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Sending a Happy Christmas greeting to all… from underneath the tree. 😀


Little tired and eyes were quite shutting, but it was fun being part of the making of the trio’s birthday shindig this April Fool’s Month. Expecting for a lot of action at 4:30pm as people come on down and up when we get the party started.

Hope they wear their best superb outfit and dancing shoes. In addition to that, don’t forget the sound of their singing voice. Bring with them the good trip and leave behind the bad trip. Just unleash the party animal with in, instead. Enjoy, have fun and live life to the fullest. What? 😀

Advance Happy Birthday Wil (10), Fatima (14) and Madz (14). 😀

P.S. Thanks Maine for this shot. 😀

This is one ‘CRAZY’ parloristas game. Hahaha?! #fb Who says kids only celebrate a HAPPY CHRISTMAS? We wackos can?! Hahaha. MERRY CHRISTMAS to US?! 😀

Today I celebrate my Youtube channel’s 2nd anniversary. The video webpage that keep my creative ideas available to the internet and sharing my thoughts about capturing recorded moments adding some twist to flavor the my eyes of my viewers.

When I create this channel, it was also the same day when I uploaded my first ever internet video. Look how time flies, and as of this day on my 2nd year as a Youtuber I have 3 videos, imagine for 2 years? HaHa. I am currently working on my 4th video and to give you guys a hint of it, it’s like a tutorial with a twist. HeHe. Currently the project is in temporary break, but wait for early next year for it will be up for views when the editing is finish and ready for upload. 😀

2 years and counting… Hopefully in the years to come, more videos to share and may the writer-slash-director instinct of mine never fail me and perhaps improve on the long run. Or probably someday, more and more hits to come. Will I make all of these to happen? Hmmmm… well, Good Luck to me. HeHe. 😀

Happy Anniversary ThePlanetMD channel, year 2! 😀

Let’s get this party started! :)

Eatery...The creative side of me!I raise my GLASS to you?!After many days of preparation out of that simple forums and meet and greet meetings, we’ve come up for an upcoming conclusion, whether or not, the product of our hard work will surely and will definitely turn out into a hit. We are all clueless about what will happen on that day. Actually, I don’t even think about it. My mind is roaming around and just focus about my art of decorating. Frustrating to make it glamorous, a wannabe interior designer hanging around in my subconscious instinct make a little pinch of touch of my handicraft hands the setup of our set. 🙂 It was very tiring for us?! Lot of us were doing multi-tasking jobs just to manage our time for that event. Time has just passed as the clock discreetly says its 10:30pm. It’s time to go home and left the place for a while. Tomorrow is another day to continue what was left behind, it maybe a rush hour mode to meet the early 1pm deadline before the program starts but through that cooperative spirit living inside us, we will easily repair the unfinished business. 🙂

Catering food to the hungry public?!Today is a brand new day and I declared myself grounded at home. 🙂 Felt so sorry for my colleagues who were there fixing some stuffs to make the whole thing termed to be “the best”. I know they’ll do what it takes to makes things right and polish it closely to perfection and besides the number of people there were enough to fill my position in arranging some stuffs to make it organize. 🙂 I’d rather watch my favourite show “Princess Hours” than doing something which others don’t having the initiative to offer me some help. Its kinda they don’t have that empathy. I’m so very disappointed for that kind of behaviour they all possess. 😦 Anyway, the program starts at 2pm of December 17, 2008 which was held at DJNRMH’s Nursing Conference Room. Me, the late one, was overflowing with proud thinking that they started it right after I arrived. 🙂 HeHeeHe?! I feel so VIP that time when my co-NT reserve me some fast-food. 🙂 HaHa! The party got messed up when the sound system can’t adjust on what music will be played for the doxology part. Later on, things were put into place as the sequence of events were flowing smoothly in a soothing way until we, the organizers and stars of the Florence Nightingale The Movie, screwed up while when we smells that there’s something was going on… but eventually it was settled in a calm way and figured out the cause of the technical sabotage. 🙂 And then, ATLAS?! It is done?! It is indeed a blockbuster hit?! 🙂 The audience response was so deeply impressed about the film and film critics says: “We’ve overcome the last season’s gross in terms of screenplay, editing and cinematography it is indeed so far a blockbuster hit.” 🙂 Other highlights on the program were the crowning of the new Florence Nightingale 2008, the presentation of intermission numbers by the staffs of different departments; I must say the OPD knock the house down. 🙂 Of course how come we forget, a simple feast that gathers all the unified RNs in a simple get together snack of egg sandwich, pansit and a bottle of soft drinks which was the superiors treat for us. 🙂 Additional highlights were the awarding ceremonies for the intermission numbers which was held that time, the salutation for each respective areas for the Christmas Decorating Contest and The Major and Special awards for our beloved NODs for their one of a kind achievements for this season. 🙂 Though others got reacted once the results were revealed but they are all showed some spirit of sportsmanship after the recognition.

