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Labor Day’s Unsung Heroes.

Not all angels have wings… RNs are one of them.

Charity work… as defined by me as a Volunteer RN means ‘The Labor of Love’. Given the acts of working for free is much of like a professional martyr, or perhaps nearing to sainthood. All the sacrifices, hunger, multi-tasking, exhaustion and self-pity from all in a day’s work can be ease when somebody says ‘Thank You’. That alone is very rewarding on my part when these people appreciate the efforts done for them. The satisfaction on that feeling of fulfillment is an enough price for somebody who’s worthy… ME?! One of the world’s ‘Unsung Heroes’. 🙂

Working without pay for a productive learning experience is the price I have to suffer. The supply of RNs in the country is overwhelming compared to the public’s needing demand. Sadly, the government has an under nourish and ailing reforms and programs in the Philippine’s caring field. And much worst, parents are still insisting their children to take up BSN instead of asking them what course they want. I must say, it’s a waste of money when it comes to education investment. The future for nurses is still under construction, problem is… when will it be finished?

That’s the reality of an unemployed nurse’s life. After finishing studies, I don’t know where to start. I don’t have any game plan to succeed and until now, that’s my problem. I don’t know how to trust myself in this long journey as an RN crusader… what will happen to my career in this battlefield of caring? On this moment, I don’t know what I am doing here, same goes to I don’t know myself. =/

A sad commemoration of Labor by myself, I am an unsung hero of my generation. I am a benefactor of ‘The Labor of Love’ to others, and in return, I can’t even love myself. I’ve been immune to the tiredness of my philanthropy work. When will God repay my goodness in the name of His glory? Upon writing this… I am still asking to God the same old prayer… that He gave me a stable job that would last a lifetime. Amen.

The job description of this year’s Labor Day’s Unsung Heroes… better not to be hospitalized!


May God Bless Saint Mary

Supermanhood MD survives Saint Mary

The thought of a new beginning for my RN career would make my dreams come into reality, turns out to be a disaster of some kind. Being professional on the boundaries of this former exploiting and nearing-to-be employer was like a living nightmare. The promise of two weeks volunteer is an initiation, 14 days of work interruption all bound to confession room discussing flaws notice by Big Granny who is watching you (the institution’s Big Brother homologous). Lucky enough to survive in 2 weeks, but the real struggle is just about to start. Good Luck.

From the staffs employed (exclude the owners and its cronies) some of them were really nice, some were user-friendly type with a bit of kindness and some were just rude and ego-centric (the Alpha wannabe species).

This experience makes me realize on what scale will I be able to adjust and adapt in some cultures. When will I get that ‘stability’ (I mean for a permanent job) as a lifelong RN career. And how long do I patiently wait and find for that?

P.S. So help me GOD on this. =/

The Nightingale Soldier

This week, in celebration of ‘The Nurses’ Week’ – under the Proclamation No. 539 dated October 17, 1958  the President of the Philippines designated the last week of October every year, beginning in 1958, as Nurses’ Week (credits to page 141 of Professional Nursing in the Philippines, Tenth Edition by Lydia M. Venson, RN, MAN, FPCHA and Ronald M. Venzon, RN, MAN). And to that note, I created this blog post as my very own tribute to the Nurses here in the Philippines, who dedicate their lives in providing a quality tender loving care for the Filipinos. (I ‘MEAN’ to all ‘NURSES’ who knows the word compassion and care beyond self.) 

October 22, 2010, I saw this message circulating in one of the famous networking sites…

 “Somewhere right now a nurse is getting yelled at for being late with pain meds, while holding her bladder because she doesn’t have time to pee, starving because she missed her break, being pooped/peed/bled on, and is missing her family while taking care of yours. In the minute you took to read this, nurses all over the world are saving lives.”

… and after reading this, I PAUSE. REFLECT. THINK. then I notice myself smiling, and just said to myself, “Does this nurses exist in the real world?”

The Philippines is having a surplus of RNs, twice a year PRC is producing thousands and thousands of nurses, but only few were able to practice the profession, as what the saying goes, “Many are called but only few are chosen”. I have nothing to do about it but instead put a deep sigh… =/

Though there are some who really wants to pursue their calling (but in the first place it’s their parents calling for them to become a nurse. HaHa?!) – For they don’t want to waste their 4-year hardship way back their BSN days, the newbie RNs decided to enter the real ‘public service’. And it’s by way of lending themselves to make use of their knowledge and skills through the hospitals’ ‘volunteer program’.

And yes, they gain the experience and might as well improve their skills, but can this be a ground for exploitation? Perhaps these ‘volunteers’ also know how to sly to exploiting acts. I think so? HeHe. 😀

At to some extent, RNs can be in grave danger. The news about an RN in Mindanao became a victim of rape, and the sad news is that she is a ‘volunteer’. Florence (not real name) gained a national sympathy to the nursing community in the Philippines after revived from a previous traumatic incident that probably will change her life. Florence do saves lives and promote health, know look at her, she suffers the pain done by unidentified inhumane monster who in just one snap of the fingers hinder her plans in life. May this be the first and the last tragedy that could happen in an innocent life saver. RNs saves lives not the ones being saved.

The Nightingale Pledge, an oath sworn by a successful examinee before the members of the BON. An excerpt of this traditional vow says…

‘… will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling…’

… a statement that shows that at any cause, ‘the priority is the patient’. And this is a sacrifice for every RNs in this country. They are providers of care for others and at the time of their duty they have to be present both physically and emotionally with mental aspects as well. It is their compassionate instinct that drives them for the efficiency of their works despite all odds that may arrived.

I hope that there are Nurses posses the virtues of Florence Nightingale. Looking back on the history of her life, she leave what she all has to pave her way in a path where people who suffer and dying for illness, a woman who offer herself most especially in The Crimean War. She’s more of a saint, as she do heroic deeds day by day during her time. A woman called by God to be His faithful servant to uplift the broken spirit of His weak people.

To end this post I live this qoute…

A therapeutic nurse masked its true feelings inside but shows a sense of ‘it’s going to be alright’ or ‘you’ll be okay’, and throws a big but calming smile for you. – anonymous

OTTO Shoes on the racks…

There’s a size that fits for you. O_o

EmO_o Sobers Up... (//_O)

I remember that moment when a weird instinct strikes my mind, out of nowhere, that the word ‘OTTO’ has a bad impression for me. To get straight to the point, it is something to do with a certain respiratory disease called tuberculosis, freaky right? O_O And so that weird instinct of mine was right regarding that word ‘OTTO’, a term that needs to be watch out for, being careful and alert of the defenses needed before going there, at that place… that separates from the others, and face the toughest thing to encounter so far. That is, entering the territory that brought the strange intuition… The ‘OTTO’ Ward.

