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Gluttony moment in an Italian-American fast-service restaurant

It’s really a bad idea to be alone in a restaurant with an unlimited promo. Realizing that majority of the menu were all from the carbs food group, definitely it creates a bulk of heaviness in the tummy that limits the intake of some other dishes served. =/

Got so full on my second plate, so I decided to walk away to meet mom and thank her for the wonderful unlimited bouquet of pastas, pizzas, fillet and soup I ate. 😀 Though I haven’t tried the salads and the two other kinds of sauce (red in color), it’s still okay and not bad at all. I don’t wanna risk paying the leftovers if I didn’t eat them all. Haha. 😀 I hope I can forget the bad experience I also did when eating my second plate… WAAAAAH?! HAHA! 😀

P.S. I still go for the unlimited chicken promo of a certain poultry serving restaurant. For me that Chicken All You Can Experience was the best ever food trip happen for me.

Don’t you just L<3VE being gluttonous sometimes? 😀


A split moment, a year’s finale and another one begins…

One important lesson that must learn before a year closes is ‘to count our blessings…’ it’s the most special thing we have to thank for from ‘The Great Provider’. One perfect example is a bountiful harvest achieved from every hard work happened in the ending year. Happy 2011. 🙂


Thanksgiving Feast in the End of a Y2K Decade

As the ending 12th month of 2010 comes to an end, it’s also a way of dumping stuffs in my room as I give some space for other things that will come in and go after. A matter of move-on-let-go scenario kinda thing is a good psyche in letting go and moving forward. General cleaning in bedroom done for a nice welcome for 2011.

Ten years is nearly ending as we prepare for the wrapping up of year 2010… the coming of 2011 (before the year everybody has talking about… The 2012 Apocalypse. :D). It’s our family’s custom to have a little New Year’s Eve Celebration as we thank God for all the blessings we received (as for me, I got a rebound job).  Simply, the last day of the year for a typical Filipino like us is like the Thanksgiving Day for Americans.

A split second for 2010 and 2011

Aside from the usual dishes mom cook yearly, I bought some sweets in the table… a Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven. I have to say that I think I’m co-hosting this closing year’s Medya Noche (term for the New Year’s Eve post dinner after the clock strikes 12). It’s my own way of showing I am very thankful to God for the blessings my family and I received this 2010.

My only wish for this coming 2011 is that I gain success in my career with a good health shielding me from any untoward illness. Same goes with my family, close friends and love ones – In God’s Mercy. 🙂

P.S. Happy 2011 to all?! 😀

The day before 2010

The end starts with a new beginning… and it is the split second between the closing of the year 2009 and the opening of the New Year 2010. Wrap out the current year’s journals and start all over again in the coming timeline.

Still nothing happen in my life after I become an RN. It is a tough year for me as I wasn’t on track and a bit out of my game, feeling anxious about what to do in my life. To sum it up, half my year was a waste of precious time. =/

Jumpstart my year and kick off my December 31, 2009 a positive attitude towards success is what I am doing now and I pray God will bring back my mojo in my system. It’s never too late like my mom always said to me, I’m still young and more things will come in the future. I hope she’s right and may the right doors of opportunities fall right in front of me.

But before I face the tough adventures of my life, I still have to gather strength by eating this dishes mom alone had just prepared for our Medya Noche (credits to my brother for the grilling stuff he did for the meat). And not to forget to ‘Thank God’ for all the things He did for me and my family. Filling our hungry tummies with food alone is blessings already for my family to think that me and my brother don’t have a stable job yet (hopefully in God’s perfect time, He awards it to us. :D).

