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Quezon City

Bookworm in the making… I’m trying here, okay?! May this kid serves as an inspiration or maybe a motivation to me. So help me God. 😀


Fooling around. It’s more fun in the Philippines. An April Fools Month Offering. Recorded between 8:51pm of December 30, 2012 and 1:12am of December 31, 2012 in the Quezon City Memorial Circle.

The video features…

Circle of Fun (1:36), with some breathtaking rides such as the Sea Dragon (1:48), Squirrel (1:51) and the usual Bump Cars (1:45).

Highlight of that evening is the 20 minutes fireworks display fired at the back of the Quezon Memorial Tower. The clip also shows the amateur footage of the excerpt of the astonish 20 minute sky full of lighters (6:50).

The songs Sugod by Sandwich, Pogi (Hindi Lahat) by Superkendi (3:39), Try It On My Own by Whitney Houston (4:35) and 2012 (It Ain’t the End) by Jay Sean featuring Nicki Minaj (6:01)

P.S. Happy April Fools?! 😀

Senior Citizen Day. More fun in the Philippines 😀

Meet and Greet with The Drunks…

I’ve never been in any eyeball before… for those who don’t have any idea what’s an ‘eyeball’ or ‘eb’ for short, its meeting up with someone whom a person met through talks on text, emails (or snail mails) or even in networking sites. It’s an up close in person encounter of each others’ real life avatars, not to mention, the chance to mingle and blend within the more-about-you zone. For some, attending eyeball simply means it’s the moment of truth?! The feeling of battling out excitement, hesitation and anxiety, and thinking of how to deal with the first meeting… all that in one combo. Then you arrived on the said venue (and there’s no turning back) makes you wanna say: “This is it?! Good luck to me?!”

So just recently, I attended a simple ‘eb’ as part of the Third anniversary of the group I used to belong with. And since I’m going to meet with them in a flesh, I suggest the perfect place for that is on the UP fair event (at the Sunken Gardens, UP Diliman). Well, some of them had attended the first ‘eb’ before back in 2009 held (as well) at the UP fair (while the others on the succeeding follow up ‘eyeballs’). Why at the UP fair? Only one reason for me is that, it’s memorable in a sense that the place was the first actual interaction of the group, the AMATS (the DRUNKS). So going back… that night, I saw right before my eyes how the close ties of friendship bonds them, one proof is that one of them came through all over from Batangas just to come and see us (I think to see how I look. Haha. :D), it just shows that distance is not a hindrance for a good and lasting comradeship. 🙂

So how’s the experience? Hmmmm, let me describe it this way… it’s like a you entered a chat room, and all you have to post are some words with different kinds of smileys or just smileys alone (to make them notice you’re there, it’s also a way of earning chat points and convert it into chips. :D), that’s how a shy type and don’t-talk-that-much person (like me) did the whole ‘eb’ thing is much like that. 😀

Fun! That explains the meet and greet and maybe a post St. Valentine’s group date-slash-get together. I’ve met people from different walks of life who share one thing in common, we entered the AMATS chat room. In just one single click of that enter link, conversation was made, got drunk by the craziness and the rest is history…

I wanna thank the people who’ve been there that night which has been part of the chronicles of my life:

mz_dowjones (outgoing queen bee of the AMATS chat room). Thank you for putting that name AMATS as the chat room that started it all. Thanks for being the first person who approached me (through PM) on AMATS chat room (you’re just the first person whom I gave my first name. Haha. :D). It’s nice to see you in person… so bubbly. I must say, you really have that public relation skills. Thanks for the Singapore key chain, it’s really nice. Good luck on your career. Kuddos.  😀

shobe (the one true friend of AMATS). The effort of putting this up is really a success. And the dedication you put through just to personally keep in touch with your friends is really fascinating. You’ve been consistent about visiting Manila to see your urban friends (when you have the luxury of time), traveling all the way from Batangas is so sweet of you. Does the round trip make you exhausted? If not, WOW?! Like what the AMATS say, KAW NA TALAGA. (YOU ALREADY). May God bless you on your studies and career. Salute! 😀

