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Shit has a countenace, so are you.

4th of July liberty. Happy Fil-American Friendship Day to all Filipinos and American and also to those mixed by the two races… the half-half ones. 😀

Taken by myPhone TV81 Duo, June 9, 2011… its been.


Captured Thoughts: Interpretative Declamation, Aling Dionsia, Kwek-Kwek

The views beyond the art of amateur photography.

Camera Medium: MyPhone TV81 Duo

Been busy recently to achieve the uncertain, I still got to do the things I fond of
like taking pictures. When got caught by a no return moment, where opportunity strikes to shot an undo scene from a usual but unique day by day timeline, that’s the perfect timing to press the shutter.

Here are some of my best snapshots last August of 24, 2011:

I’ve been visiting my Alma Mater for quite some time, and on that day, an ongoing dance-slash-declamation number grabbed my attention. I hooked up for a bit on the performance and thought that the group was practicing for a Showtime audition, but an idea struck my mind that it might have something to do with the Buwan ng Wika for the subject Filipino.

Back from another trip on that same day, I went to this bookstore to make some sort of meditation. Surrounding with books (for me) is like having a retreat, runaway from the hassles of the world by browsing into the pages of wiser people’s thoughts. Kind a bit stress reliever although sometimes didn’t get their point. HaHa!

This here is a photo I took from a fortune magazine I read about the famous Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquio. And the writings were that Pacman will win every fight comes to his way, the Pacmom’s (Mommy Dionisia) unconditional faith to the Divine is a big help for the winnings, Manny’s very own lucky charm. HeHe! It sort of funny for while reading the article (giggling at the same time), in the back of my head, I see Pokwang doing her impersonation of the famous Mommy Dionisia. 😀

And lastly before heading towards home, I stopped by on this Kwek-Kwek sidewalk stall. Even having that weird apprehension if it’s safe or clean to eat, I bought two sticks of Kwek-Kwek for a fair enough price of 20 pesos for my dinner that night. Didn’t dip it in the sauce, just for the sake of precaution.

For the nth time… just recently, 18th of August, I heard the word ‘ALERT’, can’t get enough of this term so I decided to tumblr it out.

Writing about ‘ALERT’ or the beings of becoming one… take a look of this pic and read on about a story behind it with a theme of the featured word for this post.

One Sunday morning, after all in days work as philanthropist, I decided to go online for just half an hour while waiting for the next mass. Then I heard mass that day and went to my cousin’s place for some prior commitments. When I was inside the jeepney, I look up my phone inside my bag and it come to my realization that I might be forgotten it inside the computer shop (after the conclusion that I put it on the PC rack). So I went back to the shop, cut to the chase. I got my phone back.

What happened that day is a reminder for me on this moment. First is that there are still some honest Filipinos… I strongly embrace that fact. And finally is that, being ALERT is next to RESPONSIBILITY.

Well being alert all the time is like having caffeine circulating inside your body instead of blood, guaranteed that the organs, as well as the systems, is in a stress state thanks to that pumping caffeine- influence heart, right? HaHa.

Imagine coming from a graveyard shift, having the usual activities of daily living? AWW! I can’t blame my body for that torture… at least I retrieve my phone back, considered it as delayed reaction of being ALERT. HAHA! 😀

Going back to that understatement being ALERT is next to RESPONSIBILITY… it’s an attitude challenge to combat absent minded. As what Meredith Grey once said, “RESPONSIBILITY SUCK!”, I kinda agree to that but reality wise, it’s a one way ticket towards maturity.

Who to react? I still don’t know. But at this point, I need a daily dose of that ALERT pill or perhaps have my body produce it. That would make me always on the GO and ALERT. 😀

‘I had a BLAST?!’, words to describe in conclusion of (quite long) philanthropic semester. I’d learned so much to them especially the universal and ‘overused’ clichés ‘patience is a virtue’. Well I must say I had lots of those, and I used it well as an inspiration to embrace this kind of experience.

On the lighter note… I’ve lost at least 2 or 3 kilograms. Thanks to these staircase which will always reminds me that ‘it’s not an easy step to climb the stairways of success, be prepared as one of the price paid is losing weight, don’t stop dreaming and believing.’ At least a lesson learned for this know-how chapter. 🙂

Thank You and May God Bless San Lorenzo.

