Making use of the art of mind speaking through writing and photography… the MD (just a name, not a profession) way.



take the risk… make a wish… take the chance… make a change….


Sending a Happy Christmas greeting to all… from underneath the tree. 😀

Its the season to be jolly. Fa-La-La-La-La… La-La-La-La…

Ducky, say AH?!

Come rain, come shine.

Just felt the bromance vibe that might brought by the cold front from the fast approaching winter winds. Never thought how sweet the boys are. The act defines the definition of the common cliche, ‘its thought that counts.’


Bread roll inspired snack. Cooking made easy along with online cookbook references. A capture of success for beginner’s luck. 😀

A moment of beam for the White Tower.

A fun food trippin’ send off is a happy moment. 😀

Happy Birthday, Mam Beth?!

Baby, can you drive my car? 😀

Keep moving with these cool footwear in the different walks of life. Put a check on that. 😀

A sundae for a fun bond building with teammates Ate Vic and Mam Jo. 😀

Say cheese?! 😀

An amateur panoramic shot of the so-called ‘Super Moon’ or preferably named ‘Perigee Full Moon’ by the astronomical community.

Just as I thought right after the sunset when I got a glimpse of the Moon, realizing its unusual size, that there might be a Super Moon phenomena. My scientific hunch didn’t fail siding on reports that today marks the second Perigee of this year.

No Worries! Mark the September 9 in your calendar for the third sighting of this celestial event.

Happy Gazing! 😀

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