘public service’. And it’s by way of lending themselves to make use of their knowledge and skills through the hospitals’ ‘volunteer program’.

And yes, they gain the experience and might as well improve their skills, but can this be a ground for exploitation? Perhaps these ‘volunteers’ also know how to sly to exploiting acts. I think so? HeHe. 😀

At to some extent, RNs can be in grave danger. The news about an RN in Mindanao became a victim of rape, and the sad news is that she is a ‘volunteer’. Florence (not real name) gained a national sympathy to the nursing community in the Philippines after revived from a previous traumatic incident that probably will change her life. Florence do saves lives and promote health, know look at her, she suffers the pain done by unidentified inhumane monster who in just one snap of the fingers hinder her plans in life. May this be the first and the last tragedy that could happen in an innocent life saver. RNs saves lives not the ones being saved.

The Nightingale Pledge, an oath sworn by a successful examinee before the members of the BON. An excerpt of this traditional vow says…

‘… will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling…’

… a statement that shows that at any cause, ‘the priority is the patient’. And this is a sacrifice for every RNs in this country. They are providers of care for others and at the time of their duty they have to be present both physically and emotionally with mental aspects as well. It is their compassionate instinct that drives them for the efficiency of their works despite all odds that may arrived.

I hope that there are Nurses posses the virtues of Florence Nightingale. Looking back on the history of her life, she leave what she all has to pave her way in a path where people who suffer and dying for illness, a woman who offer herself most especially in The Crimean War. She’s more of a saint, as she do heroic deeds day by day during her time. A woman called by God to be His faithful servant to uplift the broken spirit of His weak people.

To end this post I live this qoute…

A therapeutic nurse masked its true feelings inside but shows a sense of ‘it’s going to be alright’ or ‘you’ll be okay’, and throws a big but calming smile for you. – anonymous

OTTO Shoes on the racks…

There’s a size that fits for you. O_o

EmO_o Sobers Up... (//_O)

I remember that moment when a weird instinct strikes my mind, out of nowhere, that the word ‘OTTO’ has a bad impression for me. To get straight to the point, it is something to do with a certain respiratory disease called tuberculosis, freaky right? O_O And so that weird instinct of mine was right regarding that word ‘OTTO’, a term that needs to be watch out for, being careful and alert of the defenses needed before going there, at that place… that separates from the others, and face the toughest thing to encounter so far. That is, entering the territory that brought the strange intuition… The ‘OTTO’ Ward.

During my DJNRMH days, it is a requirement to bring sputum samples of the suspected

There's a story behind this storyline... mind to check it out. Komiks! 🙂

TB patients there at OTTO Ward. Once detected of having such diagnosis, patient immediately transfers out there to avoid further transmission of the disease. I had to admit that stepping around the perimeters of OTTO Ward is an obstacle needing to jump over to pass that sophisticated boundary, fighting for fear, I guess? 🙂 Covering my nose every time I walk in front of that building or put my mask made of small fabric, clean gloves when handling sputum caps and my stored immunity as my barriers of protection whenever I deliver samples.

And the time came in as I was assigned to render my free-of-charge caring service to the

O (^_^) vs X (T_T)

humble and welcoming quarters of OTTO Ward, unlike other wards, not a single electric fan has placed in and aside from that, fluorescent lamps are on at night, (I’m in the graveyard shift by the way. :D) maybe to kill the bacteria is the reason, I think. 🙂 On my first night, I felt a bit anxious as I struggle on a piece of five sterile compressed into one every time I interact with the patients. It was about on the 2nd week of May after I got to used my N92 mask. It was very useful in this kind of case scenario. 🙂

SOON!!! I'm gonna be a STAFF to_O!!!

We used to have long hours of rest during our night shift, but there are times where we’re awake to monitor the status of the more compromised patients. It was very hard for me to witness those times when we can’t do the impossible things to alleviate their suffering, the only way that I can offer to them is my prayers to give them more

i-plus the toilet! 😀

strength to fight for their lives and for the benefit. Though sometimes I meet trials to test my management of dealing in difficult situation that became my ups and downs, which eventually the lessons I’ve learn in the end of the day. 🙂 Oh its what life has to tell me over and over again, understand so much things happening day by day in circles, one way how the Big Guy sends out his message. 🙂

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