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cheat day

Cheat Day everywhere…

Eavesdropping has been a human nature as the unstoppable mouth tells stories for the sake of making the ambiance get rid of boredom. I have my share of pry for I become someone who has the stamina and spare time to listen on trivial matters whom they vent or convey out of their system. Though the trust these people put to me as they’re shock absorber or just a friend to talk to formulate thinking that every single one of us are damn CHEAT in some way in our lives.7

So gather reasons why people cheat.

1. loss interest to something. I met married men, or simply acquaintances in their own significant others, committed infidelity when temptation awaits somewhere in the corner. I haven’t been in a romantic relationship before, but upon hearing their thoughts about their affair gave an impression that the long distance hindered physical contact hence sprouted the longing, so to combat the psyche of missing someone; they socialize with other people and the rest is a byproduct of the unfaithful temptation. Eventually the love of the other half fades and if push comes to shove, the faithful one let goes. It reminded me of the pair of lovebirds. If one of them dies, the other comes next.

Likewise, it happen to friendships too. When the core of care fades, they eventually didn’t matter to you. As a result, they spill the beans to the same set of friends you both have and the next thing you know the topic of conversation is you.

2. stress. The anger that caused by stress to numerous factors form an irrational behavior that might do harm to others. Or even to yourself. The famous term ‘cheat day’ comparing to stress eating for instance could establish a coping mechanism for a bad day, but if too much guilty pleasures were consume as a satiety to fight stress, then it a lifestyle needed to address as unhealthy.

3. fear to fail. A lot of students may relate to copying during exams as their desperate move to prevent the aftermath of failure. As a result, they do whatever it takes to halt the possibility of losing points through the famous and pungent way of getting ahead in a form of cheating. In the end, cheaters put a lot of stress to themselves and the rest goes on and on.

The solutions to these basis of why we cheat had been told to us before. The likes of having constant communication with your partner; healthy diversions like exercise, yoga and even deep breathing; and plan, prepare and get ready for the future. These same advice come out from our consciousness but if the foundation of discipline is not enough, I think it necessitates to build that first to bolster any kind of advice.


take the risk… make a wish… take the chance… make a change….

Sending a Happy Christmas greeting to all… from underneath the tree. 😀

Its the season to be jolly. Fa-La-La-La-La… La-La-La-La…

Ducky, say AH?!

Come rain, come shine.

Just felt the bromance vibe that might brought by the cold front from the fast approaching winter winds. Never thought how sweet the boys are. The act defines the definition of the common cliche, ‘its thought that counts.’


Bread roll inspired snack. Cooking made easy along with online cookbook references. A capture of success for beginner’s luck. 😀

A moment of beam for the White Tower.

A fun food trippin’ send off is a happy moment. 😀

Happy Birthday, Mam Beth?!

Baby, can you drive my car? 😀

Keep moving with these cool footwear in the different walks of life. Put a check on that. 😀

A sundae for a fun bond building with teammates Ate Vic and Mam Jo. 😀

Say cheese?! 😀

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