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A 2014 Family Fiesta… Thank God not only for this plenteous medya noche but also for all the blessings in the past and the years to come not just for me but also for my family.

A Bountiful Happy New Year to all. 😀


Who wants a ride? New gears and tires for a comfy travel to dreamland? Wanna join the trip?

A Merry Happy Third Month to me in this nation of Red, Black (with a White Cresent and Star) and Green.

From yesterday’s soiree comes another Happy Birthday treat coicoincidentally falls under the celebration of Chinese New Year.

So as we welcome the year of the Fire Snake comes a table of mouthwatering goodness from the celebrant’s culinary blessing. Thanks for the food, girl. I’m fully charged with satisfaction. 😀

Happy na! Birthday pa! Rizza. 😀

Home is where the presence of Filipinos, the happiest people from one of the happiest countries, the Philippines, can be found even in different corners of this planet. There’s a reason to celebrate (even in a simple way) the welcoming of 2013 by thanking God for the blessings of the ending year and look forward for what’s in stores for us. A MERRY HAPPY NEW YEAR to y’all?!

Before the December Holiday ends and we welcome the Year 2013 with a bang, this here are some of the highlights of experiencing the Yuletide season here in my Temporary Home. The Christmas Ruins from the Noche Buena, party celebration moments (with the crazy stuff and all. Oh by the way, I share the same name?! Haha.), my emo back moment in the slideshow, leftover smiling cupcakes, and our Christmas tree made by the crafty hands and imaginative minds of my flat-mates. MERRY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO Y’ALL. 😀

The sweet and spicy finale for a house blessing… let’s eat?! Bon Apetit?! 😀 #CountYourBlessing #ThankGod #fb

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