During my DJNRMH days, it is a requirement to bring sputum samples of the suspected

There's a story behind this storyline... mind to check it out. Komiks! 🙂

TB patients there at OTTO Ward. Once detected of having such diagnosis, patient immediately transfers out there to avoid further transmission of the disease. I had to admit that stepping around the perimeters of OTTO Ward is an obstacle needing to jump over to pass that sophisticated boundary, fighting for fear, I guess? 🙂 Covering my nose every time I walk in front of that building or put my mask made of small fabric, clean gloves when handling sputum caps and my stored immunity as my barriers of protection whenever I deliver samples.

And the time came in as I was assigned to render my free-of-charge caring service to the

O (^_^) vs X (T_T)

humble and welcoming quarters of OTTO Ward, unlike other wards, not a single electric fan has placed in and aside from that, fluorescent lamps are on at night, (I’m in the graveyard shift by the way. :D) maybe to kill the bacteria is the reason, I think. 🙂 On my first night, I felt a bit anxious as I struggle on a piece of five sterile compressed into one every time I interact with the patients. It was about on the 2nd week of May after I got to used my N92 mask. It was very useful in this kind of case scenario. 🙂

SOON!!! I'm gonna be a STAFF to_O!!!

We used to have long hours of rest during our night shift, but there are times where we’re awake to monitor the status of the more compromised patients. It was very hard for me to witness those times when we can’t do the impossible things to alleviate their suffering, the only way that I can offer to them is my prayers to give them more

i-plus the toilet! 😀

strength to fight for their lives and for the benefit. Though sometimes I meet trials to test my management of dealing in difficult situation that became my ups and downs, which eventually the lessons I’ve learn in the end of the day. 🙂 Oh its what life has to tell me over and over again, understand so much things happening day by day in circles, one way how the Big Guy sends out his message. 🙂

Pedo Philes :D

Staying up late at night is a heroism for others… that’s what the calling want’s us to understand. 😀

too lazy to serve free

The Knights of Pedia, watchful in the deepest silence of the darkness. Provide the necessary elements of care for the wounded health of the youngsters and fight their current ailments. Crusaders at night, an ordinary at daytime, that’s what the graveyard shift is all about.

We, the babysitters are indulged in safeguarding every child in any kind of approaches holistically. 😀 An oath to God and a duty to execute before Him… a purpose to live by in every single living of our lives.

Every situation is a challenging work for adaptation… things that I remember when I first have my official assignment in the world of Pedia. It was overcoming every end of the shift, a relief that the kids are all in calm and relax state after giving the appropriate attention. Sometimes, I felt so sad about what these kids are going through. At their age, they have to enjoy their life without any worries for the point of a real childhood happens only once in their entire growing life?! Can’t imagine the trauma and stress they feel much more doubled in the part of their love ones. The kids don’t deserve this, if only they are well cared and monitored enough.

Looking at the other side, I don’t blame the parents of these cute and cuddly kids. I try to understand and put myself in their perspective. There are some certain factors why things went wrong in the first place, and here I am, at some point of my philanthropy career, wants to extend my helping hands to them, but these restrictions hinders me… if only I am the ever richer RN (registered nanny) to give the immediate things ASAP, but no… I am just ‘a nobody’ giving my all and very best to save a life. O_O

Night Life.

Reality check… waking up in the morning of reality bites, but praying for the betterment of each and every one of us especially the kids. 😀

Addendum: Though sometimes we don’t get to work in our assign task, we decided to make our time productive by changing the decorations of our working station. That’s an improvement anyhow… 😀

Surgie Nights (Z_z)

There is a ‘life’ in the graveyard. 🙂

Team TongKe-lite’s journey up to the Top Rank Position (The Regional Edition). :)

Weeks had passed after that euphoric drive runs in the system of each and every one who participated in this HATAW ’09 thing. It maybe a ‘big deal’ for some hataweros and hataweras to win that glory after what the numbers had showed with regards to the expenses they had invested plus the required attendance for that killer moves to get their feet on beyond the expectations. With the full loaded meals the Kitchen Section had to piled up every weekdays for the past 6 weeks, the support of Mam Connie and the other Superiors as well and how can they haven’t forget to mention, but of course, the NTs who give that ‘helping hand’ for them from the very beginning to the props crafted by Propsman hiding in the instincts of some, as Pep Squads with the Cheerleaders of course, and even PAs to assist the crap out of their costume. With all that production?! Who could ever thought if they’ll gonna win this? HeHe! Having realize that there’s such a thing going on in this institution, I got so left alone to think that I’m someone to left by (well not all the time?! HaHa! Kidding! :D) being under the high of floating toxicity but can manage to handle it with the help of my co-NTs and the competent staffs. 🙂 Anyway, the people involved there was able to finish their hours of duty before hitting there under the roofs of Training Office. 😀

From 8 am to 5 pm of constant practice making it close to perfection on the strict instructions and graceful but bouncing moves of Sir Tots, the Team was definitely put into rigid training physically and maybe some emotional grips of control (is there a such? HeHe!) to put their mind set to winning. So why the heck I, in the latter, was involved here? To make the story short, they are gathering some manpower to accomplish the 25 PAs each was given an assignment to serve their masters. 😀 HaHaHa! What an incredible but fun task. 🙂 It was I think on the 23rd of the Love Month, 3 days away to the competition, when Claudette and her gang pulled me out in the OPD to be part of the crews plus other OPD NTs as well. As assigned to be the assist of Sir Budz as helping him put in his stuffs on and of course to Sir Andy who was one of the first to perform on their separate numbers, I have to do it fast but relax, and not to put under pressure to the whole team. At first, our nerves were out of our conscious authority (what the? HeHe!) yeah, I mean come to think of it? We’re having a short time to practice (for the NTs only), to think that it’s only a dress rehearsal? But things were very possible in God’s time when Sir Tots had to cut the movers on a certain part of the song to have themselves enough time to dress them up. 😀 Problem solved! To polish things on its finest, we have to work out our actions more quickly in serving our ‘Masters’ while ‘they’ have to do their thing in putting some bounce and that ‘sardonic’ I mean ‘social smile’ on their apathetic face! HaHa! Joking! Peace Out! 😀 So not just cheering, but we, the NTs, have to encourage them to smile even if it’s already tiring on their behalf. 🙂