I deserve this treat for this worth my tiredness from ‘all in a days work’. WHEW?! But I think it’s kinda digest faster than I thought after that on the spot Q and A (which I’m grateful as that fed me up with a bit of knowledge) at least I am not a ‘CHICKEN’ for that instant. HaHa.

– All in a days work, July 3, 2011

Back To School

Look who time flies… reminiscing the days when I was a student with my mom and brother buying school supplies in our upcoming return to school. It’s been years when I graduated from my bachelor’s degree! And now here I am, missing those days inside the classroom having my thinking caps on to stress my brains. HaHa! Overjoyed by the people grabbing school stuffs to purchase, I took a photo of this wonderful scenery.

The mob’s demand for school supplies… it’s officially Back-to-School Season.

“The Youth is the hope of the Fatherland”, as what The Great Jose Rizal once said, same goes to my belief that I still have high hopes for the Philippines to progress. As long as many people are pursuing their dream for the sake of success and fulfillment through education… all things will follow through proper manipulation of that will power.

May the kids understand the true value of education, and realize that not all are being granted of the opportunity. But still, it’s still up to us and a challenge as well, especially to those unprivileged ones to find a way to finish their studies. “If there’s a will there’s a way” as what others says. One living example of that cliché is my mom. Even if her family, that time, have no means to put her to school, she strived harder to attain the success through hard work, determination and right attitude. Now she’s a high school teacher… a living inspiration to me and to you (reading this post.) as well.

My parents always told to us siblings that the only inheritance that we can have from them is our education. Since I heard this to them until now that I recall it, I strongly agree 100 percent that it is true and accurate. And besides, me and my brother became their living legacy the day we receive our college diplomas. 😀

Just a thought to wrap this up, aside from our past and experience… our education makes us who we are. It’s one of those things that make us more complete. The whole country is the benefactor of our degree in moving towards the advance, as what Edgardo Angara said, “Education is the most effective instrument not only for personal transformation but also for national development.” And for the country’s self pride, to make the Philippines have its own identity, like what our own National Hero Jose P. Rizal said, “I place as a prior condition, the education of the people, so that by means of instruction and industry our country may have a personality of her own and is worthy of her liberties.”

P.S. And oh, by the way… Happy 150th Birthday to the Philippines’ National Hero, JOSE P. RIZAL. 😀

A stamp on my wrist serves as a gate pass to enter again in a selected cinema… I never knew about this before?! 😀

– In The Name Of Love, May 26, 2011

Labor Day’s Unsung Heroes.

Not all angels have wings… RNs are one of them.

Charity work… as defined by me as a Volunteer RN means ‘The Labor of Love’. Given the acts of working for free is much of like a professional martyr, or perhaps nearing to sainthood. All the sacrifices, hunger, multi-tasking, exhaustion and self-pity from all in a day’s work can be ease when somebody says ‘Thank You’. That alone is very rewarding on my part when these people appreciate the efforts done for them. The satisfaction on that feeling of fulfillment is an enough price for somebody who’s worthy… ME?! One of the world’s ‘Unsung Heroes’. 🙂

Working without pay for a productive learning experience is the price I have to suffer. The supply of RNs in the country is overwhelming compared to the public’s needing demand. Sadly, the government has an under nourish and ailing reforms and programs in the Philippine’s caring field. And much worst, parents are still insisting their children to take up BSN instead of asking them what course they want. I must say, it’s a waste of money when it comes to education investment. The future for nurses is still under construction, problem is… when will it be finished?

That’s the reality of an unemployed nurse’s life. After finishing studies, I don’t know where to start. I don’t have any game plan to succeed and until now, that’s my problem. I don’t know how to trust myself in this long journey as an RN crusader… what will happen to my career in this battlefield of caring? On this moment, I don’t know what I am doing here, same goes to I don’t know myself. =/

A sad commemoration of Labor by myself, I am an unsung hero of my generation. I am a benefactor of ‘The Labor of Love’ to others, and in return, I can’t even love myself. I’ve been immune to the tiredness of my philanthropy work. When will God repay my goodness in the name of His glory? Upon writing this… I am still asking to God the same old prayer… that He gave me a stable job that would last a lifetime. Amen.

The job description of this year’s Labor Day’s Unsung Heroes… better not to be hospitalized!

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