Party Animals going crazy.As the light of the sun dims to set goodbye and the night come on its way, the crowd starts to reassemble again to knock the house down through their dancing shoes and booty-shaking moves. 🙂 Party people from different walks of life hang out to unite for one night only. Food and drinks were overflowing as the happy alcoholics enjoy the feast and the “high” vibe it brings in the system. 🙂 NTs with their superiors make use the remaining moment as what the resident NT representative says that it is our party, we were united for this cause to bond with each other’s company, besides it is their remaining time for their occupancy on the institution (NTs who will leave after their December schedule) will expires on this month so we were advised to make the most out of it, step out and at the peak of Emoness?!move to the dance floor to do the body language of the soiree on the tune of club sounds. 🙂 Hard headed attitude still manage to triggers for some but when the very amateurish DJ starts to put some announcement that they’ll stop the music at 10, the legally self-proclaimed party animals get out of their shelves to act irrationally into the motion wanting to show to them: “PLEASE DON’T STOP THE MUSIC!” which they all successfully did. 🙂 Drinkers still manage to do their session while others doing their thing in the middle of the “Embassy Club-like” environment. 🙂 Other NTs came across from their job and join the gang to feel the ambiance of the night’s celebration of friendship and unity (at least for some.) Of course there were also some “drinker bloopers” as all people there were under the influence of alcohol! Cited examples were, the crying lady who just having some labile mood attempting to be alone but my camera in the night mode setting captured her emoness, another lady again who passed-out trying to get the guy’s attention to curdle her into his arms People ask for more...and eventually for any other reasons go to town and the nasty flirtation with the same girl to the other staff which is a family man! 🙂 Positive Alcoholic Breath for some but for me not totally, thanks to my friend to that little taste she had offered to me. 🙂 The music runs till 12 o’clock but we want it more, but Cinderella possesses to that very trying hard DJ and firmly got say bye-bye after their last song. Luckily, things were manage to put into its proper place after one of the supervisor commands a “NO DUTY” policy for the 6-2 shift the next day. 🙂 That midnight we were undecided were to stay but after too many doubts we finallyHalloween Christmas? come up with a decision to stay at the former NT place just around the vicinity of the hospital. Got some hang-over to the party, others were still manage to have some mini sessions of non-sense but wacky conversations. Love month is a few more days ahead but the breeze of its air shivers to the skin of some people on our group as it marks the starts with getting to know phase. 🙂 Waking up at 5 in the morning, realizing that it was 3rd day for Misa De Gallo. I felt so sorry for myself for I haven’t completed it! So sad. 😦 But I am very grateful to have that experience and I thank God for that. 🙂

DThe party was indeed a success on our part who planned and organized this grand event (well as what I perceived about it.). To end this up, I just want to repeat my post on my friendster bulletin which goes: “”. HAPPY CHRISTMAS everybody and a PROSPEROUS and PEACEFUL NEW YEAR ahead of us.

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