All was set on Friday, February 27, 2009. For the PAs we have to wear black, T-shirt and Pants, or anything darker like what the marshals wearing in the UAAP Cheer Dance Competition. We assemble at Training Office at 5am. While waiting for the others to arrive, Migs and I have decided to drop by to Nursing Office if the others were there but it wasn’t happen when Mam Connie had to do some favour. HaHa! Volunteerism at its finest. 🙂 We leave the place at around 6pm with Claudette, Gwen, Edmar, JL, Mam Jenn, Gladys, Roxanne, and others with Sir Ron and his wife. On our way to San Lazaro, the host for this year, laughing gas was escaped which is why the trip was not bored. Caught the attention of the people in the road as the ambulance’s alarm had to make some noise and take advantage of it making our engines in the fast and the furious status. HaHaHa! It was so cool that the first ambulance (were Mam Connie and some of the staffs and the one we are following) had to made its way to the other opposite part of the highway to get rid of the traffic at NCBA with the WANG-WANG of course, with the maximum volume. HeHe! A very eye catchy disruption made, we have to send them with a wave putting some bits of good times. HeHe. Racing on the road before hitting Litex was an on the spot pictorial session care of Migs! HaHa! It is when our diesel and their ambulance came across so close enough to take some pics while both vehicles were in motion. 😀 A problem arise when we got stuck on Riverside, Brgy. Commonwealth after passing the Marikina Terminal! WASAK! We thought that it was just a common problem which can be easily resolved but when it keeps on and on, so we have to wait there hoping that it will be fix. I go down just for a sec to lighten up my stiffing feet and to breathe some fresh polluted air in the vicinity. Sir Ron on the other hand had to be a traffic enforcer for the day to manage the flow in the road. The attempts to start the four wheel drive were not successful that’s why the 3rd placer slow ambulance on standby rescue the 9 of us (the PAs only) leaving Sir Ron and his wife together with the driver. The journey continues in the ambulance packed with people unease in their uncomfort zone. HaHa!

Arriving at the venue at 9am, where all other contestants chillaxing and loitering on the vicinity of San Lazaro Hospital. I was amazed by the ambiance of the architectural coined in the Spanish era. For me, nothing has changed on the whole buildings to think that it’s my first time to step on that place. HeHe. It was so nice, classy and the preserve by the past and present administration. I think San Lazaro is a good example what the was the life of our ancestors during the 1500s. 🙂 Cam Moments has been a part of the daily routine of the NTs as we are all inborn ‘photogenic’! HaHa! We do capture some of the selected sites in San Lazaro, like the Unisex CR, which is a unique way to exercise equality for both sexes. 😀 The glass wall of the office of the Secretary of Health which has a mirror effect we definitely once get a glimpse of our whole body picture, 😀 and of course the home where real stars our born. 🙂

Mr. Megaphone man suddenly call the attention of the different parties to park on their respective groups for we’ll going to have a parade only half of the circumference! HaHa! The walk begins the opening of the HATAW ’09. With the groupies of KSPs, HAHA, we throw a cheer to boom them with nervousness! HaHa! Just to make the opposing troops little scared. 😀 The parade ended on the stage where each of the Top 11 will showcase what they had in stored to us.What a surprise when Mark Logan was there whose gonna cover the event. Waiting for the others to finish their turn were the Team Tongke-lites waiting to unveil their grand prize winning number. HaHa. Looking at them, they were all confident on their seats that they will bring home the title. While the 5th group were doing their presentation, we, The PAs, were setting the materials on both sides of the Hataw Stage. I quite nervous that time, maybe I’m just overwhelmed by what the audience had to expect but I don’t really care! HaHa! Why should I bother! I’m not part of that contest! Come on! HaHa! Kidding. And the time has come to judge what was the Team had cooked on that day. The music was played and I felt a slight trembling in my system, maybe it’s the effect of Milo’s caffeine but I really didn’t care the heck at all. Thank God that He puts me into focus that day. 😀 The intro was started then after that Sir Andy was went inside our cubicle so as his PA, I had to dress him so quick to reach on the mark of the allotted time. Sir Andy goes out and here’s Sir Budz come in, and so here I am putting his stuff in. Now it’s Sir Budz turn and for the second time Sir Andy came in to remove his coconut thing on his knee. Sir Budz gets in finally after his part and wait for the girls to finish their belly dancing part. Me and Gladys had to light the candle in a toxic way to meet the time for their ‘cool down’ which we did without a fail and so it was done. Remove all the things used and just put them temporarily on both sides again to put no hassle on their last performance, when the time they were crowned as “CHAMPION”?! 😀

PAs had to left just for awhile to eat our launch. 😀 HaHa! That was a long wait before we had to satisfy our craving tummies. HeHe. With a Steak, Chapsuy and the very generic Rice as the meal for that day wrap on the styro, the kids had definitely love the taste the Dietary Department has to give. 😀 with Zesto as a plus. We go back inside to finish the whole program. It’s funny how the organizers had to incorporate the exercise which makes the crowd dance follow the video and the dancers as well on the stage. 😀 I can’t see myself dancing on those cheesy novelty songs but believe it or not, I just did. 😀 HAHA! What a persuading charisma Gwen had cast. 🙂 Having some fun that day, Roxanne and Claudette made a duet of the three songs which was very old fashion but doing their own versions the songs sounds lovelier compare to the original artists. But the hilarious part when somebody caught our attention when the groovy beyond the hataws was shaking that booty on the dance floor. It is indeed a highlight of that day! Thinking it alone makes me giggle. 🙂

The long wait was over! Atleast for the impatient young ones, HeHe! The verdict was going to announce anytime soon! So we’re all keeping our fingers cross for our beloved DJNRMH, but were expecting to go home with the title though we have to be down to earth despite of the obvious results. 😀 Yes it is! We went home taking that trophy and the honour of being the # 1! HAHAHA! Victory is definitely for us. Big Thanks to God who the main reason why it was happened. 😀 I wonder why the enemies didn’t make a protest after we had won. Maybe they were shocked and blown away by the ‘production number’ we made. HeHe. 🙂

So we head towards home with a very uncomfortable position again. 😀 Poor Roxanne as she tried to survive on her seat after Sir James had to go down on HIWAY and transferred in front to let her butt breathe enough on the right space. 😀 We’re all wasted that afternoon as we all slept while on the road. We head down on the intersection of Malaria Road and Quirino Highway and left us there. To wrap this up, I was just screwed on the way home when I forgot that it was our last day at OPD and the OPD gang were throwing a party that moment! WASAK! What a crazy day to end this post.