Nocturne Split of 2009 and 2010

So there, Happy New Year to all?! May this 2010 be peaceful, prosperous and healthy for us?! 😀

P.S. Be safe. Stay away or get rid of the fireworks… a friendly reminder. 🙂

New Year with my Family. :)

Table full of Goodies!December 31, 2008 was only a usual day for the three of us. I arrived from the hospital recovering from the toxicity me and my NOD had passed through and another tiring work again at home to prepare the meals on our Medya Noche. Some of the dishes were done and was placed in our “Round Bountiful Dining Table”. The hungry me secretly manage to taste some of it and not being bias, it’s so delicious! 🙂 I am proud to say that my mother really improved her cooking moment by moment?! 🙂 I was with my tired mom sitting on the dining table having some simple talk about her A bountiful harvest from the whole year's And me as an ass-kisser :), I said to her that the lumpia she made was very mouth-watering! Then she got that “on the nagging mode” setting when she accused me again of not washing my hands. 🙂 But I replied her back with a smile, which may seems like an affirmation of not doing so. HeHeeHe! 🙂 After I finished eating my lunch (which I didn’t manage to do so on our lunch break for some call of duty reasons), I started to help my mom on her cooking. I had just realized that the philanthropic work she always doing day by day in the family is so wonderful. Being a career woman (so far the best teacher I’ve ever encountered after what she has done to her students) and a housewife at the same time is an awesome job. 🙂 Looking by far some of the greatest things that she made for the past is such an incredible journey for her and for me and all I can say is, “I am proud of her! :)”. A Wonder Mom?! 🙂

My mom, the Executive Chef of the family. HaHa!My younger brother on the other hand had do to some toasting stuff for the Hungry tummies on the round table.marinade liempo to roast it on top. In all fairness to him, he has a talent in grilling! Not only on that, but has a potential for cooking as well. I think among the two of us, he got those genes from my parents. 🙂 But it seems he must have to possess that initiative trait before becoming so… 😀 I admit that I am not that good when it comes to cuisine but eating wise, just count me in. 🙂 Over all, I am just right behind them watching and trying to put some effort to help them with some basics, not to mention the opening of can goodies, stirring, washing the dishes, things like an assistant chef do at least for an amateur like me. HaHaaHa?! All has been set and done around 6pm, everything was ready for the midnight fiesta. For a while, we need to take a break from exhaustion we had Looks like a comet.came across, earn some strength and preparation, mind and soul, for the New Year’s Mass. 🙂 The three of us screwed up when the mass was almost running half an hour ago, meaning we’re there with the jam-packed crowd waiting the remaining rituals to end in the making. Actually we’re not on each other’s company that time for my mom really need to go to search and save an exclusive seat to get that scenic view (at least on her perception :D) the slow me had to left to fix myself up and got to move fast to be able to reach my mother, while my brother had to be with his friends and the responsible to make sure that before leaving, our home is secured and free from malicious intent. For that single reason, I was a victim of “wait-boredom syndrome” for my brother brings the key?! 🙂 So I’m there patiently sitting on our corner. Anyways, as usual, we were on our living room watching TV and waiting for the clock to strike 12.

Shades of different colors...The long wait was over and few minutes to go… it’s New Year’s Day?! 🙂 It only suggest that it is time to prepare some New Year “thing” to earn luck and prosperity this 2009. I admit I jump up higher this time to get some inch of height. HeHe?! At least the hope was there! 🙂 Rounded shaped fruits were on the basket-like container and placed in our table. 🙂 A very classy superstitious ritual adapt from the Chinese culture. Wearing red as a symbol of Good Luck which is again a Chinese thing was my motif to let the Good Luck get into my system. 🙂 And some other beliefs that were set and Lights in the sky, Chandeliers of Space.done before the coming year starts its first minutes. 🙂 Very Filipino! 🙂 Anyways, the faith of our luck still depends on our hands though?! We still create our destiny and it’s a choice. And in the end of the day, it falls back to us after we decide what path we’ll go. It is just what other people say! Yet I find it so true?! But then, the guidance of God should be there to give some support and protection. HaHaaHa?! Out of the topic!

So Gloomy...Tyndall effect of the fog.The celebration of New Year was not so bright as compared to last year. The sky was so fair for it was a bit gloomy and I think there’s a storm coming. The good thing about it was there were less firework accidents happen and family members stays together at their home to gather themselves and at least for somehow they become so unified to be called and termed as a “family.” Then the celebration ended with a full meal of various dishes served and beaten up by the hungry stomach. Like the usual holiday, especially in New Year, we slept late to watch the Grey’s Anatomy marathon.

The End! 🙂

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