Making use of the art of mind speaking through writing and photography… the MD (just a name, not a profession) way.



Panorama attempt beneath the Super Moon few hours before dawn. Night Owl alert.


Ninja-ing at night. 😀

Its just a play of Black Jack and In Between Dad, no money involved. 😀 We’re just putting face powder on our faces when we lose the game. 😀

A late night hangout (in celebration of the birthday soiree) for those people who stayed up late. Had loads of fun enough to fight stress in the fields of our own toxicity…

Hope Dad knows what I mean about the word FUN. Hehe. 😀

An explanation memo in defense of the deck of cards involment. 😀

Happy Birthday Will (10), and Advance to Fatima (14) and Madz (14). 😀

This one’s for you and me
Living out our dreams
We’re all right where we should be
Lift my arms out wide
I open my eyes
And now all I wanna see
Is a sky full of lighters…

Happy February 17. 😀

Toasted bread spread with combo of mayonnaise and egg on top for our late merienda in the evening of Green, Black (with a White Crescent Moon and Star in the Middle) and Red Independence Day while watching some fireworks and ‘sky full of lighters’ that lights up the dark sky… some of the BEST things in LIFE a FREE do.

Happy February 17 to all citizens of FREEDOM.

First glimpse of the Moon after the more than 9 days of Moonson rain fall. Nighty night. Tumblring the Nokia Mail way. 😀

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