The Batangas XP, An out of town escape.

I’ve never thought that I’ll indulge myself tripping to a group and get off from ‘soberness’ even just for a day. 🙂 I didn’t imagine that my 400 box was slipped over the hands of the organizing team to add it in the budget. 🙂 Some may think it’s a small amount but for me, that’s an overflowing grand coming from a self proclaimed ‘kuripot’. HeHe! 🙂 Looking at the brighter side, it may cost a lot of penny but for the sake of enjoyment and a relaxing vibe free from any torture the world has to give in exchange of a chillaxing breath-taking moment, I shouldn’t fail to grab the opportunity like these. But of course (as what Gee has to say. 😀 ). For a couple of times, this topic has been the objective of most of the forums and the prime skit in the overflowing drama, definitely it is final, were off to Batangas. 🙂 WHHIIH?! 😀 Nothing really hinders Claudette that through the spirit of will power, she can make things fall beyond her control. HeHe! I wonder if she’s using witchcraft or some sort of magic on this? 😀

It was really set?! It’s not only a joke like we use to throw back and forth when we’re gathering in a conference. But indeed a reality! Yes it is?! All was set to action as what was started from scratch was played into a reality. I open my YM and here comes in the IM of Claudette. I’m quite wasted from what we had on our way back from San Lazaro but when I read what was her message, I just realized that she’s freakin excited for it?! 😀 I smiled from her message not realizing that I didn’t turn off the computer and get napped for about 30 minutes. Anyway, it’s a short time to wait the machine to run for a quite long. 🙂 I’m off to bed after the computer shuts down not being prepared my stuff to bring on the next day. Without further reason of coming late and to fix my things, I set my alarm clock timed at 3:30am. Sleepy head was into deep slumber when he got realized that it’s 4:30am. So I have to move fast like the speed of the wind to be there close enough on the said scheduled but it’s not what I was expecting. HeHe! I get there at the waiting place and saw Kuya Ian, Bonn and Armando chatting. Waiting about a little, Mam Ana arrive with her promised of snacks (two plastic bags of junkfoods) which she didn’t break. We left ‘The One Stop Shop’ store at 6:30am (on Jen’s time). Definitely the blame was not put on my back but to Jet who arrived just on time for the sunrise. 😀

Off we go to Batangas?! Some of us were down a little bit but for the girls (You Know Who You Are?! 🙂 ) still becomes unstoppable in flapping out their insanity which makes the jeepney filled with laughing gases . 🙂 We got to swing momentarily to Tandang Sora to hooked up Sir James as the last one to join in escapade. Then we’re finally speed up to get there fast. But the trouble of might getting lost buzzed our worry free feeling. We have no idea where we going except for the map that Claudette googled and of course Claudette herself who have been there for about a year. So we’re all have to be attentive and alert as we search for our destination. A wrong turn were an example for us first timer people who divert our focus from other things, I guess this was the reason why we haven’t recognized that were not in the right path. Instead of going to Calamba Exit, Manong Driver get straight ahead after turning left from the expressway. But still with the help of the map and Dora, the Explorer, we’re still through on the race :). While in the road, and having that camera as included in the list of must haves for an outing like this, picture takings of every captive moments has been always a hobby of the friendster uploaders. 🙂 It was a great opportunity to meet other personalities as Gwen bring two of her girlfriends, Claudette also bring one and Jet whose always had to backed up by her wife. 🙂

It was a long hours of driving, so we had decided to stop by on a gasoline station to grant the call of nature’s request for some of our ‘biyaheros at biyaheras’ for we’ll go straight ahead on our expedition. The private diesel continuously drives its way to the endpoint. Drive… Drive… and Drive… while on its 10 vs. 10 passenger seats were travellers doing their own thing like what their used to do in a long voyage. On the other hand, Sir James and Dex were having some of their party groove when they heard the beat of Tam’s mp3 playing on the speakers below their seats. Head bangingsounds for rockers like Me and Gwen were also part of the playlist as we all sang on the songs of Parokya ni Edgar. Then Claudette proclaimed that we’re now close there which means that the thoughts of infinity lining on the road were going to end by a dot and few seconds away, were nearly going to get off our seats! Then we all saw the blue sea waving its surf curves as a welcome greeting. Party mouth Francis shows his feedback responses on that warm teaser the coast had given to him. 🙂

The long wait was over?! WUUU-WHOOOOOOH?! At 11:30am we landed to the shores of San Juan. Claudette, Migs and Sir James have to leave us for awhile as they’ll going to search the base of the castaways. Tourists chill for a sec after ‘checking in’ to the ‘bahay kubo’. 😀 All the hungry people were got snapped realizing what Tam has to complain about something, and it’s the ‘super kalan’ (unsure about if it’s the right term for that cooking equipment? 😀 ) Many attempts were made just to start up the fire but no examinees succeeded. 😀 HaHa! Good thing that rice cooker was there to save the day. 🙂 But we can’t ease the hunger of our starving tummy so we had to grab the food on the table quickly to satisfy our stomach with the very Filipino breakfast Scrambled egg, The Tomato version, Longganisa and the very generic rice. Claudette had to announced that the styro-plates and plastic cups should be saved for it will be the same utensils that we’re going to use when we eat again! HaHaHa?! 😀 So the maid had to wash the dishes to make it clean. 😀 After fixing ourselves, we start to cook the Sinigang.

Some of our companies were captivate by the wonderful and amazing paradise made by God, the fact that their camera lens have to picture the place they perceived as impressive. 🙂 I love the brownish white sand and the clear blue waters that pushes some forceful wave big enough to play with its surfs. There was a high tide that time so the water was beyond its shore line level. Overflowing of excitement! Some of us had to go all the way and feel the nature’s splash of saltwater. In the kubo, Tam was slicing some sweet ripe mango for us to have some plunge of mango shake. The mango cravers have some seed parts as their pre-taste before the session begun. 🙂 A Toss to the goodness of friendship, the blessing showered down and the dream which turns to a reality. Majority left the nipa hut to swim… swim… swim… and swim… The light dims little by little as the sea calms and the waters low down, rocks were seen on the shallow part of the sea floor. I manage to picked some coral-like stones which I brought home as a remembrance from our stay and for the purpose of giving my Dad’s mini pond pets a Batangas sea memorabilia. 🙂 The sunset marks the time for a pictorial session under the ‘director of photography’ Migs. We supposed to have a silhouette photo but the light of the setting sun didn’t suite the required amount for the camera to do such. And so we’re just click the camera button to make the most out of it to make that memorable day documented digitally. 😀 The night sky leads us back towards our home base, it’s time to cook our food (roasting Tulingan which Edmar puts something on it, maybe the fault must be put to Quickfire for that 10 minute kitchen wonder. 😀 ) for dinner and afterwards have some simple night-out.

