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take the risk… make a wish… take the chance… make a change….


New Year Wish.

Making it happen to see the big picture and live it?! 😀 #DecemberWish

Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it… That concludes wishes from July, August, September, October and living the crazy dream on November… a way to end this twisted but new fond adventure. Get ready for the upcoming challenges, its just a start of a bumpy, crazy and fun ride.

“My wish for everyone is to get everything they’ve always wanted so they would realize that that is not the answer.” – quoted by Chico Garcia, RX 93.1 DJ coming from a famous actor he didn’t mention. Source: taken from their Spoon, A Spoonful of Talk guesting with Delamar.

P.S. click the link for the video. 🙂

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