emy (events coordinator of the group). Thank you for being nice to me. You did a good job on making people attend the meet and greet. Like mz dowjones, you have some talent in public relations. Keep it up. Kuddos to you as well.  😀

meozzard22 (the blogger I don’t know about. Hehe. :D). Thanks for the welcoming approach. I saw it on your ‘four’ eyes. Haha. Nice to meet you, finally. Hehe. Salute!  😀

jaeson (the English man). Thanks you for being nice. I told you, I don’t talk too much in person. Haha. Think I disappoint all of you. Hehehe. Salute! 😀

wichix (the teacher in the making). Thanks for the warm welcome. I think I bored you for that short walk we did on the UP sidewalk. Hehe. I did appreciate our chitchat though. Best of luck on your studies and career. Kuddos.  😀

andeegurl (the smokin’ hot girl). Thank you for telling me that I’m good looking (I think I heard that?! Haha. :D). I never thought that someone would said that to me (coming from a pretty girl), aside from my mom and our house mirrors. Hahaha?! Okay, I just make up that house mirrors thing. Hehe. That really made my UP fair day. And oh, thanks for the Stork candy, btw.  😀

elmacky (the funny guy). Thanks for being good to me. The Cloud9 chocolate caramel temporary ease the hunger. And besides, being noble to offer us to collect our trash. It’s so kind of you.  😀

sinclaire (cool and steady lady). Thanks for being nice and welcoming. I wanna know more about you. I feel that you’re a good person.  😀

kevin (the computer guy of Lagro). Thank you for being nice and welcoming. You even offer that friendly hand shake and converse to me when I’m looking somewhere out of the blue. And lastly, thank you for the lucky pick you did on mz_dowjones’ mini raffle. You just handed me one fortunate coupon for the key chain. Hehe. Nice meeting you. Salute!  😀

alvin (Lagro Boy Rockstar). Thank you for being nice and welcoming as well. I think you’re a good person and a friend. Rock and roll! Kudos.  😀

I say it before and I say it again, THANK YOU GUYS?! It’s a pleasure meeting you all. You’re all wonderful and welcoming… hope to see you soon. 😀 

Lesson learned on that ‘eyeball’ acquaintance… I tried to loosen up from being an anonymous introvert and struggle to become a less introvert but a bit extrovert JEJE. Haha. 😀 To cap it all, it was one of the chances of a lifetime, the possibility of having a lasting acquaintanceship is priceless… and it all began in the technology called ‘mobile internet chat’.

And lastly…

being with people is to be with people, for no man is an island.

Hope that makes sense. 😀 Happy Post Saint Valentine’s Day?! 😀

P.S. Definition of Terms:

Chips – formerly known as plusses. It’s like the money you earned from chat post on CrazyChat, now myWAP.

Smilyes – emoticons used inside the chatrooms.

A stare to the cat…

I was walking on the side walk when I saw a cat lying down on one of the roads of Quezon City (I think 2nd week of October). It was inanimate in the flat surface of that road and no one bothers to remove its corpse. I wonder what will be the approach of a PETA advocate if the latter saw the dreading tragedy happen to the lifeless cat.

This is what an animal do to its kind, the difference is that the one who killed the other is a rational being, the one which has the responsibility of protecting its own kind. God tasked man to name all the creatures He created therefore, it is also the man’s duty of preserving not only his own kind but also the animals surrounding to him.

On the other note, perhaps it might be a wakeup call for us who were getting across the street of the Metropolis or anywhere else to be careful. Any form of roads is a potential killer. May this picture remind us to STOP… LOOK… and LISTEN… before crossing to the other side. Keep your safety instincts activated… we’re not like cats who have nine lives.

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