Can’t get enough of the issues?! Each of us having a different personality, we’re all might subject to some compromised things that might occur. Like what the ‘bikini girls’, I think not all of them where got pissed for some reasons which I don’t want to put in here, after all the essence of this blog is to share thoughts that may give further knowledgeable anecdotes, which in particular how a certain trainee deal life when it comes to the professional field of caring, which I guess learned while reading this. So guys, just leave it there. I remember a saying which goes a little something like this, “Whatever happens in Batanags, stays in Batangas” (maybe all of you were familiar about this famous quote? But the topic of this post is about Batangas right? HeHe. 😀 ). Maybe this quote will put a borderline for the people whose part of the escapades to remain silent and put themselves to right to privacy to avoid sparks of understanding. We’ll it’s up to you guys (all of the participants of the San Juan out-of-town) if you want to divulge it. You might risk yourself in danger, I mean in a confrontation then having misunderstanding which eventually create enemies later on. HeHe?! Are you threatened? I’m just reminding you. 😀 Don’t take risk if you want to open the ‘pandora’s box’ when you’re in doubt.

We packed-up our things at about 4am on the morning of the 1st day of March. We decided not to extend our stay for some personal reasons and besides, we don’t have enough budget anymore. HeHeHe?! 😀 We ride on the Jeepney not having peed or brush our teeth for there’s no water since midnight! No choice but to leave the place and went home! 🙂 On our way back home, all were get slumber again. Twilight is passing by as I woke up. Upon realizing we’re not moving, I found out that Manong Driver had to repair the extra wheel just in case if we accidentally had a flat tire a back up can be a restore. I have to go down to stretch my legs for a while before Indian sit again on my sit. HaHa?! I had a hard time there huh! 😀 While the others had to eat puto bought to Manang Street Vendor. And our travel continues… Hours of driving… Sleeping… Looking at nowhere… Stopover… Picture-pictures… Driving again… Driving… and Driving… Edmar have to go down at Heart Center for some reasons I do not know. The first castaway to go home. HeHe?! Then others say their goodbyes and left one by one. And Me the author of this post is the last sole survivor, the winner, who had to step out. 🙂

It was an unforgettable experience; I had fun living just for a day in the seaside. Looking at the faces of the adventurers they’re all have a great time. Lesson of the story, “nothing has to stopped somebody who wants to have fun…” kill joy sucks all the way on their own suck-fest. 😀 (Sorry for those who were hit by this phrase. HaHa!) To wrap this up, on behalf of the Volunteers and friends who join the San Juan treat. TWO-BIG-TANGO to the organizers! It was definitely a BLAST! And to Claudette, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU from your NSN and Circle of Friends Family. 😀 (this post is subject to proof reading. HeHe! It’s too long kasi 😀 Just leave a comment for the desired editing, we want to hear it from you. 😀 )

The Capture…

Photos under the artistic hands of a boy named ‘Russel’.

Hello world! Somethings happen to OPD Today and the Adventure from Cellphone hopping in Bagong Silang to Fishball Get-Together @ Migs Place :) by Pacs

“Welcome to G-Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!” A welcome opening from Globe. TWO-BIG-TANGO?! 🙂

OPD hours were just an ordinary duty day for me though its more exciting for some of my co-NTs as the whole gang is looking ahead to fly into the surplus shop of the ‘bangketa boys’ selling cellphone, mp3, PSP, and some toys like GameBoy with its stuffs. 🙂 But it was a toxic day for the Medicine Room for only one doctor attended the first half of the patients blathered by the interviewing guys outside the waiting area. A traumatic experience from some of the new NTs as they taste the bitterness of being banged by the sizzling hot aura of the on deck after finding out that it’s a ‘medico-legal’ which was the ER’s scope of responsibility. But it’s the patient’s fault anyway after what that particular person said which figures out the cause of that ‘doctor-doctor explosion’?! 🙂 HaHa?! On the other hand, were some of colleagues the NSN officers with some of its friends roaming around in the small cubicle the ‘Treatment Area’ making some monkey business about the Opera thing. HaHa?! 🙂 While others have to cut duty hours for the ‘HATAW’ which was the task bestowed by their superiors. But the needs of the patients were met for the manager was there in his office not missing in action. 🙂 ROS as the most generic procedure offered plus dressing was the highlight of that day’s service. We have about 3 or 4?! Or alike? I’m quite unsure. 🙂

Before the above aforementioned happened, I’m so grateful to God that He helped me managed some things regarding my extension and I’m very “THANKFUL” to Him for that wonderful blessing given from ‘Up Above’. 🙂 With some other NTs waiting for the verdict opens the door holding that ‘Golden Ticket’ which represents ‘I Survive The Japanese Game Show’?! But the stupid me had lost that ‘Amazing Grace’ after just a quick snap dingdonged inside my head that something was left missing?! RETARD?! 🙂 Then Francis and I had to go back again and do some nursing stuffs waiting for the lunch break to strike in the clock. But it was a toxic day to Medicine for we had to finish at around 1:35pm just to sweep the blathers into the doctors’ desk. Good thing that another MD came to add some hands to attend the patient’s needs. Finally we had eaten our lunch at a different ambiance with another NT at OB-Gyne with softdrinks Dr. Boto’s treat for us over at the OB-Gyne also. HeHe?! 🙂 Suddenly somebody knocks the door and gave some respect to the pathologist guy after opening it. Then he has this open topic which was really interesting. It was about ‘Cervical Ca’ which was the evolution of HPV. My company of girls were then advice to have a vaccine for that cancer to prevent such occurrence. For just a cost of Php 4,500? For heaven sake?! A big investment for all my single ladies to have it as a precautionary measure. WASAK?! Anyway, pathologist dude was enlighten us up that instead of having treasure chest filled with golden coins and jewelleries of various cuts and design, why not deal with this kind of offer?  Some highlights on the open discussion made with Q&A at the middle of the two MD were brain cancers stages, Ectopic Pregnancy, IUD, Squamous Carcinoma were mentioned out of that simple forum alone?! 🙂 What a fun conversation I joined as learning was stimulated in our hard headed heads. HeHe?!

Then a shocking headline flashed by after we found out that the ‘RESULTS ARE IN?!’ for those who take the recent November 2008 NLE (I have a separate article to this topic). After that freezing drive, we had to go back to work again. Call some patients, put them in the line, let the doctors finished the writing before another one puts in. It goes over and over, in addition to that, asking whether there were still patients pending to seen by the doctors with orders made and carried out by themselves. 🙂 Then the cross-eyed status of my vision to that ‘crazy census’ really makes me quite dizzy.

Then the whole gang was set and ready to go after Claudette made up her mind to be with the group of the ‘kuripots’. 😉 We ride on the tricycle in two groups and arrived at the spot exactly I used to hook up before during our ‘Community RLE days at German Hospital’. A bit home coming for a former student who have been for there wayback 2006. 🙂 Sir Berto was there staying with his sidewalk vendor friends. Then we find and search our fave pick but not a single soothes my taste, by the way I just go with them to canvas some mp3 gadgets, too bad there were no mp3s found but instead of that ‘Xpress Music Nokia’ phone the seller keep on playin and showing for the purpose of attracting some buyers but none in the group cast his spells to them. HaHa?! 🙂 We were so firm that we have to stick on our own price offers just to win in the bid and take the selected gadget home. But not a single has ever humbled to closed the deal. My company adhere to the ‘No Deal’ decision but still the ‘bangketa bankers’ plays to its same offer. So nobody wins?! And we decided to go home. But not for us (Me, Francis and Claudette). 🙂

We went to Migs place just hang there and eat a family size bowl of fishball and meatballs they bought in the market, but we arrived first realizing that they are having some marketing basics we had to wait them patiently for about a couple of minutes. Migs sister was accommodating to us as she let us get in to their ‘reception area’. 😉 And the three of them arrived, Gwenduleng, The Chief Nurse Trainee, Gladys, The Bubbly Emo? 🙂 HaHa! And Migs himself, The Director slash Photographer. We went on their living room to sit but WE BEG PERMISSION FIRST?! HaHa?! But in an informal way. So we got there and use the computer to see who’s who in the November 2008 NLE successful examinees but Gladys on the other hand have an unjustifiable feeling what she will show up on her outside. Emo? Well I don’t know? Maybe it’s in her nature to get overflowed with feeling of the unknown, it’s us, her support group have to be at her side to make her feel she’s not lost or alone and watching her back if ever she’s in the middle of the crossroads. Maybe Claudette can manage to do it on her Piscean sister. 🙂 A message of concern from an EMO. Like me?! HeHe. 🙂 Then we eat the food they’ve cooked, it was like a hurricane had passed having that blow by blow pick up of the yummy goodness of mouth-watering home-made sawsawan tandem to the best selling turo-turo?! Hahaha?! 🙂 A short rest and some happy tripping of wacko pictures were the next activity. At around 7:30pm we went home say our goodbyes until next time of seeing each other’s KA-WASAKAN?! HAHAHAHA?! 🙂 Me with Gladys again as companion, having her HiHi brrrrr things to ‘TOOOOOOOOOTH?!’ in the middle of a moderate to light jeepney ride of Manong Driver on the way home. 😉

It was a fun and packed journey with my co-NTs. Sooner or later, there will be another session of this happy gatherings with newly added company of friends. 🙂 Hooking up a jeep again, Mam Angel and Sir Budz were coincidentally ride the same too. But I got inside first?! HaHa?! They were having some ‘kilig’ moments so I gave them the privacy to do such?! HaHa?! 🙂 Lucky Sir Budz. An Angel made him so peaceful and having that sense of euphoria on her loving arms. 🙂 It’s like he’s bound to see the heaven and the stars within that paradise whenever he is with her?! WHAT A LUCK GUY?! WU-WHOOOOOH?! Isang APIR SIR?! HaHa?! 🙂

So there, this is my ‘GREAT WALL OF CHINA’ post a first blog article for this site. 🙂 To all the NTs out there. Please feel free to post anything here. Just e-mail for your article.

NSN and Friends. 🙂

Just a thought…

Lessoned Learned for the day.God Grant Me The Serenity

To Accept The Things

Courage To Change

The Things I Can,


To Know The Difference

 Lessoned Learned for that day.

Life is just about trusting our

feelings and taking

chances, losing and finding

happiness, appreciating

the memories and learning

from the past.

ER experience, the 2nd time around! :)

Sleep?!It was a homecoming for one night only after that one snap on the spot decision I made to fill up the position of the graveyard on duties who will going to have a fun filled happy-happy on their separate Christmas party just intended to the ER emos. 🙂 In fairness to them, they offered their hospitality as they make us go inside and eat some even though it’s only a matter of “Defence Mechanism”, the reaction formation (plasticity in layman’s term), but not all, my co-NTs were very accommodating and even bugged us to enter the room. Actually we only planned to drop by for we’re curious about what’s in stores there. But then, to find out that they were laughing out loud in the influence of alcohol accompanied by videoke singers going crazy to the microphone with songs sang like it was their winning moment standing on stage and feel the limelight (just like me when I sing in the bathroom) like what we thought when we’re on our way to ER. Thanks to palabok and cake to satisfy my tummy. 🙂 I’m kinda shy to get some leche flan thinking that I’ve eaten enough and to limit myself for a little part was left. 🙂 Besides it’s their party and I’m not a self-proclaimed ER family for them, me myself as the BASTARD of the institution. 🙂

Graveyard on duties on a rejuvenate modeThe action begins to spark its own flame as we arrived having a mild toxicity from our endorsers 2pm to 10pm shift. 🙂 On duties were slowing down from the bulk of work that happened on their 8-hour shift. We saw them walking around on the treatment area doing some after care to the newborn which on my part felt so happy for the two girl NTs who were there witnessing the birth of a new life. 🙂 And of course the blame was put on me after I broke my promise for them that I will time in at around 6pm to add up on manpower. Hehe! But I was able to calm them down and spice up with a happy smile to put them in a fun environment before they leave the four of us there. 🙂 It was so unusual that time for the percentage of the admitting patients was less than 1%. We just hang there on the ER lounge for the rest of the shift waiting for the coming of emergencies. But not a single came. Me and Tin (my fellow co-NT) had to go party with some coffee to getUnder Repair us up and alert for the whole shift. Proud to say the coffee was put us down after boredsome brought by intoxicated ER ambiance. Cool?! 🙂 But it was a sad finale when one left the world and time to crossover to God’s place there in heavenly paradise. From our one night stay, we admit one patient to pedia and one pronounced death care of Dr. Villanueva. 🙂 Then we go home say our goodbyes and now on my three day straight off out of the four day vacation after I let my one day rest offer to save lives even if it was for ER alone. 🙂 Happy Christmas ‘08 Everybody?! 🙂

Let’s get this party started! :)

Eatery...The creative side of me!I raise my GLASS to you?!After many days of preparation out of that simple forums and meet and greet meetings, we’ve come up for an upcoming conclusion, whether or not, the product of our hard work will surely and will definitely turn out into a hit. We are all clueless about what will happen on that day. Actually, I don’t even think about it. My mind is roaming around and just focus about my art of decorating. Frustrating to make it glamorous, a wannabe interior designer hanging around in my subconscious instinct make a little pinch of touch of my handicraft hands the setup of our set. 🙂 It was very tiring for us?! Lot of us were doing multi-tasking jobs just to manage our time for that event. Time has just passed as the clock discreetly says its 10:30pm. It’s time to go home and left the place for a while. Tomorrow is another day to continue what was left behind, it maybe a rush hour mode to meet the early 1pm deadline before the program starts but through that cooperative spirit living inside us, we will easily repair the unfinished business. 🙂

Catering food to the hungry public?!Today is a brand new day and I declared myself grounded at home. 🙂 Felt so sorry for my colleagues who were there fixing some stuffs to make the whole thing termed to be “the best”. I know they’ll do what it takes to makes things right and polish it closely to perfection and besides the number of people there were enough to fill my position in arranging some stuffs to make it organize. 🙂 I’d rather watch my favourite show “Princess Hours” than doing something which others don’t having the initiative to offer me some help. Its kinda they don’t have that empathy. I’m so very disappointed for that kind of behaviour they all possess. 😦 Anyway, the program starts at 2pm of December 17, 2008 which was held at DJNRMH’s Nursing Conference Room. Me, the late one, was overflowing with proud thinking that they started it right after I arrived. 🙂 HeHeeHe?! I feel so VIP that time when my co-NT reserve me some fast-food. 🙂 HaHa! The party got messed up when the sound system can’t adjust on what music will be played for the doxology part. Later on, things were put into place as the sequence of events were flowing smoothly in a soothing way until we, the organizers and stars of the Florence Nightingale The Movie, screwed up while when we smells that there’s something was going on… but eventually it was settled in a calm way and figured out the cause of the technical sabotage. 🙂 And then, ATLAS?! It is done?! It is indeed a blockbuster hit?! 🙂 The audience response was so deeply impressed about the film and film critics says: “We’ve overcome the last season’s gross in terms of screenplay, editing and cinematography it is indeed so far a blockbuster hit.” 🙂 Other highlights on the program were the crowning of the new Florence Nightingale 2008, the presentation of intermission numbers by the staffs of different departments; I must say the OPD knock the house down. 🙂 Of course how come we forget, a simple feast that gathers all the unified RNs in a simple get together snack of egg sandwich, pansit and a bottle of soft drinks which was the superiors treat for us. 🙂 Additional highlights were the awarding ceremonies for the intermission numbers which was held that time, the salutation for each respective areas for the Christmas Decorating Contest and The Major and Special awards for our beloved NODs for their one of a kind achievements for this season. 🙂 Though others got reacted once the results were revealed but they are all showed some spirit of sportsmanship after the recognition.

Party Animals going crazy.As the light of the sun dims to set goodbye and the night come on its way, the crowd starts to reassemble again to knock the house down through their dancing shoes and booty-shaking moves. 🙂 Party people from different walks of life hang out to unite for one night only. Food and drinks were overflowing as the happy alcoholics enjoy the feast and the “high” vibe it brings in the system. 🙂 NTs with their superiors make use the remaining moment as what the resident NT representative says that it is our party, we were united for this cause to bond with each other’s company, besides it is their remaining time for their occupancy on the institution (NTs who will leave after their December schedule) will expires on this month so we were advised to make the most out of it, step out and at the peak of Emoness?!move to the dance floor to do the body language of the soiree on the tune of club sounds. 🙂 Hard headed attitude still manage to triggers for some but when the very amateurish DJ starts to put some announcement that they’ll stop the music at 10, the legally self-proclaimed party animals get out of their shelves to act irrationally into the motion wanting to show to them: “PLEASE DON’T STOP THE MUSIC!” which they all successfully did. 🙂 Drinkers still manage to do their session while others doing their thing in the middle of the “Embassy Club-like” environment. 🙂 Other NTs came across from their job and join the gang to feel the ambiance of the night’s celebration of friendship and unity (at least for some.) Of course there were also some “drinker bloopers” as all people there were under the influence of alcohol! Cited examples were, the crying lady who just having some labile mood attempting to be alone but my camera in the night mode setting captured her emoness, another lady again who passed-out trying to get the guy’s attention to curdle her into his arms People ask for more...and eventually for any other reasons go to town and the nasty flirtation with the same girl to the other staff which is a family man! 🙂 Positive Alcoholic Breath for some but for me not totally, thanks to my friend to that little taste she had offered to me. 🙂 The music runs till 12 o’clock but we want it more, but Cinderella possesses to that very trying hard DJ and firmly got say bye-bye after their last song. Luckily, things were manage to put into its proper place after one of the supervisor commands a “NO DUTY” policy for the 6-2 shift the next day. 🙂 That midnight we were undecided were to stay but after too many doubts we finallyHalloween Christmas? come up with a decision to stay at the former NT place just around the vicinity of the hospital. Got some hang-over to the party, others were still manage to have some mini sessions of non-sense but wacky conversations. Love month is a few more days ahead but the breeze of its air shivers to the skin of some people on our group as it marks the starts with getting to know phase. 🙂 Waking up at 5 in the morning, realizing that it was 3rd day for Misa De Gallo. I felt so sorry for myself for I haven’t completed it! So sad. 😦 But I am very grateful to have that experience and I thank God for that. 🙂

DThe party was indeed a success on our part who planned and organized this grand event (well as what I perceived about it.). To end this up, I just want to repeat my post on my friendster bulletin which goes: “”. HAPPY CHRISTMAS everybody and a PROSPEROUS and PEACEFUL NEW YEAR ahead of us.

Happy Christmas to Dengue Ward. :)

One Happy FamilyThe month of December is the time to celebrate the Yuletide season. 🙂 And to feel the coming of its presence, the institution had decided to make a Christmas Decor Contest. As a profession known for its outstanding and famous quote which sticks on our hearts and minds “a science and an art” (at least for somehow?!), it must be made out of recycled materials from all the resources used in the station. Creativity must possess on the by product for it will stands out and show that distinct unique style on the judgemental eye-filling by-standers. So with the team effort and hard work to push on top to get the prestige of becoming the “No. 1”, each participant will do what it takes to be crown as the wannabe! 🙂

After how many days of suspicious spy accusation and hide and seek of designs as a precaution for plagiarism, the long day preparation ended on December 11 judging day. Different strategic plans wereGuess what is the material used on this "masterpiece"?! rumoured but obviously it was apparent to the jurors that only one blows them away to impression. The Area 1 where the DENGUE WARD stands caring the sick who were diagnose with Dengue fever. How awesome they did to that place, I mean to DENGUE WARD, after they made it as if it was like a garden of poinsettia. 🙂 Out This is a cool handicraft?!of that bottle of dextrose, they turn it to a real attracting one. Really impressive! 🙂 No wonder why they landed with a title “BEST IN CHRISTMAS DECOR”. Many were saying it’s beautiful?! I remember one doctor has said that it may be for export?! With bottles of empty dextrose, things happen to change and build a masterpiece like that. Other creations made to those dextrose bottles were Christmas tree and the manger only with Joseph, Mary and the Child Jesus. Addition to that, the IV tubing as an ingredient to the raffles of the stars and many more…

All was made possible through the creative and resourceful team which comprises of staffs and NTs who White but weird version.gather themselves at night in Surgical Ward also within the Area 1 who sacrifice the graveyard 10-6 shift just to bloom their spirit for victory and so it was. Thanks to Mam Claire anyway as she has an inborn sense of style. 🙂 And of course we had the means to put some stuffs on our set for our upcoming program with a pinch of DENGUE WARD attached to it. 🙂

Ward 6A versus Surgical Ward. :)

Two hospital wards nesting in the caring hands of DJNRMH both having the same purpose… to nurse the sick. Catering different cases with nurses working in 8 hours, these two wards serves a shelter for patients gaining their own recovery phase. The two lays a plot for genres of scenes in on the spot reality show ready to be aired in front of each character’s eyes unavailingly showing their other sides. The everyday acting of procedures skilfully done for quality care for the clients as an on call duty of service is pledge for God. And being a survivor there, for real, I must say it is a one heck of carnival ride?! Whiiiiiiiiih?! Wu-whooooooh?! 🙂

Many stories were written in my life book after I have gotten a once in a lifetime chance to hung-up with my “legally rightful” colleagues inside the merge walls of the two wards. To sum it up, I will highlight my unforgettable moments in each.

In Ward 6A, I became the “ultimate caregiver” of all patients sheltering there. 🙂 For the whole month of stay over the wide range of the loaded action packed life saving game, I become more cautious with my feelings. At least I’ve learned to control my emotion more often for it will be good not only for me but to my co-workers with special mention, the “pregnant mommy” who’s the resident care there! HeHeeHe?! 🙂 It’s always my job to take the early morning assessment routine, the vital sign (at least the two components of it, BP and BT. HaHa!). Aside from that not to mention the referrals to the OPD, follow-up results of lab and radiology work-ups, the bulk of chart writings, preparation of medicines (which later become a hidden issue with my tukayo against the IV therapist one. HeHeeHe?! :)), replacing consumed IV fluids, prescribing prescribed medications when it’s not available and my favourite! IV insertion! 🙂 Sometimes I got offended on the deepest inside of my ego when the authorities got mad of something they didn’t like mostly if they don’t want to be toxicated and here I are coming to them like giving them the taste of its exotic delight. 🙂 I remember how that derma doctor got quite angry to me when I failed to take the BP of my veteran inmates before initiating their referrals, it’s the fact that I thought that the nursing aid was done doing it. It’s also my bet that I haven’t get the BP record plus there were charts that I haven’t bring in. And it’s the seniors fault as she told me that some of them were already discharge! Ohhhh boy! 🙂 Some staffs also get pissed when got stressed out by the ongoing tension of the inside duty responsibilities. 🙂 But I must say, I enjoy their funny company when they all get together eating at the same time, laughing out loud like nothing happens. Plus the jokes that has a good punch line… really knocks me off. 🙂 It really was the most fun experience I have so far. The hang-over were still there as the simple meet and greet sometimes gets wild when I meet one of them in the hallways. 🙂

The month of November became my independence as I solely (somehow… :)) do the professional job there at Surgical Ward. 🙂 HaHa!! Anyway, the same thing still happens at Surgical Ward but the only difference was I do all the tasks there! 🙂 Crazy anecdotes also spurts there when the tracheostomy set was lost which was found out that it was throw away right there in the trash can. 🙂 The issue’s about the lost stocks and supplies and the employees versus employees war or perhaps inmates versus inmates. HeHeeHe! The most special for this ward is the real “lady with the lamp.” A mother filled with love. 🙂 I just feel more lucky that I was with her having small conversations which enlightens my mind and spirit to all unclear force that darkens my path. Thanks to her lamp for it makes me see the light through which guides me as I walk forwardly towards the step of my way. 🙂

Now it’s my December! 🙂 As I compared it to Kelly Clarkson’s third album, it was the gloomy month. The The real Number 1!weather is very cold… but it was great for me! Since it is the holiday season! Fresh air with shivering windy breeze that blows to my window relaxes my soul as I went to sleep on these Christmas days. 🙂 This month, I’m with the Dengue Ward gang. Just roaming around and have nothing much to do with quite simple number of patients having a simple rest break on their bed. 🙂 HeHe?! By the way, I’m still with AREA 1, I may go and help with the other wards there to render my service with the other patients which in need with my care. 🙂 Congratulations by the way to AREA 1 most especially to DENGUE WARD for winning the Christmas Decor Competition as they stand up on Chilling around!their unique Christmas design, The Poinsettia, which is made up of empty bottles of IV fluids! It was really worth the hardwork and creativity for the employees of the said area! Congratulations once again, as I say to myself! WE RULE?! 🙂

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